its NEC time, Inos coming with stuff, If your there lets start the Roll call of results and whos in the house:cool:

PS Sticky this thread is good right about…now :rolleyes:


ps If you can get me a set of those Ino Cds, leave me a PM please :cool:


I have about 7 sets of the CvS2 match CDs that Ino brought for sale for $25. It’s a 6 CD set and each CD has about 25-30 matches of top Japanese players playing. You can PM me to set up something.


NEC3 CVS2 team tournament results:

1st.–Ino, Ricky, Arturo
2nd.–Sanford, Jeron
3rd.–Julian, Alex, Jason H.
4th.–Josh w. Robert S. Jerry H.
5th.–Nestor, James, Wu
t5th.–Som, Ron, Damian

10 team enter the Tournament i will give more info later.:slight_smile:


Good grief.
The House of Pain.





PM me, I’d like to see these vids for the hell of it. I am serious about this, so PM me when you see this. I will PM you after I put this post up.



Congrats to Ino, Ricky, Arturo for placing first :lol:
I’m sure Eric will post teams used and all the highlights asap

Eric- What are the prizes this weekend anyway? I checked the other thread on NEC but it wasn’t listed as far as I saw.

keep them results coming



I just got home, heres some additional info for you peeps:

Mvc2 Team Tournament Results(Justin aint the best anymore!!)

1st Sanford, Josh Wong, Bryheem
2nd Justin Wong, Ricky O, Desmond(X)
3rd Mike(Mixup), Nestor and Spyro from P.R.

Cvs2 Singles Info.
Play will continue sunday morning, heres a few bracket details from the winners
Julian Rob. vs Jeron
Ino(japan) vs. Arturo thats the only key matches i know, ricky, justin wong and josh wong are in winners also. INO IS A MONSTER!!!


i think justin is still the best…unfortunately :bluu: , there should of been a singles tourney … he would of took it:bluu:


If I’m not mistaken MvC2 singles tourney starts today at 1:00 p.m. .

Guess we’ll see who wins that later on tonight.


If Justin loses the MvC2 tournament, I will cry…


I don’t believe it. What was the format for team MvC2? If it’s only one game per person, then I can see why. If it’s one character per person then I say that is just plain dumb. If it was Justin at clean up, then I can see them losing. Please provide more details on the matches please.

Thank You


Yes there is a singles mvc2 today. The format hows that justin aint the best. Each team has 3 people. The team picks and order for there players. f.e. justin first, then X, then ricky. the other teams also picks an order. justin would play until he loses. if he were to beat all three of the opposing players, then justins team would win and ricky and x would not need to play. So this shows that justin wasnt being dragged down by his team or anything. Sanford and josg are too much!!


so their order was flawed. LOL. I would put Justin 2nd and Ricky or X could go either 1st or 3rd. If so they would have taken it. I also believe that Justin has problems in 2 out of 3s. 3 out of 5 is better, but 4 out of 7 is best for him of course. I still want the results for ST.


Hey Eric, please post the result for the tekken 4 tournament from Sat. Did Som win it? I left earlier on. While I was there all the players in the winners bracket where complaining about not playing within hours apart from their first matches.:lol:

aka Mr.CheapO


man that was an example, the did put justin as clean up. and they still lost, but your right justin is better in 1v1.


good job to Art,Ricky, and Ino but who wouldn’t have guess that out come!

And to my boys Mixup and Spyro for making 3rd in team tourney



Damn, Justin loses a team tourney and all of a sudden he ain’t the best anymore. Gotta look at overall record here. Players are bound to come up as a player relaxes. Jumping the gun here a bit. Justin has proven himself the best at mvc2 so…one tourney doesn’t shut that down. Especially a tourney without WC representation. Not even like a true national then.

I’m not trying to dis but it just sounds like haters wanna jump the gun when he loses. I’ll tell you what, when Sanford or ANYone puts up a tourney record like his in local AND national levels then you can say he isn’t the best. As of now, he simply lost. A victory over him isn’t a victory over everyone he’s been beating down for the last few years. Give it a rest or at least add things up properly.

Where are the rest of Saturday’s results?



those results are unimportant. Justin cant beat sanford, that is that. the past doesnt matter, sanford is the best now and anyone at that tourney(including justin) will say that,.


Haha dam this is insane
Well I remember Row came 5th in a tourney last year in seattle and he still showed up to EVO and got 2nd?
So really it’s hard to base ‘being the best’ on one tourney outcome… even tho this is an important tourney:D