North East Championships [NEC] X Results Thread

Shout outs to Peter Pan Bus lines for fucking me over this weekend. Looks like it was a great time.

Good shit to everyone who played MBAA at NECX. I don’t even play MB and you guys brought the hype. Kept me glued in my seat! Now you guys make me want to play AA (especially Mech-Hisui with those whip loops)

Umm UMK3 and Alpha results?

Good shit to everyone I met at NEC. 10 years and this year definitely had the biggest turnout by far. Everyone had NEC X shirts on like it was a cult or something. NEC got mad advertisement this year and it’ll only make the next one that much better. Big props to Eric for running this every year and getting things done despite running tournaments for everything under the sun. Hopefully next year the tournament rooms will be closer to each other so I don’t risk disqualifying myself a bunch of times. Having to walk all the way to the other side of the hotel to play Tekken 6 was some kind of fun. :lol:

Good shit to Flash and Sanford specifically for repping Viper and making top 16. My scrubby ass couldn’t get past 3rd round losers. He and Sanford were the only people repping Viper that placed. Marn got peaced out mad early by stupid ass Honda. Stupid ass character. :lol: If only he didn’t rape Viper so damned hard. **Also real good shit for Eric Kim **to clutching out so many matches towards top 16 and beating the beast of Puerto Rico. I’m still amazed that he came out in the first place. That was literally the hypest thing that came up before the event. Mad hungry player.

Also good shit to the ton of new players I met and had a good time chillin with. Don’t worry Ronin…HAV will show up to a major again someday. Everyone from B-More but him came out. :lol:

I think this is my last tournament period for a long time so thanks for all the great memories Big E and I know it’s going to be even bigger in O TEN. :cool:

congrats to the MA crew that went down and represented. Really impressive play from all you guys especially weaksauce, wall, and asian tom to get top 9 in sf4 singles.

This trip was fucking awesome. Anyone who missed out on this, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Shout outs:

Jibbo, your Hugo is on some scary shit man. It was great to finally have an opportunity to play 3s with you, much respect.

Exodus, running the tournament smooth and well, and also being such a damn good player. Twelve vs Yun is godlike isnt it ^_____________________^

Keninblack, you’re showing a lot of promise, keep playing 3s and you will get places. Fuck a MAS stick though.

Chaitea, I look forward to playing you again, you have a very solid ken.

DevilJin how you get back so fast son? Lol speedinggggg

Ah man…my first big tournament and it didn’t dissapoint. I should have done better, but it didn’t stop me from having a lot of fun. I missed out on late night casuals, but now I know to get proper sleep beforehand.

Really good shit to Guyofkailera, Rugi, Lud, Deviljin01, Asiantom, Ras excel, Ryan 2df, Dr. Chaos, and a fellow Akuma player who’s name I can’t remember who was mad cool. You guys were dope. Anyone else who I met and didn’t mention…BIG UPS.

Special shout out to Andre “Twisted Jago” for making me laugh out loud at the facial expression he made when Sanford Kelly did a jump roundhouse into fierce tigeruppercut vs an Akuma and that shit took away half his life.

I already predicted who was going to be in the finals for SFIV by the time top 16 came around and everyone from MD/VA was already out of the tournament so I peaced out early. Would have liked to see Flash fight Wong but I already knew Wong was gonna take it running Rufus on him so yeah. If it’s ever re uploaded I’ll check it out again. Plus I have internet on my G1 so I’m literally on SRK 24/7.

Oh and apparently Sanford Kelly killed somebody off the same way another Sagat killed off my Viper in the team tournament. Random ass j.HK to Ultra. :lol: It was more like me being shit scared of Sagat with meter.

NEC this year was fucking amazing as usual. Props to Big E for putting this thing together and making it a blast for everyone. It was an honor to be able to help out with SFIV and bring the 3rd Strike recording setup. I will have the videos up very soon, probably by the end of the week at the latest.

I always have a great time meeting new people and networking with others. It’s so awesome to just be able to walk into a room with 200 like-minded people and just be engulfed in this culture. This community will never die!!!


That being said, I do have some heavy shit to lay on you guys. My car was broken into today (Sunday) between 12:30pm and 3:20pm. Everything was stolen. Bags containing laptops, iPods, DSs, GBAs, sticks, clothes, my notebook, fucking everything. I filed the report with the hotel as well as the Philadelphia police and they are investigating the matter. The hotel manager and head of security weren’t present today so they are going to be reviewing the tapes from the parking lot tomorrow. Luckily, I parked in front of a camera so it shouldn’t be too hard to identify who did it. However, if the person(s) who stole our shit PMs me, calls me, whatever, and agrees to give me the stuff back, I won’t press charges. If you have any information on who did it, I don’t care who you are, just let me know please.

I had a great time this weekend. Sure I got bodied during tourney but that shit wasn’t even why I had so much fun. Everyone was fucking great and it was amazing to see everyone getting along like that. Big E ran everything smooth as hell and with so many entrants everyone really sped right through all the no-shows without hesitation. Ski-sonic don’t fuck around with those no shows for real. I got the Shadaloo skull tatted on my room up in room 409 and its a great way to commemorate my first major. But with all the great times I had I’ve got one problem.

I got fucking robbed. This morning me, SweetJohnnyCage, Gautam, and B-Money checked out of the hotel at 12:45. Around 3:30 One of us went to the car to get something and found that all our stuff had been stolen. You can imagine how pissed I was that at my first major some asshole has to say “Hey. Someone worked hard for this shit. So im just gonna take it because I’m too lazy to actually work for anything.” and make my day a fucking wreck. Thankfully it was the middle of the day and in clear view of a video camera. But this is the kind of shit that makes me second guess putting effort into any kind of community. I’m just glad this shit is getting handled and the guys who did this shit were dumb enough to do it in broad daylight.

^ damn man that sucks what did they take. good shit to all of you guys! i hope i can make it out next year.

u were in philly
it could just be randoms walking by and seeing shit and not actual people from the tourney

either way theft at tourneys has been around for a long time but had been gettin better in recent years

shoulda tossed that shit in the trunk

409 bro, no fucking joke in that room. Push up contests between Joe and Andre (68 to 34, Andre wins), arm wrestling between Joe and Andre (Joe wins), almost a race around the 3rd floor between Joe and Andre (too many people in the halls), Manny Commacho not even looking at the dice when throwin’ 'em, 3rd Strike and SFIV casuals in room 707 until 6:00am Friday night/Saturday morning, new guy and girl from NH (I remember Nicole Diamond because I was calling her match, but I don’t remember your name bro), NE-FUCKING-C baby!!!

They got my Laptop, Xbox360, SF4,Tekken6, all my clothes, Ipod dock, DS’ and games, GBA and games and plenty more. Between the four of us its easily over $3000 worth of stuff.

I drive a Jeep, it was in the back hatch area. They didn’t take the radio or anything in the glove boxes, so it was definitely people from the tournament. It wasn’t some stupid smash and grab. They knew what they were getting.

No windows were smashed. The radio wasn’t stolen. The car wasn’t trashed. The people who broke in KNEW what they wanted and they did it right after we put our shit in there. Not to mention that I alone had 4 big bags of stuff and thats too much for someone to just grab on impulse. It wasn’t a random.

so whats this “IRL Shining Wizard” that I keep hearing about?

Oh and one more thing in case you people missed it, which is mostly everyone


Fuck the robberies sound bad.

Hope you guys find out who they are. And if you do and get pics/video from surveillance make sure you post it on SRK so we all know who the assholes are.

Straight up. If the thieves don’t turn themselves in to me or John by way of PM or some other way of getting in touch with us they’re going to regret it. Because we’re GOING to find out. Guaranteed. its over $3000 worth of stuff. Thats grand larceny.