North Florida Bi-Weekly #10 Results

Thanks to all the players that came out to play in our last bi-weekly tournament.

p0tent shell and I both decided to not enter this final tournament and let some new blood be on the top for this final event. I was strange sitting out on my own tournament, but with the stream and bracket calling…i was plenty busy.

SSFIV Results:

  1. Neo Magnus
  2. Mike Free
  3. Manny Gold
  4. Private J0ker
  5. LukenessMonster
  6. King Sun
  7. BeastSPL
  8. JDizzle
  9. Kenbo

The bi-weekly event had a good run, but now it’s time to put it down and move to something a little bigger. A new monthly series is coming and it will include a few addition games and much more that has yet to be announced!

See everyone again soon!

Mike freeeee!!! Lmaoo