North Florida Brawl 1/15/10 SSFIV Team and Singles Tourneys Results


Had a great time had 6 3v3 teams enter and 40 in the singles draw.

Winning team - Chris Crespo, Mike Gallardo, and Chris Austin From Tallahassee

Singles results
1: Crespo (EL Fuerte)
2: Anibal AKA Perthius(Guile)
3: Peter Gibson(Akuma)
4: Andy Andrew(Rufus)
5: Geoff the Hero(Cammy)
5: Kevin lee
7: RAION Moye
7: Julius Henderson
9: Brian Rivera
9: Andrew evans
9: Chris Austin
9: Drew Roberts
13: Chris Princler
13: David N
13: Kelso
13: Michael John
17: Chris Califano
17: Brandon R
17: Jaison Rawlings
17: Robert Gordon
17: Curt Caglilardi
17: Adam Kessell
17: Ron Kimberly
17: Chris Worzalla
25: Anna Kimball
25: Mike Keith
25: Blake
25: Joe Bess
25: Eric A
25: Jonathan Yu
25: Sean
25: Jesse Davidson
33: Mike Brown
33: Mike Gallardo
33: Tiny
33: Yancy G
33: Darius Bess
33: Rob Jarvis
33: Mike Cariglino
33: Phill A

Had a great turnout and it ran smoothly once it started on 8 screens.

Cya next time,



Hi guys. Had sooo much fun today. Did you?

But really, thanks Mike for running this. It was a good tourney.


Great to hear things went smoothly :wink:
Awesome to hear a Fuerte won!


Good job Mike, I heard it was a great and fun tournament. If you ever want a spot on the CEO Jestaff, just shoot me a message lol.


thx had fun


Yeah this was a lot of fun. Would definitely attend again.


let’s get names right next time my adoring fanbase coughcough must be devastated.

but in all honesty great game, i remember now why i love playing iv so much. such a hype community.


It’s RAION MOYE NOT RYAN… DAMN IT… fix please, thanks for a great tourney, Panama City was hella hype!


lol, settle down guys, i was not the one who typed the names in, i’ll fix it


GGs to everybody I got to play this weekend.
Mike, you ran an excellent tournament and my crew would definitely go again.

Raion, you know this isn’t over right :razz:


Team goom baby!!!


Guile Mike is the man.

Excellent event.


Oh sweet I’m only the 4th person with 33rd place! XD XD


any footage?
darksydegeoff is the hero florida deserves


Yeah, 17th isn’t that bad for my first time being in a tournament. I accept this. Can’t wait to get higher up next time I do one >:D