North Florida Brawl 1/15/11 SSFIV Team and Individual Tourneys

North Florida Brawl 1/15/11 SSFIV Team and Individual Tourneys

We have the North Fla Brawl every couple of years and now it is time to bring it back.

Where: Gamescape in the Tallahassee Mall Opens Jan 1st in this location
2415 N. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32303

What: Team 5v5 Tourney and Individual Tourney.
Both for SSIV and both tourneys are on 360 only.

When: Jan 15th
Team Tourney starts at 1.
Individual Tourney starts after team tourney, Estimated around 3 or 3:30

Cost: Venue Fee per person is only 2 bucks and that lets you enter both tourneys.
Team tourney 10 bucks per person(50 bucks per team). Individual tourney 10 per person.

Team Tourney - Winning team takes all(don’t complain about this, if you are so good, win it)
Individual - 3rd 10% - 2nd 20% - 1st 70%

Bring your own controller. No need to bring systems but we need a few copies of the game. Gamescape will have it all the rest covered.

To sign up, please post up here. Questions post here as well.

Gamscape is advertising outside of SRK too to get people to sign up, so the list should be bigger than this.

Signed up:
GuileMike - Tallahassee
EVAWINGZERO - Tallahassee
Jarv - Tallahassee
Miyomei - Tally
spektrum - Jax
Cheapocrespo - Tally
730BlackMage - Jax
jabarbo - Jax
King-Sun - Jax
Jahrasta - Jax
Kryian - Tally
Ben Damon - Tally
Geoff The Hero - Tally
raionxk1 - Panama City
HuggyBear - Daytona Beach
Xero Anarian - St. Pete
wolfeagle 847 - Fernandina Beach
Hollywood2010 - Kings Bay, GA
Curaga PGN - Deltona
CanadianDstryr - Deltona
Aztek Bronze - Savannah, GA
Damien114 - Jasper
Hypereth - Houston Tx
Guardian - Tally
Soul of Ignorance - Tally
Folken Fanel - Gainesville
petey_did_it - gainesville
Andrew X - Crestview

PS3 or 360?

Just double click the thread title outside in the tournament forum listings - then you’ll be able to edit it to 2011 - Its possible that some of us from GA can make it - I’ll try to rally up some interest! Especially since this is on 360!

360 only

Sign me up.

Count me in for individual SSF4, if I can jump on one of the local teams then I will play that too.

In for teams assuming I get one together. If I cannot, I’ll just participate in singles. Count me in either way!

Put me down.

i’ll be there and will work on building a 5v5 team.

can i use a ps2 to xbox converter?

sure can

I is in there. YESSS!!!

will be there.


I’ll be there, coming from Jax.

how is the internet at gamescape? i can bring my streaming setup if it’s good and there is space.

I know they have blazing speed and they have streamed things there b4, let me ask them if it would be ok to do that, i’m sure it will be kool with them, I will get back to you by the weekend

Will be there.

I’m there.

Team, individuals, MM, Marvel, Beer pong, stealing yo girl. I’m competing in them all!

Also, I can house most if not all the people coming that want to stay. If you ever been to Tally for games you know how we do the after hours spot!

As soon as you guys gather a team together, let me know