North Hollywood/Burbank Casuals


Are there any that go on around this area? I know FFA isn’t that far from here but it would be great to have a group for casuals around here. If anyone wants to start or is already doing something and could use one more play that would be awesome!


I’m in the north hollywood area. But most 818 players head to ffa. But im down to also start something more locally. Let me know whats good.


Down to play at AA burbank today. Working at Glendale ATM but I live in NoHo if you’re looking for me. Can play any fighter but am really good at 3S and ST.


This area needs something when it comes to casuals. FFA is too far from this area for that to be the only choice.


I think we can get something started in my house if you guys don’t mind being a little cramped?


I’m pretty down. There also a big tourney going down this weekend at FFA. We can meet up there too and discuss casual sessions.


I’ll be there! I’m signing up for marvel as John Von Doom if you guys hear my name feel free disturb me!


Hey, just curious if anything came of this. I’m in Noho and would love to meet some other players for casual games and practice.


just moved back to cali-going to be working out of burbank along with moving the the NoHo/Burbank area real soon. In ventura county right now but would also love to get some casuals outside of FFA.


I think we should start something soon, especially since FFA is going to be closing soon. Anyone have a location?


Now were really going to be sorry since the only arcade in the valley is closing. Seems like the valley #2 (SG) has the decent arcades now, but thats a hell of a hike. Man I hope something can open up out here in 2013.


im down for some games this weekend


I’m down as well. Anybody got a suggestion as to where?


I’m down too. I guess FFA in the mean time until something else pops out. Take advantage of the last few weeks its still open for practice.


I’ll be at ffa today if anyone wants to get some games in


Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update. Some of you saw I posted in another forum that Emerald Knights might be interested in letting us borrow their store for casuals/tourneys but I talked to the actual owners and they said they weren’t interested in hosting any kind of video game they only want card games and table top games. I even told them about FFA closing down and I thought that would at least let them think about all the new faces they could bring to the store and they still weren’t interested. So that’s a no go.

I also wanted to invite any one of you guys to the team tourney on Saturday at Super Arcade. I can give any of you guys a ride since you live around here just let me know soon please! We just need one more player for our team, you must be decent at the Marvel please!


I’ll probably be going to TRB this Thursday for the 1st time. Let me know if any of you are going too.


I’m going next week :\


I’m interested on this one as well, let me know once someone found a place :D. I play UMVC3, and some AE


Sup guys…

Looking for umvc3 casuals around the area, to learn and level up. I’m in sherman oaks, so burbank and noho are super close.

I’m new to marvel, so looking for people to learn from… I’ve got ~5 years of high level SSBM experience, and some mk9 tourney experience