North Jersey FGC!


I’m looking for people in north jersey preferably Morris county to get together and start building a small community here. Anyone willing to meet up please blow me up on this discussion.


I think Jersey mostly posts on facebook now a days


I’m from Bergen County. My boyfriend and I were actually working on the same thing. Hit me up if you want to toss ideas around.

I’ve been also talking to The Break to see if we can have a regular KI Night going there as well.


I live in Hudson County and I’m basically looking for the same thing. I know there’s a place in Fort Lee but i don’t think people go there anymore.


I know for a while The Microsoft Store at Garden State Plaza Mall had a fighting game tournament running, but recently took it off their event listing for Summer Camp. They MAY be doing it again, but they have to get approved for it once more (which probably won’t happen seeing how Microsoft can be.)

I know 8 on the Break has weekly tournaments and they’re looking into getting more machines for more activities. I don’t think there’s too many arcades up in North Jersey. I’ve seen them more in NYC and Central-South Jersey.


Yeah Microsoft has shown they never commit to things haha & yeah north jersey doesn’t really have a big community aside from a few local players.


Well for you North Jersey guys willing to drive to CT we have a big tournament next Saturday for those who want to come [Aug 2nd, 2014] New Challengers: Resistance II, Stratford CT Ultra/UMVC3/KI and More!


I live in the Essex/Bergen area, and I drive to Next Level once in a while with my friend. The drive isn’t too bad, but that would be awesome if we can get something going around here since that drive does add up. Keep me posted!


How far are you from Hudson/Bergen County?


I haven’t been to Next Level, where is that located? Maybe we can see if we can do a tournament or local March ups there. I WISH Chinatown Fair was still a hot spot for gaming, but those days are long gone.

I’m waiting to hear back from the owner of The Break, but he’s looking for a Killer Instinct machine (which is ultra rare. I’ve only seen it in Chicago and that was a huge arcade full of retro games). Worse comes to worse, we may just have to bring some xbones and controllers/fightsticks and do it like that.


Yo dude I live in Randolph…hit me the fuck up

Also anyone else in the thread should definitely friend me on XBL: Degal13 or message me hear to play some local stuff. Iv met the dude who owns 8 on the Break but I never get a response from posting on their FB page. I dont know of anywhere around here other than Next Level in the city

I play SF and Marvel, which im way better at but Im really grinding USF4 since Marvel is dead AF


If you all can make the trip you should come up to Fort Lee to Local Battles. They used to be big on Street Fighter and Marvel but it toned down a lot. Now people just go sometimes for locals. Here’s their facebook if anyone wants to play locals there lmk!


Do you go often? Im down to meet people at their place or whatever also. And do they play tourneys or just casuals?



I haven’t gone in a while since most of the community goes to Next Level and I can’t make the trip out there. But if people start going again I’d be there almost every day haha & they used to have big tourneys there but now it’s mostly casuals. Lmk if you’re down to go I’d be more than happy to start going again.


Randolph’s actually not too far from me. I hail from Franklin Lakes, but Randolph’s about 38 - 40 mins from my house and it looks about 20 or so from my art school.

I always call them up or ask to meet with them in person. One of my friends’ pretty close with the owner and has been working on getting an “All-You-Can-Play” Night going with the dude, but it’s still in the works for now. I actually called them last week about it and they’re still looking into it as far as KI’s concerned. Any other tournament they’re open to as long as they have someone hosting it and it can be someone outside of the arcade.

If anyone wants to add me via XLive, my tag is Alamarix. On PSN I’m TheDodger90.

I unfortunately only have USF4, 3rd Strike, Tekken Tag Tourn 4, and UMVC3 on the PS3. Of course I have Killer Instinct for the XBone.


Hey all,

I also live in Franklin Lakes with TheDodger :slight_smile:

If anyone is up to playing KI, my XBL name is BalanceWolfKaz.

For USF4, UMVC3, TTT2, or SF3 III Strike, I’m on PSN and my user name is Old_Snake777.

Looking forward to any progress with making a north jersey fgc scene and anyone wanting to spare online.


I’m 10 minutes from bergen county and i am in washington township a lot.

If anyone wants to play sf4 on steam you can add me here

Hope this develops into a good scene.


I’m gonna be playing Ultra on PC once it releases so I’ll add you.


Oh, thats like a 20 minute drive for me. My friend and I are down to go one of these weeks.


Anyone know if it’s possible to contact the microsoft store about hosting tournaments again? If enough people come they should make a profit