North Korea fires on South Korea


Oh dear.

Report: N. Korea fires on S. Korea, injuring at least 16 -


You done fucked up, North Korea. :rofl:


yeah i heard, im not sure how to react, being in japan and all.

Al Jazeera English | Open Online TV


hoooooooo boy


After all is said and done, this means that all the rest of the world will have a shot at being the best at Starcraft and Tekken, but we will have less awesome scary movies. I do not approve of this.

Serioulsy though, I am flabbergasted at this. This is some really scary stuff.


Awwwwww hell no.


This is the kind of shit that gets wars started, but i don’t think things will blossom that quickly. i hope not, anyway. china will probably step in.


Oh god dammit, North Korea. I’m still in the Inactive Ready Reserve!


I have no idea why they have not dropped support for N.Korea yet. In grand scheme of things, their idiocy just shits on the goals china has for itself.


This sums up my thoughts exactly. It’s about to hit the fan over there.


bring it north korea!


Ya dun’ goofed Kim.


Um, forgive my ignorance, but does this happen often between North and South Korea, or is this something pretty damn serious?


Is this some kind of response template? Start off with a corny joke, and then add in a “serious” response to make it seem relevant to the topic? I’ve been seeing these kind of posts a lot.


Used to dealing with a bunch of people that cannot get a joke, so I’m used to having to add the apologetic comment afterwards with certain people. It is retarded as all hell so I guess I’ll cut it out online.

This is still some really scary stuff.


Yeah, i’m also curious to know if this is fairly common and will fizzle out, or does this have serious potential consequences?


Can we just kill these mother fuckers already?

North Korea has been trolling the world for too long , lets just end this shit! :rock:


I’m leaning more towards serious potential consequences.

Especially if it turns out those rounds they fired at the island hit anything.


The two countries have fought along their water border before, but I don’t recall it involving an island where civilians lived and had to be evacuated. I’d say that’s serious.


NK fire numerous shots in the past. They just always missed cause they can’t aim for shit with their shitty 1980 technology. CNN has it that 1 died and 15 injured already. So that means they actually improved their fucking aim this time.

Fuck NK.