North Korea is the chair of the disarmament committee

Or soon to be? but whatever… the point is that it’s on the table.

facepalm them ninjas don’t even have lights after dark because they can’t afford it :smh:

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I love how CANADA is the country that had to step in and say


Damn, it took you 2.5 hours to find this? That’s more boggling than anything in the article.

How does North Korea still exist?

It is quite literally a wasteland by every meaning of the word. Even the people there aren’t worth anything because all they live for is their stupid, insane ruler. I’m surprised that the rest of the world hasn’t put it out of its misery.

Because you fuck with N.Korea, you fuck with China.

Nuking them could have some serious effects on S.Korea, geographically and otherwise.

I had just woken up. No job means I can generally sleep till noon :frowning:

china just has more people… Im still wondering what the actual army and such is like.

I’m not even saying that… Just, I don’t think that many people are too keen on breaking ties with China, just so they can fuck with N.Korea.