North Las Vegas Street Fighter 4!

whats happening all? my name is Eric im 24 years old chilling in lame vegas. and im new to the fighting scene in Vegas and im dying to get some Good game nights in with some fighting games and would like to get to know the fighting community out here in vegas. i’ve met a few people out here but i can never seem to get anything going as far as casuals or a spot to go to join in on the competition and imma huge competitor and i would love to get the challenge i desire.

Im really trying to find people who take fighters as serious as i do, and just straight up enjoy the competition win or lose. so if anyone on here is at all interested in inviting or setting up some game nights please message me up so i can get down with it, later~

come to game over_'s tournament every saturday! 702-440-4263

I live in North Las Vegas Yeahhhh boiiii.

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