North San Diego County: Vista/Oceanside Area

We are an established group of fighting games players ranging in all skill level that enjoy a casual environment to play, level up, and occasionally have tournies with.

Since July 2011, we have run casuals every 2 weeks (sometimes 3 if holidays are present). These are open invite to any folks in the area that want to get together, have some great games, and have some good food too.

New folks are always invited! You dont need permission from the group to come… sign up on the site and show up… play/watch/socialize… New players are always made to feel welcome and feel part of the group fast.

We also have the privilege of having some of the best stick builders and modders in the US come to the events… (J+J super socal modding crew) Many times they will dual mod a stick on site or arrange to get your stick modded quickly.

Its a very relaxed atmosphere and most new folks become regulars rather quickly.

What we play:
Same time: 3 pm to 3 am

Tournys need to be over by 2:30… starting at 7pm

6:30PM: Sign ups for all games (4)

7:00-7:15PM: UMVC3 (3 out of 5) & KOF XIII (2 out of 3) Start

9:00-9:15PM: SSF4AE(Pokemon) & Persona 4(2 out of 3) Start

All streamed on

After SSF4AE is over, assuming it goes faster than previous, we have room for exhibition matches, High paying money matches for the stream or just casuals, Maybe even a small ST tournament who knows. The main point for this is we need established times for people to be there so we can stream the whole event and get out by 3 AM.

As you can also see above, SSF4AE is listed as Pokemon style tournament. Next OFC we will be having a team tournament for Street Fighter. This will be chosen teams so find your partner(s) soon so it makes creating the brackets easier. In lough of that, I have heard mixed results of how big each team should be, So below please comment/post on your preferred team size of either 2’s or 3’s. I usually don’t play in the tournament because I am running the brackets but if a team is short one and you don’t mind me being on your team (don’t worry I’m the best, hence why I don’t play), I will be more than happy to fill in a missing slot. If anyone has any comments complaints, just wants to yell at me just cause, comment away.

Also last OFC we had some issues with brackets being held up. If someone isn’t there at the time their name is called Myself or someone will look for you for a maximum of 10 minutes before you are dropped, so if you are going somewhere please let me know in advanced so i can either have you play earlier or hold your match for later (if possible). If you have friends that want to sign up but aren’t there yet, again I will try my best to hold their match until they arrive but If push comes to shove there isn’t much I can do.

Address is:
5857 Owens Ave, Carlsbad CA

Right here, yo!

Oh yeah bring your own stick, controller what have you. I have 2, 1 for each system.

GG Everyone! Last night was fun. A good time had by all and I learned tons. Also glad everyone liked the Tritip… Shit was great! We definately gonna do this again next week. I’ll set up a day but thursday. That seemed to work for everyone. Thanks for coming out, we’ll do it again…

There are other players in my area finally?? Sucks I just notice this now…

I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next time you host.

We are doing it next week, so hit me up on Facebook, here, or gonna keep this thread alive… If you know any heads, let them know spread the word…

Yo Purrin! It was sick last night! I think we’re gonna try and make this a weekly thing hopefully starting with next Tuesday or Thursday. Cruise out, it’s good fun!

f’ing IN for next time. i live off el camino real and the 76. been looking for some gatherings in north county for a minute. i seriously want to see north county get put on the map. tuesdays or wednesdays sound legit

I personally say tuesday and wednesday but that’s me… I’m always wanting to play and improve. Want actually some SSFIV action too. lol Need to try to see what we can do to play outside all that space… lol

If we do Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays, I can DEFINITELY do Tuesdays.

Again this is impromptu, bored nothing going on hit me up! Having some people over. (760) 650-2869 ask for Marcelo. Get HYPE!

Good games last night… So here we get together this Thursday for sure! Will send out an email tomorrow to RSVP

OK we are doing it again this Tuesday! Information Above. I actually may edit 1st post to show the latest information about the next get together.


Hey Marcelo, can I get a PM with the address? Also, the date in the first post is Feb 1st. Guessing it’s suppose to be March 1st.

Could I get a PM with the address please! I have a few friends that also might come with me. Sent you a FB request as well.

Purrin!!! that is all.

Sending out all the information via FB, PM, and email in a few minutes… Trying to see how many people gonna show out ot make sure we can have enough stations, right now we have 2.

Just making sure going pasta tomorrow, anyone allergic to anything? lol

you’re very generous! pasta is bomb diggity. ill give you a ring tomorrow in the afternoon just to see whats good

yo what games do you guys play? i live in escondido.