North San Diego County: Vista/Oceanside Area




Details posted for the next OFC… all I can say is WOW…

Come one, come all… its gonna rock


cool that some of the oceanside/ vista heads came out
always good seeing you richard
next time i want to play your bison and all your homies
but i was in a marvel playing mood T_T

really going to try to make it out to your guys next session


Ofc this sat, oct 13th. New venue and details posted at


hell yeah imma make it out tonight
it takes about 40 minutes to get there for me
ill be leaving around 6
i dont know what time tourney starts
but can some one sign me up please?


Next OFC is Oct 27th.

OFC Halloween edition… Details on

Thanks unprotected for the great write up at TTF!


was wondering if OFC is open to anyone…havnt played in a while and ive been itching to
play some SF and UMvC…looks like you guys have changed locations though…


Yup, still open and the new place is big… Info at


thanks ed


Updated 1st page of post to reflect new venue information…


So I may go to today’s OFC for the first time @ 3 and I’m curious, how many P4A players are there?


OFC going this sat (jan 12th)


They come a little later in the evening but there will be at least 5-6 other P4A players


When is the next OFC? I couldn’t make the last one unfortunately.


feb 2nd i believe. for the best updates, or join us on the sd fight scene group on fb :]


I did, I just don’t bother to check as much as I should be.


Been meaning to get back into OFC again. I came across the SD Fight Scene group and sent a Join Group request. How has attendance been lately?


3s! SD 3s!


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I agree with Bryan.