North/West Minnesota - Rural Beatings



Figured I’d chuck a thread on here for those who don’t live in the cities. I’m centered in Fergus Falls and looking to see if theirs any fellow people near the area. (Nobody responds in the Minnesota thread, go figure <<). City elitists obviously…^^

Potentially get some sort of casuals organized depending on how many people would be interested.





Hey if you’re willing to travel I know that there are guys in the Fargo/Moorhead area that play on a regular basis. I’m situated in Grand Forks so I’m slightly farther than you may want to travel, but I’m always up for some games on XBL. Hit me up at TonyOgbot if you want to get some games in with the lonely Dhalsim of the North.


Hey Matt, in Moorhead we do casuals at my place every Monday. If you want to drive that far it’d be awesome to have another guy. We usually have about 6 people show up, if we’re lucky we can get 12, be cool to grow some more. Just post on the facebook thingy:


When I’m not in school, I live in the Alexandria area. Rural Minnesota is a barren wasteland. I have thought that it’d be fun to host a tournament in a barn and call it “Barn Brawl”. I even know a guy who has a barn he rents out for events. But it’d be too hard to attract enough people to a relative middle of nowhere. >_>

Of course, when I’m at school, I’m in the southwest corner of the state. That’s less fun. If I had a car, I could probably try to hook up with the Sioux Falls guys, I guess…

Did go to Fargo once for a (very) small tourney.


Yeah, we’re still having problems figuring out a venue and getting everyone to know about the tournaments. S9 isn’t really the best place because of the limited space and they don’t really have a choice but to take out a cut. Sometime this next semester we hope to get a real place rented for the day and attempt a fargo/moorhead/fergusfalls/alexandria?/grandforks tourney. And then go as a group whenever raging storm actually happens in the cities again.


I’ve talked to some of the other moohead guys, there simply isn’t a place outside of hosting a small scale 16-32 man bracket inside of someone’s house. Every venue essentially wants a month of rent to use it for only a few days, let alone extra internet fees.

The problem is this tri-state area is really spread out. The only major places being Sioux fall, Fargo/moorhead, and the cities.

Fargo is only about a 40 minute drive from me and I have a lot of friends living there. Boils down mainly to having money for gas lately/coordinating with work. I play primarily on a 360 which seems to be the opposite norm so I usually have to use someone elses arcade stick. (it’s just one extra thing).


If you are looking for some competition without having to drive too far please consider attending the upcoming Mall Brawl Tournament in MN, sponsored by Games N Go and the Rosedale Center. The single day event includes SFxT, SSFIV:AE 2012, UMvC3, and SC5, a main stage with projector, and **$100 pot bonus on each game![SIZE=4] **[/SIZE]

SRK listing:

Please pass this info along to everyone you know.


Not sure if the northwest MN people still look at this thread (I’m hoping they do), but figured I’d spread the word about the next tournament we’re doing in Fargo since we had such good turnout last Friday. We’re doing SSF4AE, UMvC3 and a mystery game tournament. Hopefully we’ll see some of you guys there. :slight_smile:

Tournament Info: [Aug 31, 2012] Cross Critical Combo (SSF4AE, UMvC3, MK9) (Fargo, ND)