Northeast Battleground 3 RESULTS

Guilty Gear XX
1st - James Austin - Eddie - CT
2nd - Josh “AMinorThreat” - Faust/Bridget - CT
3rd - Chaz “Mynus” - Ino/Bridget - NY
4th - Liston - Ino/Eddie - NY
5th - Kyoz “MarlinPie” - Eddie/Faust - NJ
5th - Nate - Axl/Dizzy - PA

Soul Calibur 2
1st - Steve H “Eternal Fighter” - Xianghua/Kilik - NJ
2nd - Christian “ViciousSuicide” - Yoshimitsu - MA
3rd - Song “Aeuen” - Yoshimitsu/Sophitia - NJ
4th - Erik “Erik X” - Mitsurugi/Ivy - NJ
5th - Tim “Bibulus” - Nightmare/Sophitia - NJ
5th - Dan “Dyse” - Xianghua - NJ

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st - Spence “?” - E.Honda - ?
2nd - Trevor “?” - Ryu/Balrog - ?
3rd - Chris “?” - ChunLi/Dhalsim - ?
4th - Devin “?” - ? - NJ
5th - Steve H “Eternal Fighter” - Sagat/Vega - NJ
5th - Max “Silk” - Sagat/Ken - MA

Street Fighter III: Third Strike
1st - Devin “?” - Alex/ChunLi - NJ
2nd - Josh “MrQuotes” - Makoto/Yun - NJ
3rd - Spence “?” - Necro - ?
4th - Ali - Dudley/Urien - NJ
5th - Chaz “Mynus” - Ken/ChunLi - NY
5th - Dave “?” - Urien - NJ

the ST + 3S results are kinda lacking in info since everyone left before I could get their info, if you can fill in the spaces, post up.

Also sorry to everyone for waiting so long for the start of the tournament, we had some “problems”

I had mad fun, Chaz and Liston have gotten beastly:eek:!!! Penn State crew came down and Nate showed everyone whats up:D. Kyohei and Evan get upsetted early on :eek:, though this may be a good wakeup call for them to elarn mistakes to BEAST YOU ALL AT ECC!! Ryan’s Chipp had some great matches no matter what he says. Did I mention Chaz and Liston have gotten beastly?! Untill then… I HATE FUCKING EDDIE!

Tourney was so very serious. Liston stepped his game up and Frodo and James are top tier. OMG I-no is Magnus!!! And Kyohei is so scary his eddie=death.

BTW The break now has GG Isuka!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

josh absolutely dominated me with his bridget :(. Anyway, how was isuka?


i love dragons

team i love dragons is the bestest ever <3

didnt get to play isuka cause chris kotty was still hooking it up after I left but ill play it at this thursdays mvc2 tourney.:cool:

The tournament was awesome. Everyone got so much better since I played them last. I-no was just a freaking blur on the screen. And breaksteaks are the toppest of tiers. Of course I ended up playing Nate in a tournament AGAIN. And he pulled some character I’d never seen him use before… where was the Anji that I know how to beat :p. Zappa w/ 3 ghosts owns you… Zappa with anything else doesn’t even own himself.

Good job, Nate. Just take those beatings I gave you with Dizzy and apply them to other people. ^^

Grats to the placers.

state college axls are scary x_X i got peaced out early, go me :stuck_out_tongue: GGs to all, it was fun! :smiley: