--- NorthEast Hunger Break Results March 30, 2003 ---

these are the preliminary results for the northeast hungerbreak.

1st- sanford kelly
2nd- josh wigfall
3rd- desmond pinkney
4th- pungza
5th- rick mears
5th- julian robinson

1st- pete talley
2nd- philong nguyen
3rd- julian robinson
4th- david spence
5th- jeron grayson
5th- sanford kelly

1st- guess-master julian robinson!!
2nd- sanford kelly
3rd- arturo sanchez
4th- jeron grayson
5th- rob sigley
5th- josh wong

-i will edit this post with full results or a link to the apex points tomorrow or something, if i fully recovered from saturday night and this tournament :wink:
-while watching pungza vs rick mears, i almost wanted to throw-up from being too overwhelmed. there were no more than 3 seconds where there wasnt 4 characters on the screen.
-mvc2 had like 25people or so, st had about 18, and cvs2 had 13 people…
-more to come… either monday or tuesday

You guys missed Brock Lesnar try a shooting star press on Angle and instead piledrive himself into the canvas. Too bad.

Good Job Pungza.

Too Bad Michael,Lincoln, & I couldn’t make it to the tourney.:frowning:


Julian robinson aka da GuessMaster was Fuckin Hungry today EEERRRRRR… Zangief said duckin fierce I win…

------Philly ----------------------- NY -------
…-------- … -------- …
… Jeron…
… Julian … > … Arturo…
… Sanford…

Juian’s Zangief,Bison, Eagle ransack da whole NY team…

I am lost for word … thats all i gotta say… damn Julien

for MvC2 wow… NY finish top 3 … Sanford ofcourse was beastin. I was hungry today too hheheh… finaly took out philly Grin YEah

Good tourny - mad fun


Pete "fuckin Tally ownz ish up (hey next I will be better in ST) … and Phi Finally beat Julian…2-0,2-0 … long time comin phi but hey my Ryu still Ownz so don’t forget

good shit pungza, holding it down for team decepticons, i woulda went but i woke up at 4:bluu:

i was about to beat julien too then his zangief beasted on me :frowning: I think everyone came so close ot beating him then gief pulled it out everytime or his random eagle counter to custom combos that was too powerful

Damn! Julian was a one man philly squad:eek: He is really too good for taking out a whole NY team:lol: He told me that he was gonna be guessmaster Julian when he went to this tournament, I guess he was right.

I wont be at the break until ecc8 so I will have to see all of you guys then.

I still can’t believe pungza beat rick, but good job to pungza:cool:

Oh shit jersey got 4th and 7th…holla

err…gotta eat?

Are you certain that you will be @ ecc8? I’ll see you there Brandon:lame:

I placed in top 10 so I’m satisfied let me get a mass stick and then practice that sentinel!!! :cool:

Strider. . .


To (E)mperial Soldiers.

~Born to Play~

Empac Charts:

Santhrax : 10/2/1 W/L/D
Jeron: 1/2/1 W/L/D
Blue Jay: 1/1/0 W/L/D

These stats will be imputted into your personal profiles in EMPAC. Also, for the first of the month meeting, Lord UG, and Neo decided that we should have a party this weekend, on Saturday. Please make room in your personal schedule so that you can attend the celebration during the meeting. Until then.

Thee TriforceGameMaster

haha ed posted on my name…i guess he forgot i logged in on his comp… owell

reads ST results and cries

We’re gonna get so owned at ECC…

I’ll get you for that inch-by-your-teech win Pungza, you got SO damn lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

(good stuff though)


damn damn damn i wasnt hungry until after i got taken out:bluu:
my sent was bretty damn hungry though:o

at least my matches were close…blue j’s cammy ownz…

megaman vs megaman was the greatest…THE GREATEST match of all time and wasnt recorded:(

anyway whens the next sunday break tourney!?! i thought no1 was gonna show up…im out…


yerrrr…the 25 that showed up were pretty fucking good too…accept no substitues nig…

hahaahaha pungza is a mystery wrapped in an enigma… rick always says he’s saving shit for the majors, but there is no excuse for this kind of behavior… julien knows the number you’re thinking of right now…

I think NY recorded that, ask them. PM MMasterSTE, think he has the camera.

Good stuff by the way STE. Your Cable owned me for free.


any vids? …
Damn it’s been a while that Julian did something. …
UP going to throw tournies again anytime soon? …