NorthEast Indiana anyone out there?

looking for some people in the northeast region of Indiana… I’m getting bored of this online warrior stuff

Hey man. There’s a small scene of us in the central area (South Bend, Goshen, Elkhart). We actually have a big tourney on the 10th. Would be cool if you could make it out.

WEAK! Make one closer to the Clarksville/New Albany area ya punks.

We have people from all over coming. Cleveland, Detroid, Lafayette, Indy. It’s gonna be big. There’s $100 pot bonuses for AE, UMvC and SFxT. It’d be worth a drive ;D

If my car didn’t have a 90% chance of exploding I would.

Also, my second half would kill me.

where exactly are you in NE Indiana? we have a scene here in Fort Wayne that has been around and evolving since around 2000, and we travel to various tourneys and such.