Northeast PA Updated Groups/People/Events

Hi, I’m looking for people in the northeast pa area. I’m around the pike county area not too far away from Scranton. Are people still doing tournaments or friday nights? If you’re active in the area leave a comment or if you know of an active group in the area please let me know it seems impossible anymore. Come on people the dream isn’t dead right?

I live in Mount Pocono, and I’m looking for the same thing. I came across this: FRIDAY NIGHT ENCOUNTERS - Allentown, PA

Hey guys,
I know this is a NE PA thread, but it seems like the entire PA fighting game landscape has died. I don’t believe the dream is dead but just needs a jolt. So a couple of my friends and I have started running casuals in York, PA every other Saturday and are planning on going to tournaments (one buddy is going to CT for next weekends tourney and we are planning out Summer Jam arrangements). We are one of the few active groups for PA and are looking to expand on it. So if you’re interested, go to (Central PA Fighting Game Community), like the group page, and get involved. Even if you don’t wanna come to casuals, it will help PA get on the map in the FGC world.

The pa scene is out there, keep the hope alive. Myself and some friends attended winter brawl and ect this year and also are planning for summer jam… But we have the same problem in bethlehem trying to find people. I just put up another post trying rally troops in are area.

Where at in York, PA. I am a local around there looking for some local people.

BTW Tilt in the mall here as a few fighters. I believe MvC2, CVS, and Tekken.

Ultra tournament in allentown

I know some people from NEPA are trying to come out

There used to be a pretty lively NEPA scene. I used to be the T.O up that way, unfortunately I live in georgia right now. But I keep in contact with all those guys still.

Theres two guys that want to get the scene back really bad and are willing to do what it takes. We have a facebook group with over 100 members, so if you’re serious about leading the scene theres definitely resources available.

Join the group, and make a post letting me know who you are and Ill hook you up with the guys who hold casuals (In Wilkes Barre).

Its also important to support the Allentown scene, as bglaugher gave you some info there. Heres a link to their facebook group:

Its gonna take some work to bring NEPA back to life, but I am willing to help you in any way that I can because I’m probably not going to live in Georgia for very long.

I just moved to Stroudsburg. Any one in the area play?

(Blood)Thirsty for Third Strike Thursday is happening again at Siren Records in Doyelstown PA. Come play with us. On the H2H cabinet, in a record store. Need I say more.

Dizmaul, we have a crew of gamers that sometimes play at The Gamer’s Edge in Stroudsburg, PA.
a link to our facebook page.

Check out central pa fighting game community on Facebook. I know its a bit of a drive (york, pa) but we meet bi weekly. Have a decent scene going and several set ups. About 10 show up each time with more and more people interested.

I did not know this was happening in York, PA? Where are you all located at in York?

I might have overlooked this at one point

Bacon, right off of susquehanna trail just past canal road. Next Saturday we’re getting together. Pm pn1 on here. He runs it and it’s his place.

I live just off of Pennsylvania Ave by kiwanis lake. I’m always looking for offline games if interested.

Some developments may be coming

Hey, if you guys want to travel we’re running a smash, USF4, MKX, and UMvC3 Tournament in York, PA. Here’s a link to the event.

Hey guys I just moved to Lower Mt. Bethel PA from NJ and I’m looking for an offline group of guys to hang out, play and train in USF4 and maybe play some Marvel or other fighting games as well. I’d consider myself like beginner/intermediate but I have a lot of knowledge, I just need more practice and online doesn’t really do it for me. I’m looking for a group that is taking SF and competing seriously because that is my goal (to compete and take it as far as I can possibly go) and like-minded individuals will naturally help each other grow and play better. If there are any offline fgc groups in this area definitely get in touch with me. Message me on here or on Xbox 360 my gt is XBroken13 and let me know whats up.

Also if nobody really has a group but you are close to this area and are interested in getting a group of guys together feel free to message me and we can swap ideas and see if we can’t get a group started. Thanks guys!

We’re going to be trying to get some weeklies going again in the Stroudsburg Area at a place called the Gamer’s Edge on Tuesdays for games other than Smash. We’ve had a group for awhile.

Hello folks Brent here. A bunch of people are trying to start up biweekly events at the encounter. More info in the group, just ask to join.