Northern California 3s Ranbats


8pm-midnight, every other friday

three month seasons.

point system:
1st- 10
2nd- 7
3rd- 5
4th- 3

best of one until top eight, then best of three.


YEEYEE. Norcal 3s get your shit together. Can we get a sticky plz k thx. Like honey.

Might as well look at the suggestions Leezy offered in the thread I had made in the T&E forum, it would help things out more.

anyone coming from SF that i can hitch a ride with?:wonder:

if i knew you made a thread i wouldnt have wasted my damn time.

*points at rom

Change the title to “Ranbats of your dreams, Plan it here”

^ :lol:

You can just edit the first post for any extra info to be added or changed. Like we said in the other thread, people are more prone to check things out here and not in the tourney forum.

Albert Made A Funny!

also, delete this thread cuz rom made one already in tourney section.


1st - Ricky (if he attends)
2nd - Emphy
3rd - ???

Having any type of prediction with best of 1 leading up to the finals is worthless. If there are enough people, ANYONE can get randomed out.

Anyhow - Direct Feed is out. The MGL staff doesn’t trust us enough to allow us to do it, so I guess we’re reduced to having to use a tripod + cam. :rolleyes:

Isn’t that like good quality anway? I wouldn’t know myself, but can’t you just change the shutter/frame speed of the recording so there’s no bars…and then just make sure no one bumps the tripod? You get all those cool crowd noises and random nigs like me yelling out shit like I know how to play the game.

Oh, and I’ll be attending as many nights as I’m able to…

ill give ppl from SF rides.i can only fit 4 tho

Yeah, we gotta mess with the settings on the cam [and make sure we can actually transfer footage from that cam with no real probs]. I’d rather have someone edit the thing and possibly add the player names under each of the health bars [which is made a little easier seeing as it’ll be on a tripod and stable], but that may be looking for too much. I dunno. However, it looks like the word is spreading fairly well. Hopefully this gets off on the right foot.

Let’s Get This Shit Hype People!

i think neiman’s last name is hypefest.


Aw, poor Neiman Hypefest, SRK won’t let him get hype with the caps :sad:

Oh yeah, someone find the camera they used for Hirai vs. Umezono please, that more than makes up for lack of direct feed.

this should be stickied…

maybe if we get a little more support, it will deserve a sticky. why don’t all you guys get on here and hype this shit up so we know if anybody is really gonna come or not.

Fucken Mortal Kombat II ranbat. Let’s do this shit.