-= *Northern California MvC2 RANSLAPS! *=- 4/07/07

Last Ranslap didn’t turn out so well, so we’ll give it another try for next month, only this time it will be in a different location. This tournament will be on console, not arcade because arcades are dead now.


Sign-ups: 7p.m. Tournament starts at 8p.m.

Entry Fee: $5.00

Payouts: 70/20/10

Location: Crizzle’s house aka 4603 Selkirk St. Fremont, CA

We will have 2 T.V. setups, 4 mas sticks (even though we prefer for you guys to BYOC if you can, not a lot of room, but it will be sick 'cause we are going to be in a plant lab.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Good luck =]


i hope you win chunk aka best on the west coast

hey chunk/crizzle i’ll probably come with scrubkiller…so we can marvel and blow big grapes…so i’ll keep you posted…is there a limit to people we can bring?

I won’t be there. Good luck.

laddies and gentlemen… jizzy is in and he’s gonna run shit!!! as long as i don’t randomly draw chunk first round and chrizzle second round. once again count me in DAWWWGGGGG

is this shit still going down or what?

I’m interested in coming to this tournament but I’m not sure if I’ll be back from sac or not in time b/c I’m visiting a friend out there. O and I’m from Union City. Just curios but about how many people are you expecting in this tourny?

There would only be a little amount of people that will enter, im not sure how many will enter, but sometimes we do not even host a tourney because there isn’t even at least 8 people to have a tournament. The tournament will be held at Crizzle’s house according to my first post to this thread =] Let’s see how many people will show.


muthafuggg… it’s today! Guess I can’t show plus I ain’t got a clue where that house is… mapquest i guess eh. lol… watched goonies the other day… chunk is fuggin funny as hell.

well I couldn’t make it b/c I was out of town. so how did it turn out and when are you having the next one?
O and both me and my friend and his friend are interested in the next tournament.
And do you guys only do Marvel vs Capcom 2 or do you guys do other games too like Smash Bros Melee, CvS 2 or Tekken 5 or watever.

O and heck can you guys hopefully have a tournament this week like friday or saturday b/c me and most of my friends are on spring break and are really trying to find tournaments to enter while we have free time. Also we can get there easy too b/c most of use live or are close to Union City which is right next door to fremont.