Northern California Regional 4 ( NCR4 ) 4/23/05

Alot of people have been wondering when the next Nor Cal regional would be…its about that time again. We got the OK from management so it’s goin down!!!

Korngo,CX,and I will be running a tourney of epic proportions…many top CvS2,MvC2,3S,CFJ players should be attending this battle to see who is the shiznit on the sticks…So gather your funds…practice up and get your asses out for a damn good tournament…
for more info check this link below…thank you and I hope to see many familiar and new faces there…We will be taking photos and maybe video interviews of some players to post up online…ROUND 1 FIGHT!!!

So far we have some So Cal players attending, even some players from Seattle and Oregon…more to come…


Rick you can stay at my place or J-Gravity’s house…


B, if you can convince them to run a #R tournament in some way-shape-form, you’d be godlike.

We STILL don’t have #R, kugler :frowning:

Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve talked to both managers, sent emails, and even linked them to a site selling the #R Board for about 300$. Nothing seems to work. Maybe a petition is in order?

If you’ve already tried, do you mind sending me that link (unless you’re talking about ArcadeRick)?

i think he’s talking about arcaderick

fucking koreans and their shitty ass selling #r gd-rom for 900 bucks.


Well, at FFA, to run a #R tournament they hooked up a console to a TV. One of the big-screen TVs they normally hook a cabinet up to.

I’m just sayin’…

put it on the projection screen in the backroom that no one uses.

nice! thanks bro… i wanna make it another trip like last time and go for about a week, you think you can hook that up for me?

hit the cell up

Brood all is good…your stay is covered…


Then instruct the rest of the crew to be prepared for the K-Madness.

NCR4 is just around the corner…be there…test your skills…test your might…


P.S - Can we STICKY this thread ???

i need housing i play mvsc2 and 3s but i am down for anything

Someone help this man out…alot of playas that come in out of town at most big tourneys have courteous people who are willing to help an out of towner…lets show some Nor Cal hospitality…any MvC2 heads or 3S heads down to help Jedi Gouki??? I would house him but I’m housing hella people already…thanks everyone…


Yo B, count me in. :tup:

I’m thinkin about hittin this up, I might need housing also. Unless I find out where the closes marriott is, and how far it is from the tourney. I play 3s do you know what the head count will look like?

It’s gonna be huge,…hopefully :slight_smile:

As of now we currently have hella mystery guest players showing up…things should look interesting…lets make it a great tourney.Pre-Evo2k5 training…


Yo B. when you get plans crackin to go to evo let me know, I don’t want shit to turn out like last year :frowning: