Northern California Regional CvS2 Results (NCR4)

Sup to all reading this, Madd props to Korngo he helped put this shit together…I would like to 1st thank all of the players from all over who came out to put their all into great tourney…despite alot of drama surrounding it NCR4 was very solid indeed…peace to Team Seattle…OCV Krew…Team Dipset (So Cal)…All of the Bay Area Cali players…To the Real SVGL playas and everyone in between…its nuts running such a packed tourney not to mention putting up a good fight while doing it…holla back…see you next round.Pictures will be up soon and I’m sure hella videos with it…I think there is a lil CvS2 in there… especially alot of MvC2…

CvS2- 32 man

1)John Choi “ChoiBoy” (C-Ken/Sag/Guile/Chun) (SVGL/Nor Cal)
2)Eric Lee “Leezy” (K-Rock/Cammy/Kim) (SVGL/Nor Cal)
3)Eric Choi “Zim” (A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison) (UCB/Nor Cal)
4)Brandon Chaney"Dr.B"(C-Blanka/Bison/Sag,S-Cammy/Bison/Sag)(SVGL/NorthWest)

5)Alberta “Pigadoken” (P-Blanka/Sakura/Sag)(So Cal)
5)Ian T. “Shwoken” (C-Bison/Sag/Blanka/Kim) (Seattle/Northwest)
7)Mikey Rasphone (Sacramento/Nor Cal)
7)Bill “Deus” ( So Cal )
9)Andry T. “Magus1234” (SVGL/Nor Cal)
9)Robert aka Black Rob (EHGL/Nor Cal)

Here’s Third Strike

1st. Jimmy “Emphy” Tran
2nd. ChoiBoy
3rd. Albert "Pigadoken"
4th. Chris “CRIZZLE”

Tekken 5 Results

1st: Bronson "InsaneLee"
2nd: PVB
3rd: K30
4th: subt-L
5th(t): skyydragon
5th(t): intel

black robert isnt an svgl player. hes an ehgl player =]

indeed the results threads are here, and they’re wrong.

pigadoken got 3rd in 3rdstrike, not venkat.

Also, Crizzle didn’t get 4th in MvC2, I believe it was Row who got 4th. Someone took off with the bracket, so I dunno. I’m pretty sure it was Row tho’


And yeah, Piga is FOR SURES 3rd place. My bad about that.

good stuff at ncr4. it’s like any other tourny, there are upsets and it’s still fun.

those crazy urien guys: you guys are nuts. i can’t handle that just frame and charge partitioning shazzle. hopefully i’ll get to play you guys at evo or some random ffa tourny.

andry(?): good shit beating my ass in 3s and cvs2. shit is pretty funny thinking about it now. hahahaha.

seattle jaggaz: you guys are dope. i just took one look at your rv and i started to hella laugh.


doc b: good shazzle jagga. fun tourny and you made svgl smell like bud. hahaha.

leezy: you too nice man. that’s all there is to it.

that one jagga that got 4th in 3s: YOU NICE

john choi: man, your ken is fukkin nuts. i hope i get to play you next time.


Ya good shit to all the CVS@ players…lots of fun.Too bad I had to leave early :frowning:

Pigadoken-Man those were some fun matches matches man it don’t come closer than that.That Chinli super was fucking hillarious.

Alex player I playd first round-Crucial matches too bro.

Peachy-RC electricity ownz you man…lol!! hella close match(I gots to see the vid on that one)

Tvs-you got some good matches in man, overall solid showing.You play;d alot better than usuall.

Jimmy/venkat-You guys are gettin too good man, I’ll be more ready next time though.

And Thx too Doc. B for running a smooth tourney, Jus lasted a little longer than I expected so I couldn’t stick around(which was my bad I didn’t know how many peeps were showin)

Tekken 5 Results

Tekken 5 Results
1st: bronson
2nd: PVB
3rd: K30
4th: subt-L
5th(t): skyydragon
5th(t): intel

I’d like to send an extend’d shout out to TVS,Danny Le aka Dnut,Charlie aka ShaiX510,VanHuyuh,Andrew,Magus1234,Deus,Potter,S4V,Moment of Truth,Pigadoken,Chiti,Bill Bear,CableGuy,Chunksta,Korngo,Anthoneezy,Crizzle,The SVGL 3S playas,SSJ Hibiki “Daaaaaamn that did hella damage!!!”,K-Rage,Shwoken,Preppy,RowTron,Leezy,Peachy,Mandel aka Soy Sauce,all of team Seattle,Senor Payaso,Andy aka Soul Req,Onikage,Eric Choi,Lil Daniel Tran,AnthonyL,
Mikey Rasphone,Larry from Sac,The Orochi and all his boys,MegaMan Kid,CJ,Trihn aka DirtyShin and anyone else i missed it wouldn’t have been a good tourney without the support of the scene’s true players…


Props to everyone that played. I was unable to make it do to my tire blowing out on the freeway. Almost died, shit was fun though. No more car for me so my traveling is limited. Wanted to be there and show my support. I feel like Paul from tekken.

You missed me and a homie sneak beers into svgl. It was a fun tournament, props to all. Kinda sucked to play john choi so early on in the tournament again, but shit happens so I don’t care. Sorry to john choi for my friend calling you a bitch while we were playing, he was drunk. Oh yeah being pot fodder for 3s was fun. On a side note, I noticed that the ST sticks were decent enough. Not like we would have had enough anyway, just a thought.

Dem I’m glad you are still alive…next time hit me up early on and I would have made sure u had a way there…step ya game up in Oakland playa…


i heard Deus got to 7th with pure straightforward [run,c.fierce]xN tactic.

you’re my new hero :tup:

I forgot to mention that people seemed to think the Tekken 5 sticks were top-notch. So :tup: for that. And thumbs up to Jeff ‘The Natural’ Switchup, who just is getting into T5 and managed to take 13th.

At one point I was in line to play (casual) CvS2 but then realized that 3 of 4 players on the two cabs were playing P-groove and so quickly ran back to Marvel. :smile:

Did anybody get any CvS2 footage? I saw a couple other people with cameras, including somebody with a crazy TV newstation-lookin’ camera.

Preppy: I think CJ recorded a few CvS2 matches…I’ll try and track em down…

-The Notorious D-R-B