Northern Fights 2011 - Marquette Michigan!


2011 will be a landmark year for this series, for this will be the first year we will be branching out to a larger audience. Larger Audience - More popular games. We’re going to have bigger and better prizes. One prize is going to be very rare manga, straight from the moon itself. One prize is going to be a Xbox 360 with Super Street Fighter IV and Blazblue: Continuum Shift. So, the prizes will be all over the place ranging from cash to a mystery box of goodies, I’m sure.

Where:Marquette Michigan
Northern Michigan University 1401 Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI 49855
West Science Building, Lecture Hall. Listen for the Gaming :slight_smile:
When:Saturday January 15th and Sunday January 16th
Registration Starts at 12(noon) and ends at 1pm

Confirmed Games:
Day one**:
Soul Calibur 3
Arcana Heart
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Bloody Roar 2

Day two:
Super Street Fighter IV
Guilty Gear Accent Core+
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Team Battle)
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Pads and Sticks will be available to you, if you do not have either.

We’ll also be doing a MBAA exhibition, for those interested. It’s free to enter, so don’t be afraid to sign up.

Entry Fee is 10 dollars for all tournaments, or just 2 dollars for each one you wish to attend.

Hotels are scattered throughout town, Any questions, feel free to ask. (Preferably ask Twintail Fox on All is Fighter, as i don’t check SRK too often :P)

All is Fighter Link
Northern Fights 2011 - All is Fighter

Facebook Link
Northern Fights 2011 “Mark of the Decade”



Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus:1st:$200
2nd:Silver Broken Controller and $40
Arcana Heart:Arcana Heart Manga vol 1 and 2 and $40
Tatsunoko vs Capcom:$30
Blazblue Continuum Shift:1st:$50 Gamestop Card
2nd:$20 Gamestop Card
Super Street Fighter IV:1st:PS3 or Xbox Fight Stick (PS3=Blazblue) (Xbox=Street Fighter)
Bloody Roar 2:$30
Garou, Mark of the wolves(2vs2):$50.01(Teammates fight for penny)
Melty Blood, Actress Again:Melty Blood Manga of some sort.
Soul Calibur 3:$40
Costume Contest:$15

Prizes will probably be raised based on the number of entrants. This is the default straight from the hosts wallet :stuck_out_tongue:


heya, jake here

i’m looking at this event. sounds fun. i will try my best to attend! :slight_smile:

i live in peoria illinois and this is pretty close and pretty soon… just right around the year, jan 15 and 16th 2011?

im going to start putting extra cash to the side and request days off work to reassure i’ll have the money and time to go. i haven’t had the opportunity to ever attend to something like this or an event like this, but i am really looking forward to it!

see ya soon, hope to see others =P


I’ll be posting the actual location soon, it will most likely be at Northern Michigan University we just need to get some paperwork sorted out :P. Marquette is in the upper peninsula so i hope the drive isn’t too far for you xD.


Bump, we now have information on times and location.


Northern Fights will also be a Video Game Federation sanctioned event. For those not aware, the VGF is a ratings system designed to rank you to other players in the midwest! It’s for Super Street Fighter 4, so when you sign up for the tournament, you’ll have the option to sign up with the VGF ratings system. It doesn’t cost a thing, quick to do, and they’re many other good reasons to sign up. For more information, check out:



As primary spokesman for the VGF, just wanted to say hi and wish everyone the best of luck at this event. If I wasn’t running my own tourny for Tekken that weekend, I probably would have tried to make this! To add to what twintail said, the more people that sign up the more benefit for all. :slight_smile:

I check my PMs often, so if anyone has any questions, don’t be shy! Thanks!


Bump due to it being this weekend Lol


I had a lot of fun up there in the frozen tundra. Thanks for having me and my buds! I’ll definitely try to make it up again.



Yeah man, hope to see you again. I really could use some work on that Gief matchup xD. We could always try to arrange some sort of MvC3 Mini-event but we’ll see :P.

Here is the link to Nar0th’s youtube channel, he should finish uploading pretty soon. The versions with commentary will be up later.
YouTube - nar0th’s Channel


Thanks! Be sure to let all those guys know I had a great time. How did GG go?