Northern Irish guy heading to Vegas for the first time. Needs help finding an Arcade


Hello everyone

I am going with my family to Las Vegas at the end of November and I am really looking forward to it.

I wanted to go for this year’s EVO but with being layed off and finding a new job things didn’t work out.

One of the things I would like to do when in Vegas is go to an arcade as there are none of them at all in Northern Ireland.

Any information I can find is either very out of date or I’ve found comments about them being closed online. I really want to go to an American arcade and I wanted to check to see if anyone here knows of arcades or barcades on (or near) the Vegas strip that are still open.

I had read on shoryuken of a barcade near the place EVO was held at but I remember reading that it closed (hope i am mistaken). Can anyone please help me out?


I haven’t been to Vegas in years but last time I recall an arcade on the strip, however it was really disappointing. It was big but I had went hoping for a SFIV machine as it was when they were releasing and they had nothing recent. Circus Circus is also known for having an arcade but I don’t know if they have one in Vegas, I know they do in Reno.


The closest thing you’re going to find, is rcadio’s basement.


Hmmm… I wonder if Asian Wife can cook good.



You be too busy smashing the bitches cause of your accent to play any games, tho good question since Vegas is such a popular holiday spot I wouldn’t mind knowing if they got some legit arcades lol.


Barcades, off the strip

Seeing as you are lame af, possibly obese, and going with your parents

Yeah i doubt you make it to any barcades

Just know that consent is 18 in the states, do not creep on the kids at circus circus or gameworks


Hello everyone thanks for the comments. I got a lot more responses than i expected so thank you

@Jimbo13 I really wanted to play on an authentic SFIV cab as well (they are like gold dust over here). Ill google for circus circus and keep an eye out thank you

@Azure thank you ill look out for radio’s basement

@Manx Haha i don’t know but i really like your avatar

@crucades lol incredibly unlikely. the Northern irish accent can sound like nails on a chalkboard compared to the accent from down south. Thank fully mine is not that bad.

@dab00g Firstly thank you for telling me the barcodes are off the strip. Everything else you said is horrible. Good Grief

again thank you everyone for the help


Naw dab00g just giving me hate cause hes mad jealous am a white man and apparently stealing all of his women. Tho Barcades does sound like an incredibly good buissness idea for the East side of Glasgow :rofl:


smh going to Vegas for a arcade.

Consider seppuku child.


As if youse cvnts weren’t violent enough. :coffee:


“Bloody hell are you just gonna keep fucking jumping roundhousing into sweep” fight breaks out


In case you’re not aware, there’s a healthy FGC in Belfast. (and the rest of Ireland)


@crucades ahh i see thanks for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:

@The Epidemic No, I am not going to Vegas just for an arcade. I am going on holiday and i wanted to know if there were any in Vegas so i could go to one while i am there. Im surprised how hostile some people here on shoryuken can be when you express an interest in arcades of all things. There are none where i come from which is why I would like to find one.

@chopperbyrne I have been to Qcon a few times and I know dragonslayers have a pretty good Street fighter group. Are you a member of it? or are there others i haven’t heard off?


The Dragonslayers guys is who I’m talking about. Not sure if they still use the Students Union though.

Hit up on Facebook.

The link to our discord is in the group description.


@chopperbyrne thank you very much.


I’ve heard game nest is cool, but I’d skip it unless you are really dying to play maimai.


Look up Press Start Gaming Center on Tropicana / Spencer. It’s right next to the Pinball Hall Of Fame and Gamer’s Paradise.


@Reiraku thank you. I was looking to go to the pinball Hall of fame as well so that would work well


This is rcaido’s arcade a.k.a. Mother Russia. He is an obnoxious Seahawk fan though & has yellow fever.


That looks amazing. thank you ill see if i can head round there one of the nights I’m over