Northern RI new venue

Just recently opened a new venue. I am looking to build up the fighting community. I have had three weeks of weeklies and will be trying to do the first tournament for a Saturday on June 1st. I am hoping to find players for both and for the tournament I will add a pot bonus to it. Detail of the venue is 1500 sq ft with 7 separate rooms. It is a nice place that has tons of potential and access to 2 huge areas in the neighboring building for 500+ people. The main venue can hold approx. 60-75.

Weekly Facebook link:

Havenshine Rumble:

Let me know what people think about getting going in RI/MA/CT and hopefully ME/NH/VT/NY/NJ

Didn’t even know this existed. When is the weekly? I’ll see what I can do for June 1st.

You should probably post this in the RI thread through.

More people should come out to these! I will play anyone in Tekken Tag 2, SSF 4 AE, SoulCalibur V, DOA 4/5, Injustice and Brawl. Will be here at tomorrow :3