Northern Virginia presents **ODYSSEY** SFV/UMVC3 monthly's (FEB 21st)

SF5/PS4 2/3 double elim
UMVC3/xbox 3/5 double elim

$5 for venue
$10 per game

Payout structure %70/%20/%10 (1st/2nd/3rd)

PM for address as space is limited.

Begins @ 2pm

Free venue entry for anybody that can bring a COMPLETE set-up (console/lagless monitor)…set-ups are much appreciated.

Please bring your own joys/pads as we wont have any to spare unfort.

CPT qualifiers and EVO 2016 are around the corner so lets get this grind in and rep accordingly

Events will be streamed as well (details on this soon)


Is this an event in a house?

Let me know where man. I’ll try to come out

Might want to be a little more forthcoming with your event. It already seems shady with having to pm you for the location