Northwest 3rd Strike Championship

I was talking to some friends about how I can increase both my skill level and the overall skill level of the northwest in 3rd strike. I came up with the idea of announcing a big tourny with a fat prize 4-6 months in advance. I’m think $5 or $10 entry fee with maybe $200-$300 out of my pocket thrown on top. If I scheduled this for sometime during winter break, would people actually practice and try to win? If I get enough interest (20-30 people) I’ll try and set this up. Running it as a console tournament (at Portland State) is also a possibility. Also, if people are really interested in another game, let me know and I’ll think about it.

Now that would be an awesome idea. We need something like this to get the scene going again.

it sounds like a great idea…

you should try to get some people to help pitch in on the prize… give me a bit, and i should have some money to throw at it… ill update you when that comes together…

so how’d you do in vegas sam?

now that I finally have a ps2 again, and a stick, I’m good to go I’ll practice for sure.

I sold out and switched to yun after losing with necro to RF’s chun and lost because of it. I should have stuck with necro. Other than that fuck up, I did pretty well. I bet RF in winners plus 2 other chuns, a yun, and LTB’s ken. I lost to Oprah’s (NorCal, team Whales) buff Urien.

That was a big mistake, but at least you admit it. Just don’t make the mistake next time.
Now, I’ll train up for 3s asap. I didnt even play much since I was so worried about doing well in GGXXS. Of course my basics were sketchy as hell, so any hardcore practice is good practice.

Definatly down.

i might be thinking too far into this but, to help promote the tourny there could be a few traveling ranbats. were once a month or whatever we go to a different cities in the northwest (maybe traveling from PDX to seattle to bc) and the top four after the final ranbat get to be seeded in the main tourny. the ranbats would probably just end up being regular tournys except points would be distrubeted to those that plan on attending The Big One according to thier place.

Lol Sam, you forgot about me?

buddy, i’ll hella come down and show you guys what i’ve been up to! hahaha, set this shit up bro, cant wait to play you guys in an actual tourny again!

I want CvS2 as well!! maybe even Marvel! make it the big 3!

Ya man I will definently practice up for this even though I already am training for another tourny so I got some new tricks up my sleave slayer has a preview but ya lemme know sam if this shit is official

So if this thing was to happen, would it happen in like November/December?

It would happen in december

i challenge you fat beat… to arm wrestling!!!

How about semi-regular RanBats leading up to the big event?

I challenge anyone to armwrestling!

I dunno where you hail from but I’m actually trying to get ranbats going.

I’m from outside Tacoma Washington.

I don’t have much info on it right now, but I’ll try to keep informed.

And when this 3S tourney goes down.

Good luck to everyone and bring the heat!

This would definitely be very cool. I’ve been trying to get back into regular 3s practice/play, and having an event to shoot for would be great.

Now all I gotta do is up my game against the big 3 and I’ll be set. Also Yang, Akuma and Oro I guess. Hmm, Makoto too and . . . damn, did Necro just stun me? You can’t stun Q.

Huh, well, uh, I guess I feel ok about my Tweleve gameplan.

Also, why won’t you answer my fan mail :sad:

If it’s December, I might make it. Just finished off a week vacationing in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and got more Third Strike matches in here than I’ve had the rest of the year. And Sega GIGO, in addition to being a well-stocked and well-maintained arcade, has a load of nice 3S players. Won some, lost some more, but nice-quality machines. Best 3 of 5, back-to-back two-monitor consoles on everything in the place.

I gotta come back here one of these days. This arcade has:
[]8x Virtua Fighter 5 (one a 1-player Score Attack machine, and three others with HDTV displays)
]5x Guilty Gear XX Slash
[]4x Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection
]3x sets of Gundam SEED Destiny: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. II Plus(2 consoles per side per set)
[]2x Soul Calibur III Arcade Version
]2x Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Edition
[]SF3: Third Strike
]Capcom vs. SNK 2
[]Street Fighter Alpha 3
]King of Fighters XI
[]Last Blade 2
]Super Dragonball Z
[]Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix
]Fist of the North Star
[*]Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (just watched them hold a 2v2 team tournament on this game, too; video output to a bigscreen HDTV on the wall)

And that’s just the fighting games. :wonder:

Anyway, yeah, I generally come home around December, so if it’s in Portland or Seattle area, could probably look into showing up.

See what I’ve been thinking is that we should do a 2 on 2 tourny for 3s haven’t you guys seen those tournies they’re pimp so I donno if its just me but I thought it would be cool!


I’d be down for a 2v2 tourney