Northwest 5 man team

I saw on the evo forum some talk of a ECvsWC MvC3 5 man tournament and it changed into more of each region getting a 5 man team and competing against the other regions. That was worded very poorly, but you see what I’m getting at?

If there is a tournament like this, would you guys be willing to put together a team? If so, how would we decide who gets on? Some suggestions from that other thread were to have a round robin and the top players make the team.

Also, do you guys think we have a chance against the other regions?

Anyways, what do you think?

Regions could be interesting.

A Round robin would be difficult. I mean look at SRB tournaments, you take the top…say 10-16 people and you’re looking at over 100 games, maybe even 256 really.

I think back to the way they ran a SoCal vs NorCal tournament in that there was tournaments to determine the 5, then Perhaps FT5 challenges up until a week before EVO or something. IDK. I’ll believe it when it happens though

Omg it’s Black Travis


Zach the black ranger FTW… my childhood hero

If it’s turned into regionals instead of EC vs. WC…who exactly from the NW is going for MvC3? As far as killers are concerned, it’s Peachy and (possibly) Rowtron. Honestly if our 5 best in the NW aren’t going to evo there’s no point in just tryin to scrounge up a team to represent. It sucks cause a lot of our better players just can’t make it out this year due to financial reasons. Personally, I think it’d be better to just bow out instead of just whippin a team up of whoever is from the NW.

Of course if there are more players that I know about that are going, then please forgive my ignorance. The dream team of course would be: