Northwest Collaboration 2009

This is decidedly a historic year with the first ever SFIV tournament to be held at Evo this summer. And the 5v5 Regional Exhibition is the first big opportunity for the Pacific Northwest to take its place on the National and International Street Fighter scene.

This is a once in a lifetime window with SFIV having just been released, and I thought it would be awesome for us to come together as a team and create something with all the energy that is going to be surrounding this event.

I personally am not that great of an individual player, and therefore don’t expect to be winning Evo or anything. Nor do I entertain fantasies that I am the strongest player in the Northwest. I play Street Fighter because it is fun, and it’s fun when everyone is learning, growing, and achieving. I only end up stressing myself out when I focus on beating other people with the sole intention of being better than them. I am not out for personal fame and glory.

If there are try-outs for the 5 man team, I will play and see how it goes, but I do not expect anything out of it. What I would like to do is put more of my personal energy into doing stuff that gets people excited to represent our region.

What I’d really like to do is film a video project that is basically “The making of the NW team” That documents how the team is being created, documents the try-outs, interviews and gives a background on the final 5, and then of course documents the actual exhibition at Evo. It would also be tight to get 5 custom shirts made for the NW team.

I personally am not interested in documenting any specific individual as a focus. Even if I were to arrogantly waste my time documenting only myself at Evo, it is a lot of work, a lot of pressure, and in the end it wouldn’t even be that fun. But with this regional exhibition I really feel like we’ve been given a great opportunity to work together as a team, and make something that is representative of us as a team.

So, to sum it up I started this thread:

a) Because I wanted to let people know that I am excited to represent the Northwest at Evo this historic year whether as a Street Fighter player or just as a guy that is from the NW who happens to play Street Fighter and is at Evo.

b) Beacuse I wanted to create an open forum for people to post ideas for any sort of productive NW collaboration. Videos…art…music…stories…or anything. We can represent ourselves at Evo in a 1000 different and unique ways.

c) Because even if you, like myself, are not among the top 5 players in the NW, you still have the opportunity to represent the region in a good light.

d) To openly offer good will to everyone who will be participating in the team try-outs or at Evo this year, as a team or individually. And also regardless of whether they are from the NW or not.

Thanks for reading,


That’s a good idea. Frank earlier this year had some video footage for a “Seattle Goes To Evo” documentary but that got put on ice. But I’m all for more competitive gaming media up here. That shit is tight. I’m down for an interview WHENEVER.

I concur.