Northwest Evo thread!

I just got done reading the evo article that Jesse Gan made. It really inspired me to go this year.

I need a couple of people in my group so that I can cut back on expenses, I figure that all I need is about 400 dollars for the trip and I’ll be set.

Who’s going? Discuss!

I missed two years in a row which is really makes me sad. I’m going to try and go this year. That article also inspired me! I’m looking at setting aside about 800 dollars to go…

The last time i went to evo was 2k3, games aside it was one of the most memorable trips i’ve ever went on. I think it’s about time for another team seattle trip for everyone…so you might count me on on this one.

I’ll go with I live in OR but I can put some cash down like around 1000 me and my bro will be going but he aint gonna enter he just supports me so ya

Damn man 1K? Thats crazy dude! I’m sure Zach is gonna go! I’ll wait till the thread gets a little more reception.

I"m down too… Should 'ave about 1K in tow ;]

Deezo needs to show up to evo, it would cement it as the greatest event ever!

I’d love to go to Evo (I’ve always wanted to), but I can’t really push myself to spend that much money to just watch people, because I really don’t think I could hold my own against anyone at Evo at any game. :lol: Plus, I don’t have any real life friends who like fighting games in the SRK way.

Mechanica…your in EVERETT?! I live near there! I live in Everett as well! Hit me up PLEASE…


read the most recent article on the SRK home page… everyone in the NW scene, besides zach, is friendly. i only hate you because you beat me with cammy, but otherwise if you went to evo i’m sure you’d have a good time getting to know people from the NW and elsewhere.

I don’t have any friends that play either. Not gonna stop me :D:D

We should get a big convoy of Seattlites to go down to Vegas.
I can drive, but hopefully my car can survive the sweltering desert sun :wgrin:

I will say this. For the 3 trips i’ve gone with Team Seattle (Evo 2k2, Evo 2k3, and NCR in 2k4?) They were some of the greatest times i’ve had. Lots of memories, TONS of random events (The trace prewitt award, me tricking robert into believing that he got DQ’d from the SC2 tournament. WHICH IS STILL ON TAPE BTW, the miraculous blowout in 13 right after i brought it up, Zach’s dominance in the Movie game, Kyle and myself getting lost in San Fransico for like 10 min. etc. etc.) Those events were way better than my random matches that i had. Plus it’s tight to actually see how competition is for other games besides the ones you play. I won’t forget how random ppl were hyped to play VF4 after seeing it on the big screen in 2k3, also 3s as well. Evo is like a rave. You have to go at least once.

My god frank you have inspired me even more…

I found 2 people that I can go with that can cut the expenses down quite a bit. But yeah, I think Seattle should all go down and kick it! it’ll be a great experience!

I only want to go this once! I’m sure that as a northwest community we can make it happen!

I’m kind of in the same situation, myself. I might end up going, anyways, though. Only because my family is doing a Reno trip for the summer :slight_smile:

Yeah, we were discussing details for getting to Evo. Maybe we would drive… and if we all went as a kickass convoy, I bet it would be a blast.

I think I’ll make it for a third year. Hell, I better. I’m actually 21 this year. This time around I won’t get carded for buying a damn sandwich. Fuck that good ass sandwich shop.

Mutha fuckin road trip bitch!

Flying down there!!! I don’t know…

I just know that if Im gonna go, Im gonna train crazily in preparation. Besides all that, theres a grip of people I need to kick it with from outside of Seattle, as well as meet some new people. Havent been to an Evolution since 2003. A reaaaaaaaaally longtime.

I need practice.