NorthWest... Home.. Matchmaking thread?

I figure the best way to get the most people to see this is to post a new thread. And if I make a thread I might as well make it useful… so this is the thread for people looking for room-mates rooms, etc!! I’m sure it’ll disappear in a few days but we’ll give it a go.

Hello, my name is Matt Smith. I am a 23 year old male, looking to move to Seattle from Puyallup. Basically, I’m in a position where I need to move with very short notice, I cannot find a reasonably priced place here in Puyallup, or really any place at all close enough to my job in such a short amount of time, so I am looking to change locations! I am basically screwed as I need to find a place AND a job! Worry not though, as I am quite confident I can do it, the deal is I need TIME. Luckily for me, I was able to scrounge together a very small savings with my measly pay check and two weeks notice of being kicked out, so I’m not quite down in the dirt yet, but until I find a job I’m gonna need someplace cheap to stay afloat!

What I’m asking for is any information you might have:

“Hey, I own property!”
“Hey, my dad owns property!”
“Hey, I saw a sign that looked interesting. I think it was about property!”
“Hey, I’m looking for a room mate!”

Please ship it my way, preferably into this thread.

Another possibility, something that could be quite helpful, is to give me a couch at a reasonable rate. If you are a dude, living in your one bedroom apartment and don’t mind me too bad, it could be nice to have me around for a month or two! Something like two hundred bucks a month isn’t a lot, but I’m sure there are people who wouldn’t mind getting a new stick or buying drinks at TW AND getting that warm fuzzy feeling inside for helping this poor kid out.

FAQ about me:

Q: Do you do drugs? A: No, but I think they’re cool!
Q: Are you a gross dude? A: I used to play Blanka, but outside of that I’ll give a resounding hell no.
Q: Are you HELLA loud? A: I basically read write and arithmetic for fun, so I don’t think so.
Q: Do snore? A: Yes, I’M SORRY!! I’ve had a lot of people tell me they don’t notice though! I also whisper curse words in my sleep apparently.
Q: Do you clean? A: Yes, I’m pretty good at it.
Q: Sexual Favors? A: No thanks creep!
Q: Do you bring ladies back to the crib? A: No T_T

Anyway, that’s my pitch, look it over :smiley: