Northwest Illinois (Peoria): You cant win because we're taking steroids


So, I’m getting into MvC3 and I was hoping I could find some people to play some casuals with. I haven’t gotten a stick yet but I’m alright with my controller. I’m essentially at the beginning stage of getting decent. I understand most MvC3 terms, and can utilize them, but not to perfection. I understand OTG, Reset, jc, essentially I’ve studied up, and am working on getting better. Anyone I meet will probably stomp me pretty bad, but I should put up at least somewhat of a challenge, hopefully moreso than a computer lol.

Either way, if anyone is around Peoria Illinois and wants to meet up, send me a message and/or contact me on xbox live and teach me your ways lol. I should be getting my xbox back in a day or two.

Frozen Wolf13

I’m 23 btw, in case anyone was wondering.


probably would be a good place to meet people


Dang, nice find bro, thanks a bunch, I’ll be contacting the guy tomorrow. Where’d you find it, by the way? Probally forum search and I didnt think of tryin it out.


zenblaster is THE MAN. hit him up if you can.


I am all knowing and all seeing.


There is some guys in Peoria but most dont post for some reason. The times they do they post in the Champaign (UIUC) thread cause its the closest collection of players that play (I am in Normal, IL sometimes as well).

We hold monthly ranbats in Champaign as well that Zenblaster usually drives down to with a few guys. The 16th of april is our last one.


games at my house on saturday 6-late pm me for the address mvc3,ssf4ae,st,vs ,cvs2 and thirdstrike


games at my house on saturday. AE and KOF 13 also TS,ST and vampire. pm me for address if you have never been.


YES,I am hosting games this Saturday from 6-late. Please come out and support,you people basically have your own keystone 2 right here in il. ,if this shit was in cali or ny I would have a packed basement every saturday.How can the fgc be so booming right now and my spot be so dead? retarded.


a while back i was looking around the forums here for a place to play locally. someone contacted me once before about a place in peoria, il via txt message… mentioned a basement arcade. i’m still interested in gettin’ down in some fighters if i can find people locally. also willing to travel (within illinois) and help to support the scene. friends i have that play fighters aren’t good competition and online is fun but not fulfilling…,

eh, a wee bit more about me… names jake. live in peoria, il. work 1st shift monday thru friday so evenings and weekends are my spare time…cept’ fer’ monday that is. monday night rollers bowling league on mondays. i’ve always enjoyed fightin’ games most. bout a year an’ a half ago i picked up super street fighter iv. once i started playin’ it a bit, got me one of them se madcatz deals and modded it…but the thing sucks now. anywho…

…i like to say i’m good at ssfiv(ae even)…got alot ta’ learn but i’m good. lately i just want step it up a notch. wanna’ get better, find better competition, get into a local scene, meet new friends and support local gamers.

ways to contact me are email, phone, or psn. my psn id is DIGITALFRAG. email is my phone is 3096697319 (i prefer a txt message). its not against some kinda rule to put ur phone number in a post is it? get a hold of me. phone would b best way to get in touch with me cuz i get tons of messages on psn and email. pm’ing me thru srk forums wouldnt be so good cuz i only get on here a handful of times out of the whole week. but please try to get in touch with me i hope ta’ be beatin’ some people up soon! :wink:


I play 3rd Strike pretty seriously. Me and my good friend Repraved are pretty decent and look for new ppl to play with on and offline.

My psn tag is Cynuous


Got a little crew of ppl out here so figured I’d try to maybe lure some more players out in the area since Chicago and Champaign are too damn far to travel to for some comp.

Me and my boys generally get down mostly on SF: 3rd Strike, Tekken 6, and VF5. The name’s Shyde and you can contact me on PSN which is Cynuous, or leave a message right here. Hope to see our area grow soon.


bump, seems like Peoria actually has some players now.

I play whatever, but mostly AE / 3S. We should have a meet up some time, looks like theres at least 5-6 people from around here willing to play


yea I just made a peoria thread for us, since I run casuals at my place. Played some Casuals with DigitalFrag also tonight, where got to see some high level players from 3rd strike


Rule #1- Must fight me before fighting Cynuous. Gotta beat the champion of losers bracket!


Zenblaster from peoria drives down to Champaign quite often and he usually take 3-4 people with him.

Also me and my friend live in Normal which is a lil more than 45 minutes away.


the military pays for me to live in Eureka, so I’m actually pretty close to Normal I think. Isnt it only like 15 or 20 miles?


when do you guys usually play? I’m a fiend for some 3s


games at my house saturday night 6-late ae pc 2 setups ,mvc3 360 1 setup ,st ,ts and cvs2 also.have a few crts if people wanna bring extra setups the address is on this old flyer


go to zenblaster’s. he is the coolest dude around. seriously.