Northwest Majors '09 Lost and Found Thread

If you lost something at yesterday’s event, please post up here.

If you see that you have something that belongs to someone else, either:

  1. Get it to either Brent or myself.
  2. PM the person who posts up what they lost if you happened to have it in your possession and work out an exchange between yourselves.

We don’t want people claiming what’s not theirs.

I lost my first match :stuck_out_tongue:

Here I am, still in professional mode, trying to make a useful and necessary resource for our attendees. And you come along. If I had prem, I’d neg rep you. If I were a mod, I’d give a week’s ban. Maybe this’ll be funnier after I’ve slept. But damn, I’m irritable. I almost wanna money match you. First to 20 punches in the face, see who quits first. Ugh, makes me sick.

my bad keith

I want to hurt something/someone really bad right now. The killing intent, it’s rising withing me. I always used to be like this after running a 500+ player CCG tournament or a LAN party. I’m amped still, and there’s nothing to do. No offense to you. You just happened to be here.

I honestly thing no one lost anything…(only thing that I remember was that I thought I “lost” my camera, but my dumb insomniac ass left it in the car)

Somebody lost something. Just hoping they check the forums.

I’m missing my copy of BlazBlue for 360.

It has SythA written on the Disc.

Sytha, I have your copy of BlazBlue. Check your PMs.

i lost my stick that says slash5150 on it >.> <.<