NorthWest Majors 3 Cancelled

See last post for explanation

March 2nd, 2010 at 1:54 pm: Deezo called it. Justin Wong vs Riki Oh is gonna happen at NWM 3.

pshhh you’re not gonna get a shot at jwong unless you’re already in losers cuz thats where I’ll be putting him

That’s the website Brent had going. It’s still up apparently.

I’m not all that hyped about a 2-day tournament if the turnout is similar to last year presonally - but I’ll be there regardless.

Let me know if you need any help with anything Frank. Also, my one personal request is that the people we have running the pools actually have an idea of what they are doing.

If its a 2 day event I would actually suggest bringing in a lot more games, kof, BB, melty and guilty blood all that shit cause you will have so much time extra you will actually end up making more cash

Date-wise, I would really prefer late August - somewhere around August 25th.

I would much prefer two day events. I mean yeah I may trip up to Seattle anyways, but giving two days also gives time to chill and kick it.

another thing that would be mega fly is to get a place with good internet (where you don’t get charged an arm and a leg)

I don’t see how it would be a 2 day event given how the last one went.

I suppose 2-day makes more sense when people are traveling/driving up and such because then you aren’t just traveling backa nd forth in the same day and you’ll end up staying 2 days anyway. But we will need to find a way to fill that time heh.

Yeah, but also throw into consideration if you have it on two days, it has potential to bring more people in IMO. Traveling for a one day tournament absolutely blows, if it was two days, yeah its one more day, but it gives you time to kick it.

Hell, if NWM3 is in a hotel, damn believe im getting a room there and going to get some drinks with ya’ll!

Yeah, I think 2-day is fine we just need to have more content/etc going on to make it worth two days.

Some ideas to fill time/increase fun:

2v2 tourney
Random Select tourney

Two day event pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Let’s attract some non NW talent here (Cali, NY, TX, whoever).

FWIW Canoe would love to host this. pretty sure we can get a saturday/sunday as ToJs season will be well over by then.

2 day event is tight. Then I can actually play. But who knows, I might quit super by then lol

Yeah but you’d still show up right? Hit up some drinks yo!

This. Good internet, in Seattle, and affordable.

Only issue would be if we get a really huge turnout it may have trouble fitting in that space.

edit: Also parking - really a hotel is ideal especially if we are trying to get people from out of town to show up. They need a place to stay and ample parking.

Well I to make it a two day event, could we make it another art show, music or something else so it will have more than enough fighting games, but enough other distractions to make it a semi-cultural event. Heck, let’s get on TV with Evening Magazine!

Keep in mind, PAX is generally the last weekend of August or the first weekend of September. Scheduling conflicts with that would suck.

Just so there is an opposing opinion to the 2-day event. Keep in mind, that basically forces people to: 1. Sleep in Car (Uncomfortable for some) 2. Get a hotel room (Need Cash money for that) 3. Travel times due to when the event would start on first day and end on the 2nd day.

Those would be the 3 main issues I would consider before setting things in stone and how these may/may not effect attendance (In or Out of Towners).

Ninja Edit: Also, the space being rented for 2 days instead of 1 might come at a high price, depending on the location.

With the venue that I have in mind for NWM’s 3. 1. 2. and 3. will not be an issue.