Northwest Majors 3: Help wanted

So NWM’s 3 has a locked date, and we have about 3 months to get everything up and ready to go. I am extending a hand to the community to try and help me out in anyway they can.

Things we are going to need:

8 XBOX 360’s (For SSFIV and HDR)
4 Dreamcasts (For MvC2)

4 CRT TV’s

8 TV’s/Monitors for SSFIV/HDR

Someone that has web develop experience so we can get the website/online registration going

people to run pools

people to commentate

a stream (I see that Slash is already on top of this)

people to promote the tournament so we can get some more out of towners to come out to the event

art for the BYOC/art room (best western really liked the bloody knuckles idea, and wants to have this at NWM’s 3 as well)

anything else that i missed?

so post up if you’re willing to help out, any help would be appreciated =D

How big are we trying to get the event? I feel like these numbers for consoles are a bit low but maybe I’m hoping it will be bigger than it will be.

well remember that it’s a 2 day event, The most I’m thinking to cap (if we can even hit there) is 256 and that’s for SSFIV. I honestly think the other games we won’t even get close.

I will be bringing
1 - 360 (Low possibility but maybe more)
1 - TV
And all the games the tournament has to offer

I think we would want more setups jsut for casuals if anything, especially if wea re trying to keep people around for two-days. I know I wouldn’t be all that hyped to hang around if there wasn’t even a chance to get in a few casuals while everything else is going on.
8 just seems low to me, I think we would be fine with 8 setups - but I think we should aim a bit higher, even if we have setups that aren’t being used for the tourney and such.

These are just for the tournament, with the BYOC room, I’m kinda assuming that people would bring complete setups (TV’s and consoles and games), if I’m wrong about that please let me know.

Ah, that makes a bit more sense.

I’ll definitely be around to help run pools and such, I’m not sure on my setup just yet but I should be able to bring at least one. I may or may not have issues getting out of work for Sunday so I can’t be sure on that yet.

i can bring a ps2 for cvs2

the tekken community will be able to take care of equipment needs for tekken.
(you dont need to stress about us.)

I have additional equipment that i can bring for ssf4.

no ghetto manny commentary plz! =p

I will be bringing:
VGA Cable
Component Cable
AV Cable
MvC2 (360)
My stick. No one is allowed to use it unless I get new buttons between now and then. I’d rather not be ridiculed for my loose ass buttons. lol

I’d love to help with website management & registration… Or just one, if somebody else wants to do the other.
I’d also be interested in helping run a pool/pools.

(On the website front, I see that the registration for has expired… but is still being held by Unless Axel wants to re-register it, we will probably have to get a new domain.

If there’s somebody else you’d rather have handle that stuff, that is also fine. If there’s anything you think I could help out with, please just let me know.

Grant it’d be awesome if you can help out with all that stuff. My knowledge for websites and all that jazz is 0, so any help will be awesome.


good shit kkf

i can bring my dc, shitty sticks, ps2 copies of cvs2, alpha anthology, soul calibur 2, ggac (for what?), a snes with some games for byoc, stripper pole, rims, trampoline, etc…

I don’t know if this is the correct place to bring this up but, in a contract with Best Western, you NEED to make sure that we have enough bandwidth allowed during the tournament times for the live stream!!!

I know they have wifi there and IF a good amount of people from out of state come and stay @ the Best Western we do NOT need them taking up the bandwidth for the live stream. I’ve seen it happen at countless tournaments. Just the same, anyone could eat up the needed net speed and fuck up the stream.

A good stream = more likely more sponsors will hop on to Northwest Majors 3 :slight_smile:

i’ll make a commercial some time this week and upload it to my account to see if we get any more interest that way =D

Woot. I’ll do some work on this. Two questions:

  1. I’ll register a domain. Preferences?, or
  2. Registration pricing…?


hey yo i will contribute my samsung crt 23 inch
dreamcast mvc2 disc
holler at me and pick it up if needed

I say lets break up work, and create some volunteer teams.

like a website team, Promotion and advertising team, technology team, etc etc. (frank please define the areas you want work done. the community will start to follow)

example if there is a technology and equipment team, I would like to be on it.

Frank this way you dont have to keep 100% track of everything.
also if someone drops out, the work isnt lost, since more than 1 person is working on things.

If we go with the teams, I’d like to be on the design team. I need to get back into design anyway, so it would be good for everyone.

So the venue is locked? Where is it gonna be at? Best Western Executive? If we’re encouraged to bring out of towners, where are we bringing them?