Northwest Majors 3: Help wanted

Yes it’s at BW.

I can help with pretty much everything just fyi (if I’m there)

Lmfao. I hope ya’ll like Hakan. My nigga Jared is gonna love the shit I’m cooking up. hahaha.

Rofl, what have you been oilin’ up? I haven’t played Hakan at all over the last few weeks really aside TW.

I’d love to do some commentating but it has to be when I’m not playing… sooo it depends how far along I get, gotta keep that mindset. I also volunteer tanaka for commentary 'cause he’s great for it. Can’t just slap kriangkrai on there all the time and call it good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Precode and still in the works. At this point, a lot can change. I’m working on getting the bg interchangeable so it’s not Hakan Majors 3.

Looks great! I’d say maybe bump up the text size by a point or two - unless you also have a bunch more text you want to include.

Yeah, it’s just 14pt Arial with MAAAD AA on it, and probably bolded. I don’t think it’ll be that hard to read, and when it’s coded, it’ll be a lot more legible, either way.

This is the current final. I have to get a new tagline though, but IRC niggas ain’t helping at all. Yo. Seriously. If you lurk in IRC, check your logs, and grab my number. Text me any taglines you come up with. Imight be able to use something.

Half silly, half serious.

-> maybe something like “THAT SHIT IS LIKE BITING INTO A MOUTHFUL OF SAND” instead?

PROVE YOURSELF (in your best A3 announcer voice…)
-> Or maybe *Nobody blink…*Go for broke!
—> I like that one because it reminds me of my sex life, and my financial status, respectively. :open_mouth:
-> “The world is waiting for you.” <- A3 announcer was so good.

THESE ARE THE STAKES: To make a world in which all of God’s children can live, or to go into the dark.

I wish I could pull up some nice taglines from the (S)SF4 announcer, but I don’t know what he says.
One idea that seems kinda neat to me is a wall of text, all these announcer-like sayings behind the main picture, and then possibly one short pull-quote like “get ready,” “fight for your life,” or something else that’s larger, and placed in front of other elements. The text wall would be low-contrast, while the main pull-quote is high-contrast, maybe.

I actually kinda like the Hakan and Chun versions more than Dictator, just because I think that the scale is really weird in that one illustration. It makes Bison look like some kind of weird munchkin. Although, if it’s a randomly selected background, that’s cool too. If I see Bison, I’ll just refresh until I hit Chun or Juri lolol.


Can I go ahead and say this?

The current website for the NW Majors is here:

It is ugly, but should be functional. You can register starting immediately!
With any luck, it will be replaced by a functional and pretty website, courtesy of Mr. bmckay, shortly.

“Fists will fly at this location!”

bmckay, what’s the name of the font for the “You think you’re hungry?” slogan?

Aller Display at 120pt. I don’t think it’s a free font, so…

Also, sent the design off the Grant for the final plugs. Not too sure how busy of a man he is, but if I understand correctly, all that’s left to do is change the DIVs he has to match my IDs, and change the linked CSS. /shrug

Barf, yeah, I’m slow and bad at this stuff.
Your site redesign is now up. And it now looks worse, thanks to me. I’ll see if I can keep tweaking it a little.
But, as before - completely functional!

Lol. Come on, man. It’s not nearly as bad as you think. All that needs to happen is there has to be some games listed along the side of the content area and/or some pics from Slash5150’s site. I’m kinda leaning toward the game title pics myself.

Also, the font size needs to be decreased dramatically. Especially the h1’s. If you cut out my Css and put it as a linked file, it would be a matter of changing the font size once.

Is it wise to have a “Players” link listing all the players registered for the tournament viewable to the public?

I don’t see why not. If I remember correctly, we had that same thing last year as well.

That, and it’s not showing their mains, so I could still slap my Cody on the track and get it in, even though everyone (no one) knows I main Dudley, Juri, Dhalsim, and am going to pick up Ken.

It’s already a linked file - perhaps I will do this.

I didn’t actually think much about this - I just put in a space for it because, as bmckay said, it’s what happened last year. If it’s a concern, I’m sure we’d happily put you up as ‘anonymous’ if you’d prefer we not post your name. But I don’t actually care one way or another… if there’s a consensus, I’d be happy to yield to it.

Yo ithink it’d be legit if we had a slick logo to have for the event. The mwc logo looked good on the stream and such and really upped the legitimacy of the event. I will make one tomorrow. I’m thinking about using a green and bue pallete a la mariners, hawks, sounders. Maybe yellow green for some sonics throwback?