Northwest Majors 3: Help wanted

Hold up!

Is NWM even going down anymore?

Best Western is very salty right now and I’m just wondering if the venue is still on lock for NWM because it sure as hell ain’t for Tournament Wars.

Rocket Ship FTW! I was bored, kill me.:wgrin:

I saw we have a vote off - people create logos and we vote for the one we like the best!


I got into contact with the guy who runs and he said hes willing to sponsor but needs to know the cost and other details. He also sponsored MWC this year. Who should I get him in contact with?


So depending what happens with the TPGL and my sponsor set up, I may have a TON of equipment that could come for this. I am hoping to find out from my sponsors this coming week.

Thanks to everyone willing to help, at the moment I’m super busy in trying to get TW’s back on track. I did talk with the manager of BW and he is still down to have NWM’s 3 at Best Western. I’m going to get in contact with him sometime next week to make sure everything is finalized and to make sure there aren’t any surprises.

Hey, IDK if you remember our bumfuck early as hell convo at SuperNCR Frank, but I have no problem talking to sponsors since I already have a good standing with and everything.




Nwm3 - where legends are born and killed

NWM3 - Why couldn’t he have been the king of pants?

slash - let me know what’s up.

Again sorry that I haven’t been on about NWM’s 3 as of late.

slash - let me know what’s up.

Again sorry that I haven’t been on about NWM’s 3 as of late.

PM sent.

yo Frank I will step up to help with brackets and such for not just SF but with other games if you need me. I know I have a loud carrying voice and could be useful in that regard. I would prefer not to run a SSF4 pool because I will be focusing on my matches but if someone is needed I can do it anyways.

BTW there needs to be a time warning if someone is not present and a final call rule somewhere in the rules so that if some jackass complains about being DQ’ed you could just point to the rules sheet. I have no compasion for people whining because they left to get some shit while pools were running (still salty that at NCR I had to wreck that teams ass after waiting for them for 30min. Then being notified that they’re DQ’d, then apparently they are butt buddies with the organizers, wait another 15 mins. So they get a shot and turns out they’re free so it didn’t matter) If I’m late or missing from my pool, DQ me.

That rule exists, and is on the website. “Failure to appear for competition, with a controller, in a timely manner may result in a disqualification for that round.”

In general it’s just ‘evo rules,’ but I thought that part deserved its own specific mention, even though it’s kinda obvious. If somebody wants to make decisions about a specific time-frame, that would be fine too, but I don’t know if it’s totally necessary.

^good stuff Grant.

LOL, one time I was in this double-elim CS:S tournament and the tournament admins took off for two hours. . .then we won through the winners bracket and got to the finals where we lost once and then the tournament was suddenly over. The admin was bff with our finals opps (who we had previously beaten before) (I’m pretty sure if you get to the finals without losing a match you have to lose twice to lose, if you know what I mean). </3 @prick tournament admins. I have tons of horror stories. The first UT2k4 tournament I was in didn’t finish till 5am. xD

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but a CS:S tournament I was admining - my CLAN didn’t show up on time for their match, so I ffl’d them. But their opps were nice and wanted to play anyway.

Oh and then there was this WoW tournament that I was overseeing that was supposed to take 3 hours and took 8 because Blizzard decided to rehash their Arena system. That was awesome. :expressionless:

Anyways, FrAnkDAdAnk I too would be down for helping with brackets/pools too, just in case you haven’t checked your PMs or if it didn’t go through. I can’t tell if private messages work on these boards. I’ve sent 3 and have gotten 0 responses. -_-

Looking at you, jalapno :smiley: