Northwest Majors 3 Streaming and Media

Hey, I hope I’m not jumping on anyones toes with this, I just want to make this so that it doesn’t get mixed into the discussion.

So as ya’ll know I’m going to step up to helping the stream, but while thats fun, I am going to try to find a couple people to help run streaming stuff, cameras and everything like that.

And also this is a bit of a call out for people to do commentary. I don’t believe the game list has been finalized, but I believe the top games are SSF4, T6 and HDRemix, so for now, commentators for those will be highly appreciated.

Duncan (IDK NAMES ><)

Tekken 6


Edit: ALSO ONE DAMN STREAM TO RULE THEM ALL! I DO NOT want to lose quality cause someone else decided to set up a stream. Frank, i hope you don’t mind me going all “military” as far as streaming and media goes.

Jared and Duncan for Super.

I’ll be able to help out with another capture setup potentially and general assistance stuff. May have a bit more by then as well, but we’ll see.

Yeah, from talking to you Jodo, I’ll definitely be talking to you more about that in the future. And I want to get a healthy amount of people commentating cause I don’t want to leave people hanging at random times