Northwest Majors Game Discussion Thread

This will be the thread where all discussion as to what games should be played in the Northwest Majors should take place. It was created so people could discuss what other games should be picked for the tournament without clogging up the planning thread which needs to maintain some kind of order. The planning thread is here if you want to read up on what is happening or offer some ideas or help. But keep game discussion in this thread only.

Three games are going to be in the Tournament for sure: Marvel (Seattle’s Game), Super Street Fighter II Turbo (or ST if you didn’t know), and 3rd Strike. They are included in the poll just so that people who come and don’t read this can instantly see they will be in the tournament, and we don’t get any pointless questions.

There are only ten spaces for games in the poll, so if a game you feel would be good for the tournament as a main event is not on there, feel free to suggest it and say why it should be included. Remember that if it doesn’t make it into the main tourney, it can still be set up as a side tournament if enough people are interested.

Feel free to discuss whatever you want about the games you think would be good to play or reasons why you think others might not work, but try to stay positive. Telling someone that their ideas are stupid or are a waste of time doesn?t help and just spreads negativity. The same goes for anyone wanting to help out in the planning thread. We need to stay positive and try to do as much as we can to make this happen and be awesome. :tup:

We will probably have around 5-6 games depending on what games get chosen. Having anymore would make the tournament tough to manage and take to long.

So Discuss!

How many games are you planning on having? I voted for six games.

Do we still have a strong Tekken scene…

Reason why I say that is because of the whole T6 thing?

I edited the main post.

I was thinking 5-6 games. I think that makes for a fun and managable tournament, but even a two game tournament can be crazy, so I guess we will have to figure it out.

Though VF5 is growing in popularity a lot nowadays, I think it should be left out of major tournaments for now while our general skills grow. It’s the deepest fighting game ever, so most of us are still new to the game. Many to the franchise. Give it some time, I say.

I’m sorry but could you tell me why both Melee and Brawl are on the list? To me, it’s like asking a Tekken player “do you want to play DR or T6?”

Instead of Melee, I’d like to request that you put Melty Blood (even though it will be a side tourney) on the list just so that we know at least how many people are interested in MB.

EDIT: I just feel bad for MB that it doesn’t even get a chance…

Brawl and Melee are on the list because even though not many people in this forum play them, it still has a huge scene in Seattle and people would want to both test their skills in the old version where they are practiced and the new version.

If we held the event at UW, which is looking most likely right now, then there could also be a need to attract a large amount of smash players (read= UW students).

Besides that, I feel they are generally unique fighting games with their own scenes and they should be on there. I don’t know anyone in our area who plays Melty Blood.

I’m a Melty Blood player and the “scene” here in Seattle + Oregon is somewhere from small to nonexistent.

You’d get maybe 12ish people for the tournament should you run one…maybe a few more if you’re lucky. Whether you think that’s alright for a side tournament…up to you…

EDIT: I forgot about BC. they have a GG scene up there that a lot of people know of that seem to play other games too on the side, MB being one of them, so you’d get a bit more. Either way doing something like 3 person teams would be a bad idea that would break everything ;p. it would end up being big enough to classify as an actual tournament (unlike what MB at random select was), albeit a small one.

I said that along time ago.

I think we already have the main 3 set.

KoF maybe?

We do have the main three set. Even though it is not getting votes, Super Smash Bros Melee/Brawl may end up being part of the tournament also because of cost concerns, but we will find out about that later. The other ones need to get decided on here. We will only have about two to three other games besides the main three.


I think 6 games should be the max.

what about Street Fighter Alpha 3, Marvel Super Heroes vs SF???

Fuck smash, those bitches aren’t even apart of the community. We don’t need 30 randoms showing up. Nobody wants to see that retarded ass game played.

It’d be stupid to pass up the opportunity for any $$$ that can be made off of them. Then throw in that this would be the first tourney they’d be seeing for Brawl? Lots of people = Lots of hype = Lots of $$$. Shit, throw in another dollar on their tourney fee for profit and you still have something to order tons of pizza with or wtfever you’re gonna do with it.

If you don’t like them, just ignore them.

man lets just have a 3s tourney and have everyone quit everything else >.>

Mackdizzle, Stop It!

This is not about the money. I know smash players have their own thing going on, they don’t need to mooch off our events. It is pretty gross that Evo has to deal with the game.

One of my main concerns is the next-gen consoles. How many ps3 and xbox 360 consoles would we need?

With regards to the games. We really should not consider anything more than the top 7 games. Anything esle must be relegated to nothing more than side tourneys. Seven games is already too many. Any random ass Loli games and those who play them should bring their TVs and consoles if they want to run tournies.

we should play for trophey’s!

get one with chun on it for every capcom game except marvel has mag/sent/storm

and anything else should just have a soccer trophey

This man speaks truth.

if we’re gonna have seven games, the poll results are pretty damn conclusive right now

have a few TVs available specifically for side tournaments, and I’d say we have a solid tournament