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Paul Lee, please post up links to the brackets for pool C of SFIV here and I’ll link them.

If I posted your name wrong and your pride is hurt, feel free to point it out and I’ll correct it. But please be specific as to where in my posts that I made the mistake, so that I can find the error.

According to Brent, roughly 180 unique players (not counting people who played in multiples tournaments more than once) if we count the Smash players.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
19 Entrants

  1. Rowtron (undefeated)
  2. SamB
  3. Taiga_Knee
  4. Maverick
  5. Preppy
  6. dann
  7. Nolander
  8. Rairu
  9. Pablo_the_Mex
  10. KChow_xlr8
  11. HeavyD
  12. Gogandantes
  13. DAWolf57
  14. mastermind
  15. Thummyken
  16. —(registrants failed to show for tournament, so random gap)
  17. MKPConway
  18. Brian Ma
  19. Sammy G
  20. Shadowless
    FrankDaDank and Jmar registered, but were occupied came bracket time

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HDR
20 entrants

  1. ADhalsim (Afro Cole, went undefeated)
  2. Lord BBH (crushed zass twice, like a bug!!)
  3. zass
  4. Axel Kelly (how the 'F did he make it up here!?)
  5. XTG
  6. Shadowless
  7. RayBladeX
  8. James Walton
  9. MunkyShyan
  10. Mechanica
  11. OMNE
  12. Hiperman
  13. Airthrow (going 0-2)
  14. Snow
  15. Philzee
  16. Pablo_the_Mex
  17. Jimmy the Saint
  18. Soul Intake
  19. R Kelly

  20. Vagrant Lest

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
15 entrants

  1. Fatbear (undefeated)
  2. YabukiStyle
  3. Raul
  4. Mackinzie
  5. MunkyShyan
  6. David Galaviz
  7. King
  8. liquidinf
  9. Jodonnell
  10. Tajiri
  11. ADhalsim (Afro Cole)
  12. S-blade
  13. Mechanica
  14. HyperInferno
  15. JimmytheSaint

1: Veteru ($201.60)
2: Nago ($57.60)
3: John Wu ($28.80)
4: Spark
5: The Green Man
5: Jais
7: Raymond
7: Steve O.
9: R Panda
9: Cardinal Sin
9: BlueWindz
9: Kaigu
13: Randy Mackin
13: Stark
13: ChunkTug
17: Logic Hole Flaw
17: Hellsap
17: Caleb Lopez
17: Tae Song Kim
17: Jodonnell
17: Enhance
17: HeavyD
17: Blargster
25: Slash5150
25: S-Blade
25: IceNine
25: DaWolf57
25: Jeff Waist
25: Elliot
25: SoulIntake
25: JimmyCRACKheads

KoF 12
1: Lord BBH ($63.00)
3: Hiperman ($9.00)
5: Stark
5: MyNameIsPaullee
7: Pasqual
7: XTG
9: R Panda
9: CodeNameV

Guilty Gear: ACP
1: Jais ($138.60)
2: Hellsap ($39.60)
3: Woki ($19.80)
4: Digital Watches
5: Wuku
5: Hintalove
7: Tae Song Kim
7: MissedFRC
9: The Green Man
9: Osuna
9: Chris
9: Saru Kadu
13: BlueWindz
13: John Lei
13: GoodGhostBoy
13: Cardinal Sin
17: Blargster
17: Lib3r4t3
17: Randy Mackin
17: ChunkTug
17: Stark
17: Matt

Street Fighter 4 5v5 Team Exhibition:
1: Team BC (Kenny + MooFX + Andy + Edmond + ScrubyDan)
2: Team Seattle (Jason Cole + Rowtron + Munky Shyan + Nolander + LTB)
3: Team Portland (Lord BBH + OMNE + Fatbear + RaybladeX + R-Panda)
4: Team Wild Card (Mechanica + Carlos + Riki-Oh + Orlando + Paullee)

Brawl 2v2
Entrants: 13

  1. TRex Sex Vortex on X
  2. Flips & Shit
  3. A Little Late
  4. Trollin

Brawl 1v1
Entrants: 32

  1. Valdens
  2. Felix
  3. Jamnt0ast
  4. Zeionut

Melee 2v2
Entrants: 6

  1. TRex Sex Vortex on X
  2. RC+Bladewise
  3. Daltsy+Carlos
  4. Rohins+C!Z

Melee 1v1
Entrants: 12

  1. Bladewise
  2. Daltsy
  3. C!Z
  4. Eggz


Street Fighter IV
~106 entrants, not sure how many registrants failed to show up and got double DQ’ed. Due to the number of entrants, we broke up into 4 pools, and seeded top 8 amongst them.

If you failed to make it out of the pools, and want to know how you did in the grand scheme of things, simply find where you’re located in your pool, and multiply the number by 4. I might post the complete brackets (the ones that I have) if I find someway to easily draw it up in a drafting program, or to enter them into Tio and export to a pdf/image file. Or, I might scan them and just link images. But not tonight.

Top 8

  1. Air (undefeated)
  2. Scrubby Dan (lost to Air twice)
  3. ADhalsim (Lost to Air and Scrubby Dan)
  4. King (Lost to Air in pools, and ADhalsim in final bracket)
  5. Rowtron (Lost to Scrubby Dan and King)
  6. Awsome Jones (Lost to LTB in pools, and Cole in final bracket)
  7. Deezo (Lost to Mickey D’ in pools, and King in final bracket)
  8. Munky Shyan (Don’t have pool C bracket, lost to Awesome Jones in final bracket)

Pool A
Winner: ADhalsim (Afro Cole)
Loser: Deezo
3. Mickey D’
4. Style
5. RayBladeX
5. MyNameIsPaulLee
7. Fatbear
7. Yummy
9. KChow_xlr8
9. ThaiVega
9. Mechanica
9. Sweep
13. VagrantLest
13. Masturfader
13. H. Duke
13. HeavyD
17. AD6U
17. Pablo_the_Mex
17. LazyPiplaz??
17. Antihero
17. OMNE
17. Yayaboi
17. DAWolf57
17. FrankDaDank
25. Tepid
25. R. Panda

Pool B
Winner: RowTron
Loser: Awesome Jones
3. Delucifer
4. DrDoomKills
5. Moofx
5. Mystic
7. Ed
7. Andy Chen
9. Eric Liggins
9. Ghrrk
9. Tempest253
9. LTB
13. Dale Anthony
13. Jodonnell
13. jburns
13. Shredilicious
17. S-Blade
17. Imperator215 (Emperor Pat?)
17. Jeff Waist
17. mastermind
17. Justin Velon
17. Solo
17. Airthrow
17. Gadouken
25. DKN29
25. MetalXHealthX

Pool C
winner: Scrubby Dan
loser: Munky Shyan
3. Ryu_311Funk
4. Zab
5. Riki-Oh
5. Toothless Bob
7. Mark Santos
7. Soul Intake
9. Rairu
9. Jalapno
9. BrentoBox
9. Mackenzie
13. Mikehascookies
13. liquidfkinfire
13. Thummyuken
13. Hiperman
17. Joshue
17. Nolander
17. Alix
17. Marus
17. JC
17. James Walton
17. Pasqual
25. Pheonix Red
25. Furious Jodo
25. DVNT

Pool D
allegedly the hardest pool according to most of the top 8 who looked at the bracket
winner: Air
loser: King
3. Jimmy the Saint
4. Red Venom
5. Philzee
5. Carlos
7. ShinShenLong
7. LordBBH
9. xowhitemagic
9. Peachy
9. Trace Muthafuckin Prewitt (broke his hand punching the ground after a tournament loss 3 weeks ago, and played with a cast IN A SLING!!!)
9. Bokkin
13. David Galaviz
13. CodeNameV
13. Elliot
13. IslandSpice
17. Nate Douville
17. Lib3r4t3
17. Jay Pederson
17. Tsunamiken
17. Suicidal Grampa
17. IceNine
17. JimmyCrack
17. OneTwo
25. Greeeen
25. Enhance
25. Slash5150

  • Big thanks to Play N Trade for being an official sponsor. They provided several of the LCDs, consoles, copies of games, wiring, strobe swag, and hands on deck to help us pull this event off. Please support them with your business, and let them know that investing in our community is tantamount to investing their customer base.

  • Thanks to Chris of Gameclucks for bringing a ton of gear, setting up his own stations, and handling the swarm of Smash players by running no less than 4 tournaments on his own throughout the day.

  • It goes without saying that this event would not have happened without the vision of BrentoBox and his will to bring that vision to fruition. ?s??l?m? ??l?k?m to you, and may you bed many virgins.

  • Thanks to the dude from Redmond who loaned us his 73" LCD for featured matches in the front of the hall. Sorry that your name eludes me at present.

  • Personal condolences to SamB for having sent him to MvC2’s loser bracket because we had 3 empty screens and no other match to run for over 15 minutes. The tournament had to move on. Perhaps I told him that he had time to duck out, but I also tell him that I’d prefer that he stick around for the duration of the event. It’s cool, since he still ended up taking second. All is right with the world.

  • Thanks to the players in Pool D of SFIV for putting up with my Asian Nazi-ism. I was terrified that we were hella behind, yet we somehow ended up finishing 45 min before all other pools. I do not regret the organization, but perhaps I could have yelled less at people. If there were children present, my apologies if I scared them.

  • Thanks to everyone who brought equipment. To everyone who loaned your stick to a stranger just so we could make it through the day, thanks to you.

  • Justin Minaker is a failure in everything in life. How’s a Marvel player gonna bring a DC without cords?

  • Kuenai’s a bitch for not entering Marvel.

  • dann’s a bitch for being a bitch in general.

  • Marvel was slated to start at 4PM. Jmar called me at like 4:25, telling me to draw him into the bracket, and that he’d pay his money even if I had to give him a DQ or two. At 5PM or so, he texted Preppy that he was still at home. He shows up at 6:45PM–over an hour after MvC2 finished–and complained that I didn’t wait for him. Local Marvel players are spoiled after years of tolerated tardiness. I don’t know whether he ever did pay Brent the entry fee.

  • There is a special place in hell reserved for child rapists, facilitators of mass genocide, and dann.

  • Thanks to Brian Ma for driving. Thanks to zass for helping me snag some food during my limited window of opportunity. Thanks to Pablo for the Rockstar, bringing Marvel discs, hauling a Marvel setup by himself, and managing to pull off hardbody and fresas in contemporaneously contiguous fashion. How does he do it? It’s the power of menudo.

  • To everyone in the region who worked instead of attending this event, you’re a bitch. You can’t tell me that your job is more important to you than this. Just look at all the unemployed attendees. THAT takes determination.

  • Lots of matches recorded. The people who were capturing footage all day (like RayBladeX and Slash) told me that it would literally take months to edit all of the footage. Raw footage might be dumped just to give people a peek.

  • Matt Hall confirmed HeavyD’s theory that I might be the only person under 52 who tolerates ST. Yep, he’s that old.

  • Shame that we couldn’t get Beasley’s cab to the venue, after putting in the effort on Wednesday to haul it from Bellevue to Federal Way.

  • Axel’s failed to bring his cab, as expected by EVERYONE. I wanted to wager money that he wouldn’t respond to our calls/emails requesting that he help out, but no one would put money up against me. He’s a fucking head, and everyone knows it.

  • No one brought me Everclear. Made me sad.

My feet are swollen, and I plan on not having any voice left when I wake up later today. Hope everyone had a good time. Hats off to Brent for making this event possible. Thanks to Veteru, Sytha, Mackinzie, Omne, Kuenai, MyNameIsPaulLee, Jodonnell, and everyone else who helped to lend a hand during the panic modes. We made it. I didn’t kill anyone.

Will add more thoughts once I’ve slept. I’ve been up for 23 hours, having only slept 3 hours last night. For now, I’ll leave you with an exchange from the end of the night while we were packing up.

[DoughBoy hands BrentoBox a wad of money]
DoughBoy: An anonymous donation towards Northwest Majors 3.
BrentoBox: Who’s it from?
DoughBoy: … It’s ANONYMOUS…
[maintain eye contact for as long as it’s possible for it to not be homo]
DoughBoy: Seriously, it’s anonymous.

Now that I’ve rested, eaten, taken ablutions, done some non-gaming related things, and collected some of my sanity, here are some notes regarding yesterday’s event:

  • We were 20 min late from my original estimated time of arrival. Guess why… Yeah, dann! Fuck that guy. Still got there in time to help out, though.

  • Seattle Marvel’s been slipping. I know we no longer have an active scene, and that we don’t meet up to play with any regularity anymore. But with 6 months’ notice, at least we should have had more attendees for Marvel. For the first AND second time ever, someone other than Justin Wong broke into the top 3 in one of our regional tournaments. This is not to take anything away from SamB and Theo, since they’re good players and definitely great guys to chill with. But as a Marvel fanboy, I was disappointed.

  • Marvel is still the most exciting game to watch/play. But I can understand if you’re one of those people who get discouraged easily from losing. It’s brutal.

  • Here’s hoping that current gen ports of Marvel receive a worthy patch. Anyone who’s not retarded would agree that the current port is unsuitable for offline tournament play. Sadly, we may have to resort to that port next year even without a decent patch. The reason? DC are dying. In addition to that, people’s DC sticks are dying.

  • Preppy handing a pacifier to an infant (Paris’ kid?) was one of the cutest moments of yesterday. You could see that the kid wanted the pacifier, but was scared of Zach.

  • ST:HDR was supposed to be run by Airthrow and myself. I was scared of a high turnout. Since Airthrow was going to enter the event himself, I feared that the brackets might hit a few speed bumps if he were busy with his matches. Thankfully, we only got 19 entries for that game. More importantly, Airthrow went 0-2 very early. Turned out my fears were unfounded.:lol: I think he’s also banned from SRK till September for unrelated issues.:rofl: You can expect him to post a rebuttal at that time–when no one cares anymore.

  • XTG lost his first match in HDR. He then steamrolled 5 players before falling to Beasley’s cheapness. It’s okay Nate, at least you’re bald by choice.

  • There was a lot of dog poop along the slanted parking.

  • Ah, the ‘Tacoma Aroma’.

  • If you looked down the hill at the water, you could see patches of mud, pollution, and dead zones. Ick.

  • Brent was at the registration table, taking money and answering questions when Tempest walked up and kissed him on the forehead. The dude trying to register looked at them kinda odd, and I said, “We’re very close in this scene.” Tempest then walked 3 steps over to me, grabbed my head to kiss it, and I went, “Not THAT close.” But I couldn’t dodge him in time.

  • You can never find Cole when you need his ass. Wandering vagrant mofo.

  • Paul Lee somehow harbored the delusion that we’d be able to run the entire SFIV tournament on one laptop, with all tournament directors sharing the one screen. Thankfully, Brent had the foresight to buy $1 clip boards from the hellmouth (read: Walmart), and I brought printed brackets along with a box of pens.

  • For SFIV, we entered all online entrants electronically into Tio. We then entered all “day-of” entrants, checked, then double checked the lists on the laptop to make sure that they conformed to the hardcopy. After the brackets were generated, roughly 7 registrants failed to show up in the pools. I ended up absorbing them into pool D, and thankfully, none of them were amongst our original top 8 seeds. Getting SFIV initially underway was kinda hectic, thanks to all for baring with us. If you paid money, were left out of the brackets, were too shy to bug someone about it and just left, sorry. You really should have spoken up. But I don’t think there were any of those instances.

  • Congrats to Air and Scruby Dan on their performances in the SFIV tourney.

  • In case you missed it above, Trace (ICD-3) broke his hand by punching the floor/wall after losing a tournament match 3 weeks ago. He was in my SFIV pool. Tired, itching under the cast, arm in a sling, delirious (possibly from drugs), straining to carry all his stuff under just one arm, and still clawed his way to 9-12 in pool D. Warrior.

  • Brent, your manila folders suck. I propped the metal tabs up and down a total of 2 times before they both broke off.

  • Where was Geesemaster?

  • Where was Ploomer? I was hoping to get pics with that guy while doing the sieg heil. Ah, to have seen the reaction on his face and that chrome dome blush.

  • The room was mostly clear of gaming gear at the end of the day. I picked up a few things here and there. If you’re missing something, please post in this thread. And do read the instructions in the opening post of that thread before contributing.

  • The Smash area was a little nasty come closing time. Spilled drinks, salsa in the rug, the funk of energy drinks mixed with Ritalin.

  • Personally, I’d have more love for the Smash scene if Mega Man were included in the cast.

  • I did not see any TvC casuals, despite some people saying that they were looking forward to bringing a setup for it.

  • The floor was far less crowded than last year’s venue. And it definitely did not carry the distinct scent of gamer funk that was so pungent when we were in the Walker-Ames Room.

  • Outside of BBH taking the KoF12 (by 12 I mean the number of entrants) tournament and Theo placing third in MvC2, I think the top 3-6 finishers in every game were all minorities. Yeah! Kill whitie.

  • It was good to see a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a while. Sorry I didn’t have more time to shoot the breeze with ya. But if you play Marvel, there will be sessions at my place this week.


This was a great tournament man. Good shit to everybody that placed in all games. I loved it man, it was so great to see the scene come out in full force like that man. Seattle, Portland, BC, Tricities. People came out and represented man and it was fuckin beautiful. Much respect.

However, zero respect for Jamie “Kuenai” Fry. I found myself at odds, because I couldn’t decide whether or not to challenge you to a money match, or diss the shit out of you. I think I’m gonna settle for both. The second I heard this cat was talking shit about me, I nearly laughed my ass off. For real man? You’re hating on the fact that I made top 8 that hard? I honestly tried to understand how and why but it made no sense, especially when YOU’VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING NOTABLE IN YOUR ENTIRE COMPETITIVE FIGHTING GAME STINT! Seattle sucks at SFIV? I suck at SFIV? You are fucking AWFUL. The motherfucking WORST. Good God. I seriously am like, befuddled right now. It woulda been tight if it was like Cole or someone dope talking shit about me cause then I could be like “Yo man, COLE DISSED ME DOG!” But instead I get a big bell pepper nose having ass nigga talkin shit, then I get some Maculay Culkin look alike who just escaped puberty and thinks because he grew some hair down there that he could diss me like I wasn’t gonna hear about it. Well hey, put your money where your mouth is. FT3? FT5? FT7? FT10? What’s up? Let’s put those wack ass SF skills to the test. I suggest you either be a man and get your money right and accept this beatdown or crawl back into that fuckin frog infested algae kingdom you call a house.

The audacity man. You make me fucking sick.

EDIT-LOL man, now that Keith posted the full results, it’s even funnier. Someone who didn’t even enter has the nerve to talk about people who enter and do well. You’re unbelievable, OH!



good game guys


Man the organization for this was really nice. I haven’t really been to any decent sized tourneys outside of preppys but it was cool to see a 100+ man tourney get down to top 8 in around 2-2.5 hours.

I left right after getting knocked out because I was hungry as fuck and shoulda grabbed some food on my way in to the tourney but it didn’t seem like there was anything close by… So im like hella hungry and thinkin “Ill hit up Wendys when i get back” and then there was just construction all the way up the I5 and my ride home that takes 45-ish minutes took 2 hours lol. Awesome.


Anyone record any of these matches?


I think there were camcorders etup on the big screen, no idea who was running them though but I’m sure they’ll get uploaded at some point.


Oh yeah, and big thanks to the people who put up money for me to enter the SFIV tournament. I really really really really really really appreciate it. Thanks a lot man. I’ve been having a really rough week and it means a whole fucking lot.


Deezo you were killin it!


SFIV Matches to watch for:

Me vs Kyle
Deezo vs Rayblade
Mickey vs Mandel
Krangkai vs Cole
Matches invloving anyone from BC

Big screen matches next year please, finally getting to play in that enviornment was fucking awesome, and is like fucking blue magic.


I have no clue what happened, but that was probably the funniest line I’ve read on here in a minute.

Good shit on top 8 Deezo/Cole! :tup:

Can’t wait to see the vids!

Shout outz to the homey Fatbear for going undefeated and Mackinze on top 8 . Y’all too crispy!


Yes sir!

Talking shit over a video game funny dog don’t you realize that we’re being polite enough to not really beat you up in real life? com’on now grow up son.

I hope to play your vega one day

Pool A Was Gross


100+ turnout for Northwest Majors is impressive. Congrats to winners! Cole keeping it consistent, good shit old man.


Good shit Air!You hella gay


GGs to everyone. Francis…Dan…one day…haha.

BRENT! You did an awesome job. Your vision and organizational skills are legendary.


Well done everyone! Looking forward to the rest of the results and vids!

Props to Awesome Jones and Deezo!


This thread is too raw. First Deezo’s post, and then Valle pops in like muthafuggin toasty. Good shit. :rofl:


Oy, please stop PMing me. I don’t have premium, and I hate having to clean out my messages. I’ll post all of the brackets that I have in time. You can meticulously scrutinize your performances at that time.

In the mean time, just relax. If you have generalized inquiries about the event, please post here or in any of the threads dedicated to this event in the NW section.


thanks to everyone who let me borrow their sticks. Im happy with getting top 12 at my first major other than evo. good shit everybody. and thanks to awesome jones for wrecking me in losers :sweat: