Northwest Players going to EVO World?

I’m well aware of the other thread but I wanted to start a new one.

Anyways, who’s going to EVO for sure and what game(s) will you be entering?

Here’s a confirmed list of Portland players and the games they play:


1: RayBladeX (3S, VF5, ST)

2: #1geesemaster (3S, Cvs2, ST, T5DR)

3: Mk Master 503 (3S, ST)

4: FatBear (3S, ST, GGXXAC?, Cvs2, Mvc2?)

5: RC Andrew (CvS2, others?)

6: SamB (Mvc2, Mvc2 money matches galore)

7: Hellsap (GGXXAC, others?)

8: Kabukimono (GGXXAC, 3S, others?)

9: Other GGXXAC players (Matt & Digital Watches?)

10: Dudleymaster503 (Art) (3S, others?)

11: Halomaster503 (Axel) (Halo 2, SSBM?)

12: Mackinzie (3S)


1: Preppy (Mvc2)

2: LTB (3S, Cvs2, others?)

3: JWO (T5DR, others?)

4: Zass (ST, others?)

5: umbrellastyle (ST, others?)

6: XTG (ST)

7: N-Ken (Mvc2, others?)

8: Pablo The Mex (ST, Mvc2, Cvs2, 3S)

9: JTM (T5DR, ST, 3S?)

10: Random White Lotus Nougats (Liu Kang, Kung Lao)

I’m really unsure about who’s going to EVO World from the Seattle area, so if you’re going, just say “I’m going!” and I’ll add you to this list later.



I was just wondering if Jmar or Rowtron were going to Evolution 2007. Thanks!

I Are Going!


just ST for official games

edit - put JTM down, he’s going, he just doesnt want his girlfriend to know.

White Lotus Nigga!

good luck northwest at EVO '07

good luck guys

why aren’t you coming saga?

I will be doing ST, Mvc2, CVS2, and 3s. I will bring my own lube, because I will get teh rape.

I just wanted to post while I remember to, to tell you all good luck. Represent that 206/503, let em know the Northwest is still in the BUIL-DING! You’ve got my support.

thanks man we’ll be sure to beast in the name of the NW and a little bit for you. =D

Good luck fellas.

i guess im part of the team now…