Northwest Profile & schedule

Lets post our profile & schedule so we can get some awesome games going. Should be lag free matches…

360 GT: Baklakiller
PS3 GT: rcaido

Location - Olympia, WA

My weekly gaming schedule
Mon-Wed 10:00 am - 12:30 pm; 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Thurs - Saturday - All day
Sunday - Anytime before 6:00pm

360-SFIV, STHD remix, Hyper Fighting, SF Anniversary, Virtual Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat vs DC
PS3 - SFIV, STHD remix, Soul Calibur IV

already done

^Fixed. We have Portland Metro and Seattle rosters, but those aren’t very helpful for our people in eastern Washington… or in Olympia (like rcaido)… or… you get the point.

I used to know my ish when it came to website development, but I’m busy and lazy these days. I’m guessing that there are useful tools (Google Sites or whatever it’s called would probably work) for creating a simple-ish website.

A website that could have bios/mini-interviews of all of our NW people… lists of upcoming events across the NW… match videos… mebbe include significant industry news (like a hypothetical console release of VF5:R).

Then again, like I said, I’m lazy. I don’t wanna have to navigate other sites for info if I can get it all here. On the other hand, a separate site like the one I described could have its uses.

Just my $0.02.

i guess there sort already is a thread…Someone delete this then…

Bah. I suck.

With recent efforts to help get the NW more organized and stuff… I thought that you all (like Noz, Weapon EX, and rcaido) had the right idea. The forum is great, and will probably always be the main place for anything and everything NW. Buuuuuut… I had a bunch of free time today since I didn’t end up making it to my classes.

So… I created Shoryuken Northwest:

The site is extremely bare-bones and lacking in content (even the category-type markers are extremely few), but I didn’t wanna spend all day on it if few people would actually want to use it. I absolutely wouldn’t want a website to take attention away from this forum, but as a complement to the forum… I think these guys are right… threads are too easily cluttered.

So… if we wanna use it… I’d be happy to contribute to the community in this way. A few people who wanna help with keeping ish current (like… maybe you guys who were trying to initiate before me?)… well… that could be cool.

So… yeah. Lemme know if we, the Northwest, wanna develop this idea… or just scrap it. Sound off, yo.

Listen if you can get the negro thread in there in it’s eand all it’s glory. And if srk goes through the lag it had, count me in.

I may have misunderstood… but the thingem I made isn’t a forum at all… more of a player directory with local event listings and recordings of matches from local players. The forum is, and always would be, the main focus of our community… the side site would just be a way to quickly find people in your area, see what events are going on, and have your fights showed off to the internetz.