Northwest Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, now with more moonspeak!


Tatsunoko Locations:
Spicycurrybread’s Apartment (Seattle U-District)
Zach’s house (gotten yours in yet?)
will update as more come along

This game needs no introduction. I’ll just outline the basics here (although you can find everything in the general fighting game discussion thread)
Here’s the Roster:

Tatsunoko Characters
Ken the Eagle (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)
Casshan (Neo-Human Casshan)
Tekkaman (Tekkaman: The Space Knight)
Yattaman-1 (Yattaman)
Hurricane Polymar (Hurricane Polymar)
Gold Lightan (Golden Warrior Gold Lightan)
Dorounjo (Time Bokan)
Karas (Karas)
Daimaou (Hakushon Daimaou)*
Jun the Swan (Gatchaman)
Ippatsuman (Gyakuten! Ippatsuman)

Capcom Characters**
Ryu (Street Fighter)
Chun-Li (Street Fighter II)
Batsu Ichimonji (Rival Schools: United By Fate)
Alex (Street Fighter III)
Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)
Hideyasu '“Souki” Yuuki (Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams)
Rock Volnutt aka Megaman (Mega Man Legends)
PTX-40A Ivan (Lost Planet: Extreme Condition)
Roll (Rockman/Mega Man)
Saki Kanebou (Quiz Nanairo Dreams)
Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe)

Mechanics (with both notations)

Baroque - Attack + Assist (mid combo)
Variable Counter - 412 + Assist, Back Quartercircle down + Assist
Variable Aerial Rave - 236 + Assist, :qcf: + Assist
Variable Attack back - 4 + Assist :l: + Assist
Variable Combination - 236 + Assist + Attack, :qcf: + Attack + Assist
Mega Crash - all three Attack buttons + Assist
Delayed Hyper Cancels (dunno what they’re called in Tatsunoko) - Done same way as in Marvel, do your next characters super during your super
Launch - 3 (:df:) + C (Heavy Attack)
Dash - double tap (ala regular 2d fighter) or all 3 attack buttons (kinda like Marvel)

I’ll update this with whatever anyone wants


yes! my team is decided :amazed:

Is this game gonna have a Marvel-esque learning curve? As someone who only knows how to play ST, would I be overwhelmed trying to figure this game out?


I need to know more about Rock Volnutt.


It’s a bit too early to tell since the mechanics really haven’t been broken to their fullest yet. coming from Third Strike and Guilty Gear (with no Marvel competition experience), I’ve been able to do every character’s bread and butter combos. You have seconds to confirm combos into supers (which are done in marvel fashion, qcf + 2 attack buttons) apart from the usual you don’t need super amazing reflexes to confirm like in 3s.

From what I saw in the previews, I thought it looked chunky and slow (like brawl) but the pacing feels just right to me.

The front desk at my apartment’s closed so I don’t have my stick converters from the mail, but even with pad things come out pretty easily. Karas is a fuckin bad ass, so the guy goes in my team for now. I’m playing around with Chun and Alex as my second guy since I’m so used to them from 3s. Being able to combo into command throws is so satisfying.

I haven’t really dicked around with anyone aside from maybe 3 characters, but from what I’ve seen he’s pretty good at laying down pressure.


I should have this at my apartment when I get home, along with the TvC Wii stick. BUT…

I don’t have a modded or imported Wii…yet.

is it against the forum rules to, say, ask about mod info for , say, a Turbografix 16?


I think your TG16 could run without a chip it if you used the Twilight Princess hack and put a backup loader on it

I fear we’ve already crossed the line, so google it for more info


They talked about homebrew stuff in the original TvC thread, so I don’t see what’s wrong with talking about it now:

This is for anyone else who is interested in getting the game:

Everything you need to know about homebrewing your wii w/o voiding warranty (ala wiikey)

There are wii hori fighter sticks available on amazon and play-asia (play-asia has a tvc exclusive but I’m sure it’s sold out by now)

There is also a 3-in-1 adapter from red octane that is able to do ps2 to GC but I don’t know if TvC lets you used GC controllers. I haven’t looked into it.
Also, the converter is out of print so ebay or the trade forums would be your best bet.

Wii Fighting Stick:
Play-asia has the same stick but after shipping it ends up being like almost 40 dollars more. x.x;

TvC Exclusive Wii Fighting Stick:

Red Octane converter:
Like I said, it’s out of print but it’s mainly just a visual so you know what to look for on ebay or whatever route you take.

Hope this helps.


been playing tatsunoko with my apartment mates for the last 6 hours (???)?

So far the team I like the most is Karas/Alex. Karas has sick abare and zoning, and Alex has some nice high-low mixup shenanigans with Karas assist. I just picked the team cause I thought the characters were cool (and alex was a pain in the ass to play in 3s) but the team’s working pretty well. Being able to combo into 360 level 3 super with Alex is so satisfying. I haven’t been able to pick up my stick converters, so the pad’s been holding me back some. Baroques have been impossible cause the stick’s a necessity imo. But yeah, abare in this game is nuts. Safe, long range pokes have crazy combo ability and compared to 3s and Marvel, hit confirming into combos and supers is easier/more reliable.


Here is another converter my friend told me about that’s PS2>GC it is more than likely cheaper as well (it’s about 21.00 shipped)
I checked the tech talk converter thread as well to see about it’s feedback and read nothing but good so. :tup:


ZOMG! New mix of ???..! Must, fight, fanboy tendencies.


I got the TvC stick and all I can say is NASTY. It’s like the stick has no spring and is resting on four huge switch actuators lol. Plus it plugs into the Wii Remote and not into the Wii USB port. Buttons have hard, raised edges.

Haven’t had a chance to actually use it in a game yet but it works with the console. Maybe it will feel better than I am thinking it will, but lordy. This thing is like romper room.

Gonna need to get an SD reader and spare SD card now. Great. Since I am lazy and stupid, I should totaly bribe someone to come over and set this shit up for me. Like, with beer or something.


i bet tajiri and i would have similiar teams karas/souki w00t w00t


Another converter that was suggested:

Keits speaks of it in pretty high regard.


Tutorial made by Keits: [media=youtube]1D4X9k36d6g[/media]
Air Assist tutorial: [media=youtube]8mYPdAQRubg[/media]





Viewtiful Joe






Fingered this shit out.

Time to practice!!!


Ever since I played Viewtiful Joe, I have been convinced that the same guy at Capcom who designed Magneto designed his move set. Glad to see I wasn’t far off.



Viewtiful Joe has the gambit glitch too. You can baroque cancel out of the frozen animation though.

Here is a vid of the guy doing the VJ glitch: [media=youtube]Nx49kCH7PXo[/media]

Edit: Found out how it happens. If you VAC (Variable Assist Counter) BEFORE ANY strength of Red Hot Kick he will go into the frozen animation. You can do the baroque cancel right when it happens to cancel it or simply mash out of it. Either or, it’s not game breaking. Just kinda humorous.


oh shiiit.

karas + soki = too good.

hey dood.

we gotta mash through dawn of souls again, i just re-bought it.



HAHA, maybe Capcom needs to stop making its levels taller then skyscrapers.


I’m really happy you guys are liking TvC and that I’m able to contribute, even if I live kinda far away.

I am moving back right around/right after evo though so hopefully the scene gets bigger and better by then.

I will contribute here as often as I can though. Since I know a lot of the regulars here don’t venture out unless it’s to the SFIV forums. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m getting the very basics down and will go from there (duh?).

The stick works OK…I think there might be some lag due to it’s wireless nature. Still feels like a kid’s stick, though (no pedo).