Northwest trading: WTB sticks, WTS sticks


By request, this is the PNW trading thread.

It may be easier/more logical for you to handle stuff via Craigslist in some cases or the SRK Trading Post for others.

This is for stuff you don’t want to ship/etc.


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WTB 360 stick repair in the Northwest!

roflz. Sorry, already derailed. Actually, going to need a dual modded 360/ps3 stick for when Marvel drops on current-gen. Talked to Blake briefly about it. Anyone else want to offer a price quote? Would like price quote for p360, american convex buttons, MAS-esque layout, start button to be located someplace other than the face of the case. PM me if you’re a stick maker.


I have an EX2 with a semi-faulty Sanwa JLF in it that I want out of my sight, you could fix it or harvest it for parts I dunno, I just hate looking at it

I gotta warn you that this thing was a hack job and a half, we got hot glue, gorilla glue, electrical tape, all kinds of shit in here, and after all that the up directional still cuts out every once in a while

I did my best to save it but I failed, so I’m selling it as-is lol

$30? I can get some pictures up later tonight if anyone is interested


I have a dc mas stick that’s being used as a door stopper in the house. In my honest opinion its a p.o.s. And the face of the shell has a lot of wear and tear, but could be retouched up and the shell could be used for a next gen stick. Buttons seem to be fine the stick itself sucks imo (preferred to use someone else’s stick or even a pad to play marvel). Pm me for what you’re offering. Silly prices get a smart ass reply for free.





How about a case of beer, and I come over and help you drink it?


So is it the sanwa pcb faulty or is it EX2 pcb? Are the buttons sanwas too? Im interested…


Looking to buy a stick for xbox 360. only going to use for sf4…


I am also looking for a 360 stick. If anyone wants to get rid of an EX2 because it is cursing your house, please let me know.


Keith if I am doing labor for you for free how do you expect to get cheaper than me? Just curious. :wasted:

LITERALLY I am lolling. :rofl:


Obviously, I’m hoping that someone’s got the minority hook-up. That is to say, stolen parts. Duh, Hoolian.



I’m going crazy without a stick for the 360.

I’ll take anything that works at this point. I’ll worry about the good stuff when I have some good dough.

Wanna sell me any kind of decent stick for a decent price? Holler at a bro! Me = not picky


im buying the Madcatz SE stick tomorrow so if anyone has any sanwa parts (bonus if u can show me how to put them in lol) hit me up with price.

edit: frys ran out of the SE before i got there : ( im now looking for any fully functional stick for the 360 with preferably sanwa parts (or easily modded)

2nd edit: I found a TE at a gamecrazy so NVM : P


If anyone wants Korean buttons or sticks, let me know now. I’ll be brining them back with me at the start of August.


I have a XB360 Madcatz SE with Sanwa buttons and a functional stock stick, and maybe one of my PS3 TE’s up for sale or trade, and a PS3 Hori Soul Caliber EX stick (the non-Ivy one).


Are there programmable pads/sticks or programmable pad memory cards (command pack) available in the area? I’d love to pick up one of these ASCII Stick 3s if you ever run across one. :slight_smile:
Probably a pipe dream, though. Welcome back. :smiley:


I’ve got an old school empty RedOctane box that will house Happ parts easily. I haven’t used it in years and I changed religions to the church of Sanwa, so this is just collecting dust at my apartment. If you’ve got a hacked PCB and some Happ parts, this can easily be a really sturdy custom. Slightly less bulky than a MAS, but still kinda bulky in its own right. That’s what she said.

NINJA EDIT: Sold to rcaido!


looking for a working green goblin<3


Since I missed out on masterminds by a bit, does anyone have a redoctane case that they’d be willing to part with for some money? Well, any case like that would do since I don’t feel like going through the trouble of making my own.


^^ I’d imagine if you gut out Frank’s MAS that he’s got up there, you’d get the same effect.