Northwest trading: WTB sticks, WTS sticks


i know what i have to do i just don’t have the tools to do it nor the confidence :x


have you been able to find a person to replace this? i can do this for ya, just send me a pm if you need it done


Anybody want a free 27" CRT?


Does it accept rca connections (mainly red audio)?


Yep - it’s a Zenith a25a23w, and does do RCA.


I could use the free crt, but the only problem is I have no mode transportation (at least to carry a crt).


If for some reason Sam is unable to swoop in on that tv, I would not mind snatching it up.


It’s sitting gathering dust at this point… =]


You can grab it Pablo, I don’t have a way of grabbing the thing


Yo zach, does it have the remote?




Friday/Sat/Sun are the days I can swing by, let me know if that works for you.



anyone want to trade 2 ps1 fighters choice sticks, and 1 xbox360 hori (tekken decal) stick for a xbox360 TE? I NEEEEEEEEED my sanwa buttons :frowning:


to all my Northwest FGC members. i got a sale thread in the main Trading Outlet of some items i’m trying to sell for the arrival of my newest baby son coming in November. i do mod work as well. feel free to check the link below. (mods, if this is not allowed please feel free to delete this posting :P)


Selling new Starcraft 2 Razer Marauder Gaming Keyboard and Street Fighter x Tekken Fightstick Pro. Let me know if interested. Selling keyboard for $75 and Stick for $100.


So I’ve got two new joysticks both won at NWM4. It’s the Calibur Madkatz and Hori stick. Both of them brand new. The Hori has never been opened and the Madkatz was used once by my 12 year old neighbor when I was watching him a couple of months ago. Looking to trade them both for a Hitbox that I can use on the PS3. Please let me know if anyone is interested.


Hey dudes, I’m selling my Round 2 TE Fightstick for my 360 for about $100, I’ve probably used it 20 times in the last 8 months.

I’m also selling my 2nd gen XBOX 360 with all of my games, wifi adapter, turtlebeach headset, 3-4 controllers, rechargable battery thingy, I’ll have to list the games later

If anyone wants to buy the entire bundle I’ll let it all go for $140 to SRK members only

shoot me a pm here

EDIT: here’s the craigslist posting:


I’m in desperate need of a sanwa JLF wire harness! anyone between seattle to tacoma I can pick it up tomorrow 7/10, or that following weekend. PM me if you have anything


Long shot, but anyone in the Seattle area set up to do a Phoenix flash? Thanks.


Can’t say for sure, but if I had any questions like that, I think I’d ask Julian.