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Northwest VF Roster

Oregon (16)

Washington (13)
Gray Fox
Yosuke moved

British Columbia (2)

Note This roster represents players who have expressed interest or are actively playing Virtua Fighter. There are probably many more VFers int he Northwest out there.

Sigh… this is version 2.0 of a thread because SRK supposedly had technical issues that wiped out the former Northwest VFers thread… So they say (the man’s tyin’ us down… man… jk).



I hope for this thread to be a place where Northwest players can chat VF. Whether you’re hardcore into VF or just casually interested. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Vancouver WA, Olympia, Eugene, Corvallis, anywhere… Heck, even Ashland.

I am pretty happy that Portland seems to have a community of a decent amount of players interested in Virtua Fighter 5. Even playing already. Hope Seattle also builds a scene as well and we could all post here :slight_smile:

Yosuke (uber tier VF player who lives and studies in Lynnwood, WA) is most likely coming to Portland next weekend (May 4th-6th). I am very excited for this event because Yosuke’s an amazing player that’s just on another level.

He was a heavy competitor in Japan for VF4:Evo and VF4:FT. Played in some of the biggest tournaments. Among the thousands of players there, I believe he was somewhere in the elite 200. In North America, he’s considered one of two players who are leaps above the rest. And again, don’t let my talking up of Yosuke give you a picture of some arrogant and pricky Japanese guy. He’s very polite, formally humble, and a very cool dude.

I’m just excited to be able to play him and to have played him.

Whether you are waiting for the 360 version of VF5, have a PS3 VF5, or only have a PS2. I highly recommend training through Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution’s Training Mode package (Tutorials, Tactics, Challenge, etc…). VF4:Evo has the best training mode package I’ve seen in a fighting game and it’ll make you a far better VFer. Even if you’re already playing VF5. Remember that VF4:Evo is a different game than VF4, but was sold in the US as a greatest hits game. You can find it for anywhere between $5-$15 used, $20 new.

As of this post has quite a few people interested and playing VF. Characters represented decently in the player base: Lion, Lei Fei, Vanessa, Pai, Wolf, Akira, Brad, Shun, Aoi, and Jacky.

Characters being developed (on the side): Kage, Eileen, and Jeffry.

Characters that may eventually be developed: Lau, El Blaze, Sarah, and Goh.

I know there are some players interested in VF5. I really hope you guys come together because it would be great to have at least two active scenes in the Northwest and you also have one of the strongest players in the country in your neigborhood. That and Seattle’s always a great place too. A great legacy of competitive games as well.



Hey All,

I had a great night of VF on Friday with some of you. This week is looking great with Yosuke coming to PDX this weekend and Preppy’s Poker Night in Seattle. I’ll post an outline of the group plans for when Yosuke arrives this weekend eventually once things are really in place.

Looking forward to some great times in May!

Portland VFers:

Last Friday (April 27th, 2007) was a pretty darn good time at what I’ll call “the secret hideout.” I hung out with Shinryujinx a little before the shindig.

At about 12:30am (so technically, the 28th) I got to the secret hideout and it was great to see Thomas working on his Aoi in training mode and Rayblade helping out. Had a good chat with Kabuki and everything was pretty chill. Then we had some fighting game action and it was nice to have the VF group work on stuff.

Rayblade - Good games all night! As per your request, I am trying to broaden my horizon with characters. Lion’s always gonna be my main and he’s what I would use at Evo, and there’s a lot more I can be improving with him, so I’ll still be using him a lot. But I’ll try to give you the best variety I can.

I was trying to figure out Pai and Shun last week. And Friday’s session really helped out. I think by the end of the night, I was pretty comfortable using them in serious competition. But as you know, it takes a long time to really nail characters down in VF, and you can never truly nail them but you can become very competitive with them. I’ll keep working at it. But I think now, I can give you a decent rotation of Pai, Shun, Kage, Aoi, and Lion now :slight_smile:

Thomas - Your Aoi is shaping up nicely. I hope your Eileen eventually does too, but let’s talk Aoi :slight_smile: One thing that you do better than probably both me and Ray is that you really observe and watch your opponent. You actually come to understand your opponent’s tendencies and habits, how they approach things. It’s something Ray and I don’t do enough.

Ray and I like to force people to react, so we usually guage reaction more than anything else. But you, you actually guage how people generally act, what they’d do in both comfortable and uncomfortable situations. Keep up with that! It’s a great ability and we all need it!

The only weakness to it seems to be that if I lock on to what you’re looking for from me, I start to win back the edge pretty hard. Don’t get discouraged at all though, but I think you’ll be making the right adjustments on the spot soon. And personally, I recommend you keep thinking of it in terms of “adjustments.” Don’t have to change your game drastically, just make small adjustments. A lot of people, including me, tend to go for drastic changes when things don’t work… and that can usually lead to bad things.

I haven’t seen you fall into this problem yet, but just wanted to remind you. Keep up with the observations and make tiny adjustments when needed.

Your Aoi is getting stronger. You’re picking up more and more places where she has the chance for free damage and you’re taking advantage of that. You’re learning which reversals give you nothing, which ones give you df+P ground hit, and which ones give you the ground throw.

Here are some more tips for your Aoi:

  • from crouch, f+P+G throw yields a free ground throw. Timing is a little tricky, but it’s when opponent hits the ground or close to that. Practice it in VF4 Evo.

  • Use ground throws when they are guaranteed. d+P+G or df+P+G. Opponents can only escape one ground throw, so it’s a forced 50/50 game and they cannot buffer both throw escapes.

  • mixup HCB+P+G --> b,d+P+G --> d,u+P+G (and ground hit df+P) with HCB+P+G --> b,u+P+G. DO NOT FORGET THE b,u+P+G.

-You’re doing awesome blocking low attacks, but not enough punishing them. Aoi has a variety of great ways to punish low attacks when she blocks them. Here are some decent options.
–Low Throws (d+P+K+G or db+P+K+G). They both do good damage. Portland players do not escape low throw enough, I’m charging you with the task of scaring all Portland players into escaping it more.
–Elbow Rush (f+P and f+PP). If you block a sweep, you should be fine doing f+P,P. The second punch should hit because the first one hit someone crouching. If it’s a low poke, do a single elbow and judge from there what you should do.
–(crouch) DF+P+K, P. I’m starting to use this move more. You don’t always have to do the followup punch, because if it’s blocked, it’s a free high punch for your opponent (well, most of them anyways). But if it hits, you can combo followup with f+KK. First hit should be guaranteed though.

-f+P+K is a decent elbow alternative, but it’s high. The bonus though, is that the followup P (elbow) is mid. I use this attack when I know it will hit or am certain it will hit. Sitautions I’ve been using it are after I dodge some moderate-to-big attacks. And also when I’ve blocked something big and the opponent recovers high (standing up). f+P+K,P is great when you know that second punch can’t be interrupted. Part of Aoi’s new technical elbow game is that you almost have to mix f+P+K,P into it now.

Anyways, I think those are enough Aoi tips for now. She’s not as weak as we like to make her out to be, she’s quite good but very technical.

Kabukimono - I had a blast working on Shun with you. We’re starting to figure the old guy out and he’s crazy. A little after you and Thomas had left, I started getting a better grasp on Shun matchplay. So much fun… I hope we get to play some more VF soon!

Shinryujinx - I can’t remember if you played VF on Friday. Our games are always fun and I would usually remember them. But it was great chilling with you and also seeing you at the secret hideout. Looking forward to our next batch of matches!



I had fun at the gathering. I’ve watched a few match videos and now I know the better combo off of qcf+p is b,f+p, p+k,k, p+k+g, then you can mix it up for there, that hella ring outs and such.

Also there is some crazy string off the walking foward drink that alot of players seem to use, any clue on the notation for that? It seems like you can play Vf 4 shun in 5 but if you do you are missing out on alot of what makes him top tier.


For sure, a huge part of Shun’s current game lies within what’s been added to VF5. In his case, the big sabaki from backturned SOU (short for Sou Koku Kyu stance) that you and I practiced, even Sou, the ways he can carry his combos, the drinking headbutt move, etc… So I guess for the sake of VF4 Evo practice, that will give you a foundation to be stable on with Shun. But for sure, his new stuff is really strong that it adds a huge layer of gameplay towards making Shun a monster.

I’m still working out the details on what we’ll be doing this weekend. Friday night I’ll be taking Yosuke out a bit before we head to “the secret hideout” but expect us to be there around 11 or 11:30pm. I hope a lot of you make it out there.

On Saturday, I’ll spend the early time of the day with him, but I am sort of asking if some of you guys can help take care of him either at Lloyd Center Tilt, PSU, or “The Secret Hideout.” I asked Andrew (aka RacerX aka Crackerfury) to take care of him, so he’ll be in charge of that, but group plans would be great. I have to work Saturday evening so I’ll be meeting up with everyone, including Yosuke, at around 10pm or a bit later because of that.

On Sunday, I plan to setup a little get-together at Versis in Lake Oswego. This one is tricky and I’ll be doing my best to help give some people rides, but I can’t give everyone rides. If anyone in the group could possibly volunteer drive, I would so appreciate it. It’s a nice environment to play, especially for 2-4 hours. I think everyone would love it actually, it’s just not as accessible as I would like.

Either on here or in private message, please let me know what days all of you are available to hang out. I’d love to show Yosuke a wonderful time. We’ll be going out to eat, he loves Chipotle among other places, and we’ll be gaming quite a bit.

Side note, I finally caved… Even though VF5 is rumored to be coming to 360 in like two months, I caved in and picked up a blu-ray player. Even though it’s something I don’t generally recommend people… But I figured that since my current job pays quite well, I do have quite a bit saved up, and I’m just so darn impatient… I caved and bought the big blu-ray player. Don’t get me wrong, I love the system. But if anyone asked me for advice, I’d still say “wait until like Fall 2008 or something.”



Hey all,

A quick update.

I think I am going to cancel the Yosuke plans for this weekend. I’m upset about it, but I’m not exactly feeling any better. But I do have a prescription now…

However, Yosuke and I are making plans for next weekend and he’s up for that. So… first he gets sick, then I get sick… Third time will hopefully be a charm.

That said, if I’m feeling better, this weekend and early next week would be an awesome opportunity to keep working on our game. If I’m feeling better, I’ll try to be at the secret hideout on Friday night.

I haven’t been able to practice VF5 this week, but now that I have a PS3… Well… even tonight would be tough because I’m gonna go see Spider-Man 3 lol.



Sounds sweet.
I need to learn some Lion stuff, and maybe pick up a secondary so I dont feel so crappy.
I was planning to make the secret hideout, and I’ll pick up some combos to try to learn instead of being so mashy.


Don’t worry Hellsap, you’ll get there. Just takes some time, experience, and practice :slight_smile:

I hope this weekend went well for everyone. I was sick so I haven’t been able to get out and play some competitive VF with anyone.

How did everything go at PSU Wednesdays and the weekend Hideout sessions?



Hey all,

I’m fully recovered now. Even went to work today.

Anyways, wanted to say that I plan on going to PSU tomorrow. Assuming there’s room for an extra setup, I’ll be bringing my PS3 along with one High Grade and one Hori Fighting Stick 3.

Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!



Doh! Something came up with work. Was about to head to PSU too, but it looks like I’ll be filling in for someone. It was an emergency, so I don’t feel upset about it or anything.

If I can make it out there tonight, I’ll be there as soon as I can. But either way, hope you guys have a blast!


Frank ended up buying VF4 Evo today and I messed around a bit with a couple of characters, and I really really like Goh. I would hope he does more damage in VF5 than he does in VF4. How good is Goh in VF5?? Is he competitive? Any new (GOOD) additions to his arsenal? That dude is raw.


I can’t comment much on Goh except to say that it seems like a lot of Goh players really like him in VF5 and feel that he definitely got upgraded.

So given that impression, I think you’ll really like VF5 Goh.

Personally, I really like Goh, and he’s one of the characters I intend to eventually learn in depth.

Here’s an interesting Goh vid:

Another interesting match, Shu vs. Akape:


Anywhere you can point me to that has the basics for learning Vanessa in VF5? I don’t have a copy of VF4:Evo anymore, just really been trying to learn to play at Zach’s get-togethers.



a VF thread here good shit

Chanchai- My SN is Femto at VFDC.

Hopefullly something is going down this weekend at Preppy’s so we can (FINALLY) play some VF(Deezo, JALbert).

I can’t teach but I can (sorta) play…


=[ that i’m not mentioned

so i’m tryin to pick up pai and eileen, is there anything majorly different about pai from VF4 to VF5? I’ve been practicing on VF4:EVO learning combos and what not. So yeah any lil bit of info will help =]


Washington Guys: Really awesome to see you guys post here. Yosuke just got an account on SRK, so he’ll post here eventually. Talked to him on the phone today (well, technically yesterday) and he’s down with meeting up to play VF5 or VF4:Evolution, whatever’s available. The guy is definitely one of the best in the country and he can definitely teach VF too. The only thing is that he can’t drive (international student), so if anyone can supply transportation or if you guys want to setup get-togethers at his dorm, all the better :slight_smile: BTW, Yosuke lives out in Lynnwood.

WasFemto: Great to see you on SRK as well. Though this thread looks like my personal monologue, the Portland players do read it (Portland players are tough guys, but they’re pretty shy online–except me or Raishinken I guess). Anyways, yeah, it seems like things are in place for Seattle VF to grow again (there was a scene back in the day). I’ll keep posting here and on VFDC.

JALbert: Nice to meet you! Vanessa is a tricky one… I don’t know her too well, but I think she changed a lot from VF4:Evolution. She is quite strong, but she’s a complicated character to learn. IMO, she’s probably one of the toughest characters to learn in VF. Here is where I would start trying to learn more about Vanessa in VF5:

-Master the movelist (don’t just learn it, really get comfortable with it)

-On YouTube, look for any Vanessa matches posted by Ogikage. Ogikage tends to post some excellent videos on YouTube. You’ll see he has a lot of subscribers!

-A specific Vanessa to observe in the Japanese scene is “Kurita.” The guy was the master of Taka-Arashi in VF3/VF3tb days, but now he’s pretty much the most well-known Vanessa player.

-On the movies, try to figure out what the most common pokes and followups are. If a player hits with a poke, what options does he usually use to follow it up? If a player’s poke gets defended, what does he usually do for defense (dodge, block, fuzzy guard, etc…).

-Look for the common combos in the movies as well. Chances are, they are pretty standard. Keep in mind that they may be character specific as well as stance specific (hard to explain verbally what open and closed stance is in VF).

-Check out the Vanessa Dojo (board) at VFDC:

FrankDAdAnk: Sorry for not giving the proper shout out to you earlier. Great to see you here! Pai and Eileen are among the top-tier in VF5. However, they will get readjustments (nerfs) in version C.

As long as we’re playing Version B, your Eileen should use PP,f+P. Watch some movies of Eileen players from Japan and look to see when they use PP,f+P (almost always) and what they do afterwords. I would probably write a flowchart for that move, though it will get changed in Version C (the f+P will no longer be guaranteed if the first punch hits). Aside from that, Eileen has a sub-system of cancel attacks which are attacks she can use almost immediately from certain strings and attacks that are blocked or do hit.

You can definitely practice your Pai in VF4:Evo. She has more stuff in VF5 and they do make her stronger, but you can definitely apply what you learn about her in Evo towards VF5. More or less. You’ll find a lot of good Pai matches on YouTube and online in general. In fact, Pai’s (crouching) f+P is one of her strongest moves in VF5 and it’s safe. In just about every other VF game, opponents have guaranteed options if they block it. In VF5 Version C, it will go back to being a risky move (one you don’t want blocked in general). That doesn’t change how good of a move it is though, it’s still her main combo launcher on MC (aka Major Counter aka Counter-Hit).

Srider and Myke from VFDC wrote a decent guide to VF at It’s the VF5 Super Guide (that’s the title of it). I recommend you go through it, but it also has Pai and Eileen specific sections with a good suggestion for your starting movelist.

Yosuke also plays Pai, so you can learn quite a lot from him regarding Pai.


Here’s your weekly Northwest VF News Summary…

Memorial Day Massacre
This looks like it could be it. The time could be perfect now and Portland will sort of have its own mini-get-together (it’s not quite a gathering). Yosuke and I are pretty darn sure things will work out this time.

We’ve been challenged by illness (Yosuke once, myself twice), school, and even Mother’s Day (well, that challenged me anyways). But no more! Academic schedules seem to work out, I don’t plan on getting sick again (I hope), and it’s a three-day weekend for crying out loud.

Yosuke’s going to show us what Memorial Day is all about as his VF game puts us six feet under. But hey! It’s a fast-track to seeing the VF light!

PSU to Sponsor Evo 2007 Players
Portland State University will sponsor a few (I believe 4) students by paying for their trip to Evo. However, this arrangement only applies to PSU students. The selected students will be decided by a tournament held by PSU. I believe the tournament will be open. When I find out more of the details (like whether or not it includes Evo West), I will post about them.

Southwest Airlines Deal Expires 5/17
In case you haven’t purchased tickets to Evo West or Evo World yet, Southwest Airlines will cut off their current promotion (or announce a new one) Thursday night. The current deal they have is $99 per way, which doesn’t include tax. More info here.

Report: Friday Night Fights - May 11th
The event which I usually refer to as The Secret Hideout or Friday Night Fights, went very well last Friday. For VF, it was an awesome night. I would love to detail everything about those nights, but I’ll keep it down to the VF.

Andrew’s Akira and Brad have been quite a force in the Portland VF scene. On their own, they are moving in such a strong and good direction. I can’t comment much on Brad at all, but I know Andrew has done well to stuff me in exchanges and maximize damage decently. His Akira is the toughest Akira in Portland because he executes very well.

I need to write some Akira vs. Lion notes for Andrew. My impression is that he knows how to play his characters well, but the next step is to get more matchup specific.

As far as I’m concerned, on the Portland Curve, it’s not lack of skill that makes it difficult for Andrew to play against me. He has the skill, and the general know how. He knows how the game flows. But it’s the specifics of the matchups that lead him to not know that he can punish his opponents so strongly for certain things they do. I get away with things because my Lion puts so much pressure on people who are not used to playing Lion and I don’t give them much chance (in the game) to figure out how they can punish Lion for some things.

I think this will open up the floor for character-to-character matchup discussions in Portland.

Kabukimono is shaping up nicely. He’s only just now picking up VF5 after such a long time away from VF in general. I’m so glad to have a Shun player in Portland who loves to do his research, can watch matches and assess them over their full length of time (I think I have ADD when it comes to watching match vids), and generally loves fighting games. Kabukimono is doing quite well for himself against most of Portland’s players, but he is still at the movelist stage with VF5 Shun (he doesn’t have a PS3). He’s almost beyond that stage though.

ShinRyuJinX and I didn’t get to play enough. But I’m always so glad when he’s there, even if I am zoned out playing VF5 in my own world. Darn him and Andrew going to Taco Bell–I was getting so damn hungry when they were eating behind me. Need to get some more matches in With ShinRyuJinX though, his Pai is always fun and creative.

Thomas is the current player I privately rave on about. Well, maybe not so privately if you’re in Portland. There are some missing basics, but the foundation and fundamentals are there. Thomas is good with spacing, good with defense, and best of all he is good at watching his opponents. If they have a rhythm, he’ll lock onto it. If they have a leaning towards certain classes of attacks, he’ll lock onto it. If they’re very aggressive, he’s patient. If they are patient, he’s more patient.

Things Thomas could get better at:
-Mixing up throws. Goes for chain throw too much, but the problem is he goes for the same link all the time. If he mixed it up just a bit, he’d be doing more damage. And Aoi has so many throws.
-Learning the nuances of VF’s DM/evade system. Still very used to the way evades work in many other 3d fighters. My tips: use evades when you’re in disadvantage because you’ll likely recover when they are already in the execution phase of an attack. Common disadvantage situations include your attack being blocked, you whiff an attack or throw, when you’re getting up. If you know they are going to attack, and you really want to evade their attack during a neutral situation, then don’t evade on prediction in cases like that. Evade on reaction–you want to see animation if you’re going to dodge it from a neutral situation.
-Opponents who evade a lot are giving you a lot of opportunity to throw. With Aoi, this is a good thing for you since she has a strong throwing game.

RaybladeX was the dominant force of the evening. True to the accumulation of talent, skill, and hard work that we know Ray to posess, it showed on Friday night. Ray’s game was still aggressive as always, but his focus was far stronger than I have seen him play with in recent times.

In many ways, Ray went back to basics and it was all for the better and led to some very intense matches showing that Ray can be a super-efficient and scary player when his focus is there. Aside from the focus, Ray took advantage of small advantages better than I’ve seen him done in a long time–he didn’t let small advantages go to waste. For most of the night, he did not over-commit to evades/DMs as he had done a few weeks ago. Patience was also a good factor as he didn’t rush himself into bad situations. All of the above translated very well to the large cast of characters Ray played with. His Wolf is getting better, his Lei Fei stands out, and his Pai scares the crap out of me. On top of that, it’s fun playing against his Akira, Brad, and Vanessa. VF5 Vanessa seems to be an interesting transition right now though.

Another great point was that on 5/11, Ray didn’t play with a “skewed probability” logic. In the past, Ray tended to rely on his opponent to change up, or he just wanted to wait for them to change things up sometimes. If an opponent kept doing something, especially if it was an opponent Ray respected, he would sort of expect them to change it up eventually. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but the trouble comes in if the opponent has a sense that that’s what he’s waiting for, or if Ray is just putting his character in a bad position because he thinks he can eventually gain a good advantage. What Ray did instead this time was to generally not throw himself into so many risky situations–he didn’t try to rely on this awkward plan to trap this opponent who will eventually change things up. He just simply bowed out of bad situations, played solidly, and he didn’t get repeat throws happening to him, or repeat staggers happening to him.

Personally, I think when you try to skew probability, you’re ignoring that your opponent is a human who is responding to what you are doing too. If you keep falling for what he does, he has no reason to stop. Ray didn’t fall into any such thing last week (and he generally doesn’t, but I somehow can feel when he’s going to try to rely on eventual changeups and it gave me so many free points in the past).

I hope to see much more of this focused and tighter play from Rayblade X. It reminds me of the belief that I have in his talent, ability, and love of fighting games.

Ray pretty much dominated me from midnight-3am. By 3am, I started to play a much more focused game and I think Ray’s game forced me to raise my game. From 3:30am-4:30am, we had extremely intense 5-round matches. I hope that both Ray and I continue to push each other in the game like this. By 4:30am it was either too late in the evening or too early in the morning as Ray’s focus wore out because he was tired. But that hour that started at 3:30am was a highlight of the week for me, during a week of many highlights.


P.S. I’ll be posting these newsletters of sorts in the Northwest VFers threads at SRK and VFDC (


I got it.

I have considered my registered user name for an hour…

Rei Ayanami ?(not equal) YOSUKE

I am looking forward to meeting you guys and Yosuke

according to my information, Yosuke is not as a good player as your expectation.


Found out where Lynnwood in Google maps. Only thirty minutes from where I’m at, good shit.

Gotta meet up somewhere sometime.


So on thursday when I have some free time, I’m actually gonna go in and look at his commands from vf4 so at least I can get back to my stance switching like it used to be, where I was hella fast at it.

Also as just a random note to nick, Shu runs away and drinks like all the time. He really is never attacking directly he just gets his drinks up with btSou even if it means he takes a little damage. He then does something random to knock them down and then does silly oki stuff like going mid or doing 2k+g and then doing it again… ahaha. Anyways yeah Shu is a turtley shun maybe thats the way to be though?


The VFDC forums are in horrible shape. I need me some alt sources for info.