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i heard he won a few hundred matches before losing in california >.>


Lol, I think Yosuke… Oops, I meant Otome Kurogane, is posting in the third person :stuck_out_tongue:

As in… That post was by Yosuke :stuck_out_tongue: I think! (In fact, I’m sure of it lol).


VFDC is definitely going through harsh times right now. At the very least, it’s still another spot for community building. But as far as information goes, it’s all over the place and people tend to direct you to the search button if you ask. That said, I believe some structure is coming for VF5 information, in a good variety of forms from different sources. Even I’m working on some things in the background.

I will say that you have a good source of information in Washington :stuck_out_tongue:

KabukiMono, here’s a great thread on the ever-scary WannaFight forums about Shun’s Combos:

You probably need to register to view it.



hey guys.

I am so sorry…

As chanchai mentioned, I have neither a car or a drivers license. I also do not have a PS2, PS3, and other stuff( I do have PS2, VF4EVO, and sticks in Japan. my parents did not allow me to bring them…)

my main character should be Jacky, and sub characters are Pai and Aoi. Technically, I would be able to handle enough most of the characters, but the more strenge characters I use, the weaker they will be. (e.x: my Akira >>>my Jef and Brad) In fact, I do not use new characters because I stopped playing VF, and I just restarted playing. besides, I have no intention to use them.

anyway, I am so glad to find you guys who are interested in VF in Oregon and around seattle. I did not expect it. In this case, Or players and Wa players can interchange our relationship and skills by having a gathering in seattle? and portland mutually. that would be awesome.

I have been in the Us for 2 years, and I have started studying English when I came here, so my English is not so good.


Great games Wednesday night at PSU with @js, Thomas, Hellsap, Mackenzie, and Luis! As always with VF, I had a wonderful time.

Luis - Nice to meet you again man. We barely met each other the first time. We will eventually play Soul Calibur 2 sometime, I think :slight_smile: I’m obviously a bigger fan of VF, but I really enjoy SC2. I hope we play more and more VF in the future.

Mackenzie - Hey man, great to play VF with you again. Keep it up, a lot of things will start to click over time. The flow will come to you soon, just work on actively defending and it should click much sooner. I think that when you start defending properly a lot more, you’ll get a better sense of how to construct your offense.

Hellsap - Oh boy, it was a real treat playing against your Lion in VF5. You pickup on things fast–habits, moves to use, etc… I can see your good experience with VF before when you were learning it on your own, but you’re really a fast learner. Keep it up. You were giving me hard times in there quite a bit!

Thomas - It’s always good games with you. I’ll eventually get some charts and what not for you. Probably the simplest area of improvement for you, and something that accomodates your style so much, is to get really good at executing on guaranteed attacks. We’ll have to create some Aoi list for you so that you can make the most of guaranteed situations. The one little change in your throw game was worth a lot of points. Keep expanding your Aoi’s throw arsenal and you’ll get a good return. Beyond that, I think we can work on spacing to extend your comfort with defense. And then also work on constructing offense safely so you can gain more confidence on the attack. I really do think that once certain things are in place, you’ll be much more confident in executing some offensive plans.

@js - Lots of great matches and times man. I love fighting against your Brad and your Akira. The Eileen training bouts we had were very fun for me too. We’ve already discussed a bunch of things we can work on for your Akira. One thing at a time, but you’ll have a much more complete Akira in no time :slight_smile:

Side Note:
-noodalls just posted a translation of the Goh Black Book Strategy section up at:


I know you don’t play Goh much, but, do you think I might be able to pick him up too if I learn some of his basics from VF4 Evo. I think it’s good for all of portland to have 2 characters since we don’t have to much comp. Any thoughts man?


Goh’s definitely one of the characters I’ve always wanted to learn more of. I think it’s a great idea if you pickup Goh as well.

I think you’ll learn quite a bit about him in VF4:Evo, but I think he’s one of the characters that really got an overhaul in VF5. Do try to learn him in Evo and I guess also go through that black book translated article.

It would be really awesome to have a Goh player in Portland. He’s become a really fun character to watch in VF5. It’s too bad that I only play him with like a 5-move subset from Evo. But what little I do with him from Evo seems to work okay in VF5. Ray’s Goh has a more expanded moveset than mine.

Having played against Shag, from NYC, I saw first hand that Goh is capable of being much more offense driven than I thought. Some of his sequences are incredibly rough. For awhile I didn’t think I was going to come out with the victory in our first round match at the Buy.Com Tournament (when we played a few nights before, his Goh was destroying me over and over again).

So yeah… I’d be very happy if you picked up Goh :slight_smile: And I think it’s a great idea for everyone to have two characters that they focus on.
One of my favorite threads on VFDC. Bunch of YouTube embedded videos (wish they all put the direct link up there though). The first video is insanely hard to do, but it’s awesome seeing Goh’s knee own someone on Rising Attack. I also enjoyed Dre’s sub-selection of Goh videos.

This is a direct link to the video that Dre embedded in the above thread. The beatdown in the 5th round is pretty crazy. Gotta love seeing the Knee --> Uppercut combos, the f+PP abuse, and Goh introducing opponents to his ass kicking boots. I also like seeing Goh’s OM P in action.

From what I’ve skimmed, Akape is one of the top Goh players. I’ve watched quite a few matches between him and Aopai (who is, from what I’ve heard, one of the top Pai players). Ogikage has posted some of their matches.


The only gear I have to play VF4:EVO with is unmodded(hope to get it modded soon) T5 stick and a PS2 controller.

Otome don’t sweat the english, I’ve been trying to teach myself to read Japanese and more or less speak it, so my Japanese ain’t all that…


is Lau still in this?

I played him a bit in VF4: Evo, was pretty fun


Switchup - Yep, Lau’s still in the game and he’s sporting white hair and some fatal disease that causes him to cough up quite a bit before the match starts.

Lau in VF5 will feel very familiar. More familiar than almost any other character. However, I think they removed a lot of his traditionally strong circular attacks. b+K+G was removed I think. d+K+G is no longer the standard sweep, but is instead replaced with what used to be f,d+K. I think Lau is in big danger of being dodged a lot, so you want to mix in throws (to punish dodging or high blocking opponents). One of the most common new moves you’ll see if you watch Lau players is u+K which eats low attacks for dinner, almost instantly (I recommend doing it as u+K+G since it supposedly makes it one frame faster doing it that way).

Unfortunately, Lau hasn’t been all that popular in the West. I think it’s partly because he’s so “standard.” That said, I think he’s pretty fun and you can get straight to damage abuse with him. Lau is one of Srider’s main characters.

Some links:

MyCheats VF5 Superguide - Lau Section (written by Srider and Myke) -

SuperGolden’s thread with a small translation from the Black Book on fighting against Lau -

Good thread with a translation of the Black Book Combo List for Lau -

Interesting notes and a decent conversation on how to use Lau’s Kokei Stance -


yeah now i feel like an ass.

ps yosuke should pick up 3rd strike! >.>


Crazy VF Cosplayers (actually, I think it’s an amateur comedy group):

Some more Goh Vids :slight_smile: featuring Akape:

Shu(Shun) vs. Akape(Goh)

Aoipai(Pai) vs. Akape(Goh)

Aoipai(Pai) vs. Akape(Goh)


u+k with lau is awesome sauce. I don’t even know lau but I was watching some matches and he did that shit all day.

It’s like u+k+g with shun.


nice to meet you! thanks so much. I hope…and I am looking forward to meeting you! I have no PS3 and others. sorry about that.

glad to meet you! I use only ‘‘girl’’ characters on other games. In fact, I am a beginner, but I use Chun-Li on 3rd strike and ST anversary…? on 3rd, I can not do blocking. I just do back jump and strong 4P 4P…then 2 middle K and 236236K…lol how cheap it is.

talking of VF, in my opinion, using a couple of, a few, some characters is one way to enjoy VF5, and using just one character is also one way as well. I can not say which is better because there are some players including my ex-teammates who use only one character on VF… but I personally suggest that you focus on one character until you use the chara for 2000 or 3000 games. I am not saying don’t use sub characters. just focus on your main. sub is sub. I am saying that you should make your killing and favorite patern( as not same ones as possible). I am kind of worried this situation: If you use 2 or 3 characteres, you might get confused how to destroy. finally, you would use 2P since all characters have 2P… I guess this is the worst habit of US players.

E.x: you guard lion’s 6P, but you use 2P or something like this.

it is pretty difficult to teach without playing. technically, i teach by playing and I am so so quiet when I play TV games because I concentrate on them.


oh I almost forgot.
incidentally, Otome is just kidding name. you can call me YOSUKE.

I considered if I choose Rei Ayanami(from evangelion) not equal YOSUKE


#1 I don’t have a PS3 and by the time I have enough $ for either VF6 will be out:sweat:

#2 I feel you on this, I found it better to tell people(despite me being a scrub) that it’s easier to show someone than tell someone…I’m pretty introverted…


Hey Yosuke, thanks a lot for the advice! And yes, low-punch over-dominates North American play in general–to the point of becoming a bad habit.

I have some comments on Portland VF play and wanted to know what you think about them. Here they are:

For beginners I show them low punch so they can get a feel for advantage and disadvantage in VF and to give them something to measure the situation (if it is blocked, do X; if it hits, do Y; if it counter hits, do Z; if it is dodged, do A; if they use anti-low punch, you are screwed). I guess showing them low punch can be bad if they end up using it too much (which we all do), but maybe in the beginning it just gives them an idea of how to flow in VF? I do try to point out different ways of beating low punch with general play (dodge, spacing, block and attack, and dodge) and I try to emphasize hit-checking. I do tell beginners that if the opponent knows they are going to low punch, they should be in very big trouble.

I think in Portland, the top few of us don’t over-use it to the degree that Americans overused it in early days of VF4. I think we use many other attacks. However, I probably spread a habit of using a lot of low attacks (low kick, sweep, low pokes) since I use them a lot–but I try to remind everybody that if low attack is blocked, the player is in very big trouble. And I tell them that if opponent is for sure going to defend or cannot attack, throwing is much better reward for lower risk (compared to low attack). But for sure, like you said, one of the worst habits–we do have. That really bad habit is that sometimes we can do something better than low punch (we have good advantage)–for sure–but we end up using low punch in this situation when it is a waste of opportunity and a waste of frame advantage. We will work on this, and as you said, this is something that has character specific situations too.

Something that some of the Portland players use a lot now, especially myself, is High Punch --> Nitaku. I don’t think we do this all the time or too much. But I think we are starting to use it in specific situations like when we think the other person is going to throw, or sometimes when we are playing a spacing game and we think the other person is going for a big attack (or dash in throw). I was wondering if you think this is good, bad, or maybe wasted opportunity for something else? I think it is only something you see like 5 times in 4 or 5 rounds from us though. Perhaps the big problem is that we are not very 50/50 with it. It is almost always High Punch (hit) --> Throw. That is one of my bad habits is to not mix it up enough. Also, sometimes you do see the low punch problem because sometimes if we are panicking, we might do High Punch (hit) --> Low Punch LOL (yeah, so bad).

I think I need to give each player a list of Guaranteed (fast execution) Attacks and a counter list of common moves for their one main character. That is something that no Portland Player (including me) is following very well with yet. Most because they are just getting comfortable with the game or simply did not really know.

For me, the lack of doing Guaranteed Attacks is sometimes laziness because I am not focusing on following every guarantee–but I have been working at it. I am starting to make it easier on myself though, and am following your advice on the phone–just start with simple guarantee like PK (in Lion’s case, PK with P option -or- PPd+P option if I think I can get away with it, but it leads to other options if it is not interrupted).

Sometimes I just subtract 2 frames if the move is a little bit complicated. For example if Lion’s b,b+K is guaranteed on 15 frames, I do it when I have 17+ frames advantage. It’s difficult for me to do it at 15 frames because it may take me a small moment to realize I am blocking a -15 on guard attack, and then back-back motion may take me an additional frame. I have found that I don’t have much problem doing this on -17 attack, but on -15 it is hard for me to do in a match if I don’t know it is coming.

Perhaps another idea is to write a list of what are good attacks to do when you have common advantages (+4/+5, +8, etc…). That might reduce how much we do low punch if we are going to attack (instead of throw) in these situations.

Nobody fuzzy guards in Portland yet (I do a little bit, but only a very little bit), but I guess I should say it here that if you have +6 advantage or better, your opponent cannot fuzzy guard.

If your opponent does not fuzzy guard (which we don’t in Portland yet) when you have +5 or less, play like normal and do the best attack for the situation.

But once your opponent begins to fuzzy guard (which I think will eventually happen in Portland), then start doing anti-fuzzy guard such as delayed attack or low attack depending on how your opponent does fuzzy guard. But only after your opponent proves they can and will use fuzzy guard.

But like everything else, it is a mindgame–and fuzzy guard should be thought of as just another defensive option (not a universally guaranteed option).

That is my thinking though. Please correct me if I am incorrect, wrong, or misguided :slight_smile:



Noodalls does it again by posting a translation of Brad’s Tactics section of the Black Book.


I found another VF thread here.


Northwest VF News Report (posted May 21st, 2007)

This pre-Memorial Day week VF news is presented by the one and only Chanchai:

Memorial Weekend Massacre presented by Yosuke (Seattle/Portland)
The massacre is still underway! This coming weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Yosuke will be coming to Portland. The sessions begin Friday in Seattle!

I was hoping to begin Yosuke’s reign of VF terror on Thursday by going to Seattle that day. However, I have something to do on Friday morning (like at 5am). Therefore, I will make my arrival in Seattle in the morning. I hope some of the upcoming Seattle VFers can make it out on Friday as we plan to have VF5 sessions going until 7:30pm or so. At 8:00pm, Yosuke and I will leave Mariner-country for Portland.

Yosuke will then be making his Portland Masterpieces at the Art-House (what I used to call the Secret Hideout or Friday Night Fights) on Friday Night. BTW, I’m calling it the art-house because it’s a museum of beautiful 3S, VF, MvC2, and CvS2 play (toss in any other Capcom fighter too).

Saturday and Sunday are yet to be planned. Depending on Yosuke’s academic schedule, Monday might also have festivities too, but we shall see.

Chanchai is going to Evo
Just a quick announcement that I plan to definitely go to Evolution World 2007. Furthermore, I do plan on going to EvoWest.

So Chanchai has been added to the already well-representing list of Portland players going to Evo. It’s also my Evo debut I guess. Portland has been consistently well-represented over the years and I leave myself in the care of my Northwest brothers (and international VF family too).

Northwest Evolution Sponsorships
I’ve already announced that Random Select, the group of PSU fighters, have inked a deal with Portland State University to sponsor their top members for Evolution.

The details are sketchy, and I probably won’t be able to announce anything until after Evolution 2007 is over, but I am working out a deal that would lead to providing more sponsorship opportunities for Northwest players in 2008. Nothing is solid yet, but I’m working on it and I think it will definitely work out. If it overlaps on PSU players because they have sponsorship, I am thinking of providing options (whether it’s sponsoring part of the lodging, or sponsoring a friend, or whatever).

Again, nothing is set in stone yet. We may not really know how it will all work out until sometime in the Fall. But I’m working on it. Evolution is the big sponsorship, but I am also looking into sponsorship for one or two VF gatherings as well (sponsoring a player or two to go to a VF gathering). This might be just unique to VF because VF is a community that’s handled these types of events with regularity.