Hello and first off, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from AfroCOLE and everyone at the AfroDOJO!

I like to offer everyone a proposal. It is not going to be an easy task. Right off the gate, it is going to take complete unity and cooperation (already, I know you guys are like…aww man we gotta do something?) Yes, this will be the most challenging for Seattle (just saying =). I love my family but we need help heh. So, keep in mind this is a proposal, it can be set in stone and executed if I receive positive replies on THIS thread from ALL 3 Communities (Canada, Washington, Oregon). So without further due, here is my idea…and if you have trusted me before…know that I am 20 steps ahead already with this idea so please keep an open mind, do not think of yourselves, think of our community as a whole and how we can benefit from this.

I must humbly apologize for not stating this in the beginning of the post. I was not the soul idealist pushing this event, our neighbors down in Portland Ethan ?PDX_Jive?, SamY ?Fatbear? and Angel ?G_effect? representing Best Bout Gaming are the ones who have reached out to the Seattle Fighting Game Community. They have agreed to rally up as many supporters in Portland to have a committed routine with Seattle to attend and support each others Major events once a month! Seattle will be attending Portland?s biggest monthly tournament Slugfest and in return Portland will be supporting an event determined by myself and the AfroDojo crew. Best Bout Gaming combined with the Portland Fighting Game Community are working to galvanize their players. With this movement, Best Bout Gaming?s long term goal are the same as our own, to build up our scene and to become one solid unit…the NORTHWEST!

What this means:

Both Seattle?s and Portland?s Major events will nearly double in attendance meaning more competition, more rivalries, much bigger payouts, exposure to more characters and playstyles, and a much stronger Northwest scene overall.


-From Best Bout Gaming
Hi all from Best Bout Gaming, happy holidays for sure. Big thanks to Cole for posting all of this up, we are excited to form this new alliance. For people who are unfamiliar with Best Bout, we are a group of dedicated players and promoters located in Portland Oregon. There is a handful of people that operate the administrative side of Best Bout as an LLC, working with this is a large group of players that support the cause in various ways (a big shout out to our local peeps). Together in Portland, we have been working to advance the local scene through various events such as our on going premiere tournament (Slugfest), and our weekly Ranbats/Public Casuals (Throwdown Thursdays). To learn more about us you can check out our page Best Bout at Facebook. Our basic goal is that we are dedicated to helping our scene level up in terms of skill and growth. Over the last 6 months we have enjoyed a surge in players, and we plan on continuing our mission of promoting the gaming scene and the people involved in it. To us, working with long time promoter and game icon Jason Cole is the next logical step. As Cole has been a player and organizer of the scene for many years, we are happy to join forces with him to help improve the overall NW scene. Jason’s vision of leveling up the NW is one Best Bout fully supports, and we look forward to co-promoting our great scenes. Expect to see more of Portland attending Seattle events, and we certainly welcome all Seattle players down to our events. Unification produces results, and here at Best Bout we are excited to help the NW scene advance to the next level!

Hello to the NW players of SSF4 and T6, to the communities in Oregon, Washington and Canada!! This message is for all of you as a whole, cause together we are the NW Fighting Game Scene!

On Jan 14th - 16th is WestCoastWarzone. Now it is a FACT that I say a good 80% of our community (that?s all 3 sections) are going to this and I have confirmed this. With that said, I know everyone wants to practice and take this event seriously. If everyone does not know, WCW will also be the Launch of my own DojoSPORTS SSF4 League. So lots of excitement surrounding this event. In an attempt to power up the NW and bring us closer together. I have organized and communicated with Oregon as well as Seattle (Canada this is an open invite to get you involved as well, please post your opinion).

From Jan 6th - 9th I have set up events to be NON STOP in order to prepare for WCW. The players from Oregon have agreed to travel up to Seattle and STAY from the 6th to 9th in order to support and level everyone up. The schedule will go as follows:

6th - Thursday Night Dojo Event (all of Oregon + Seattle + Canada)
7th - Special Event Oregon vs Seattle Runback 5v5 (id like to get canada in as well)
8th - AFK Tavern in Evertte (again, everyone supporting)
9th - TeamKhaos Event (Slash5150 event)

The concept is, that Oregon has agreed to travel up to Seattle and Stay all the way through till Saturday. Slash5150 (Stream god for the NW) has Agreed to stream EACH DAY in order to help put us on the map and to build the NW scene. On Sunday, everyone will pack up and travel down to Portland in order to Support Slash5150’s event. That will be the final day and next week WCW! Again CANADA, please respond cause we would like you to be involved as well.

So with this proposal, I believe it will generate a whole new bond for the players in the NW. When I first moved here I was BEGGING the players to try and support their neighboring city. Unfortunately people in this community are still young minded and could not see the benefit of traveling to cities where skill was lesser then theirs. So now, we FINALLY are at a stage where people have finally made the decision to really get serious with this game and that want to compete at a professional level. I believe this is moving toward that goal in a great way. The magic of Northern California (why you guys like going so much) is for that reason alone. Cali is only strong cause Norcal supports SoCal and vice versa. If we bring this element to the NW, there will be nobody we can not defeat! With all the new games coming out, being united as a community will keep us LIGHT YEARS ahead of the Game.

Now, I?m a little scared to ask, cause I feel I understand the NW alot now. I don?t see any money issues with this proposal. Its a massive event, I am putting up the Portland guys at the AfroDOJO. So Seattle, Portland has made the first move and have agreed to be here for 4 straight days and to play hard. Lets answer their call by welcoming them and leveling us to an astronomical level!!


I think I may have left out some stuff, but that is the just of the proposal. Oregon has agreed, now we ask Seattle and Canada if you are willing to cooperate and make this a reality!!!

Jason “Afro” Cole
Mike "Slash5150"
Ethan ?PDX_Jive?
SamY ?Fatbear?
Angel ?G_effect?

I love this game =)


thumbs up I will try to make it out to at least one of these events but school starts on the 4th =/.



:tup: I’ll be at the 6th 7th and 8th events guaranteed. School starts that week for me too so it’ll be rough, but morning and online classes for me anyway.


[quote=“Riki-oh, post:3, topic:116767”]

:tup: I’ll be at the 6th 7th and 8th events guaranteed. School starts that week for me too so it’ll be rough /QUOTE]





I want to be at every event and can prettymuch guarantee a 6th and 7th attendance.

Ive always seen the value in the nor cal socal dynamic, if we can build up the local scene I think the aftermath will be in everyones favor. local rivalry in the hopes of local support :smiley:

The bigest thing I guess is the whole “show, dont tell” thing. We need to show the people the value of this and once they see its succes everyone will wanna crew up to level up ^.^



Yes I am loving the support. I have to put it out there that one of the most important elements is to support everyone. I know it will be easy for Seattle to come to the 6th, 7th and 8th event. But Please, for this to work, how bout we all sacraffice one sunday to go down and support Portland as well.

The thing about this proposal is that we support everyone, not just only support because its in your area, then once it leaves, out of sight out of mind. NO, we are changing the way we do things and that means sacrifice and commitments.

Like I said, only way this will work is FULL SUPPORT. So let me re-iterate (and im not yelling just being clear folks =)

SLASH5150 (portland) Is willing to sacrifice his event and move it to the 9th. At least 25 Oregon players are making a commitment to travel to SEATTLE and stay for 3 days straight!!! The LEAST seattle can do, is show some support and go to 1 little sunday event down in portland. Its a 1 day thing on sunday, we can all be back WELL in time for school on monday. Everyone has re-arranged their dates to make this happen.

So im happy that everyone is all for this so far. But i think you have missed the point. It is not going down unless we manage to get at least 80% cooperation from everyone (Wa and OR mainly, Canada open invite is still there for u)

So please, really think about this. 4 days straight of our entire scene cooperating and Leveling up in order to go down to WCW and DESTROY fools as well as put NW back on the map. We kind of fell off.

So re-read, read some more and then talk about it with friends. Lets really put the effort out folks, it will be greatly worth it in the long run, trust me.





Cole, get me stats on AFK internet


You’re gonna have to repost this in the BC thread, because I’m pretty sure they don’t read our forums.


Cool i will Deezo, thanks



I might just go to all 4 depending on the entry fees to each, Cole just a recommendation but you should put some quick prices next to each event. Thanks Grandpa :slight_smile:


Jan 9th Epic Khaos
$5 Venue
$10 teams (5/player)
$10 Singles (7 pot, 3 league)

Players can enter either one, or both events, only need venue once


Going to work desperately to come up with cash and rides to these events. this sounds amazing.


Good shit slash thanks man im guess the other 3 might only be 5 buck entry but who knows


Who knows, but like I said, trying to work on getting bigger pots, along with the league thing as an extra incentive. If you kick ass in all the tournaments and there is a good showing of people to each one, you might be getting enough to pay your ticket to evo and back


This sounds HYPE! I will definitely attend some of these events, and I’ll work on planning ahead so I can attend the Portland event. Good shit Cole!


Please do. I did a lot of talking to work the scheduling so Seattle and Portland could all attend the same events.


so ithink im ready to start getting back into shape in this game (evos gonna be super, so why wait for AE). so i think imma make it out to a tuesday event and get my ass whooped a few (hundred) times


I may head up Wednesday so just a heads up yo


This sounds sick, I wish I can go but sadly School starts that week and unless I want to be dropped from my classes I have to attend the whole first week =/

GL to all of you guys running this and everyone going too!

Random Question: is there any place in Oregon (or WA) that has AE?


Not yet. GW is considering getting it, but unsure of when it might happen. Gonna get a big fill down in LA. Thats for sure