Norwegian shooter threatens hunger strike to get a PS3 in prison



Judging by what he has done hes played enough COD already


Let the motherfucker starve.


" 21-year sentence for killing 77 people"


He’s too late, they took MvC2 down from the PSN store


Strap a Virtual Boy to his face since he wants to play video games so much


Norway, stop being pussies. Give the bitch a Rubik’s Cube and game over.


At least Breivik doesn’t have to worry about anyone beating his IRL high score any time soon


Yeah…at that part I was like “The FUCK!!!”. Man if you’re gonna off a bunch of people, do it in Hungary.


lol the Norwegian system fails at what prison is supposed to do.

two philosophical view point regarding prison. the French believed prison was a cage where people are to left to rot because they are inherently evil and therefore past redemption salvation or compassion.

the english believe/believed that priaon was a place where bad men came and where reformed by the priaon by prison staff. thw whole point was reformation.

Where American prisons just let folk rot, the Norwegian system doesn’t reform, it babies.


That’s almost too cruel of a punishment even for him.


Give him UMvC3 on ps3.


That’s because his mother was clinically insane, abused him mentally since childbirth and the authorities neglected to take him away from her despite recommendations from psychiatrists.


Copied from the Ars Techina article comments,

“I’m Norwegian, and just to clarify, he is not serving a normal 21 year sentence. It’s the “punishment phase” that is 21 years. Even after he has served this sentence, the law’s maximum, he will most probably still remain in jail, and for life, to protect society from more harm. This is, in the Norwegian judicial system, known as “forvaring”.”


Well this explains it I guess. What I said is still true though, even if doesn’t have anything to do with the punishment. Just for general knowledge.


Yeah, ok


Niggas should be glad they even get video games in prison.


ooh now EA has to release Shaq fu HD edition for ps3!


There’s actually three. The American one is actually primarily a deterrent. People see the consequences of criminal behavior and then they’re supposed to not want it to happen to them, so they don’t commit those acts.

You covered rehabilitation already. Letting them rot is also considered “removal” and it’s to isolate them from society and keep them from doing more harm.

Personally I don’t think any of it actually does anything, and our systems are so ridiculously corrupt that only a child or an American woman could believe in them.


look up the diffrent styles of prison when the idea and philoaophy was tackled by Europeans in the 17th century.

rather than read your absurd feminist literature you ahould read things that matter