[Nostalgia Discussion] AvWar


Try not to rape his bandwidth. So anyway, yeah, those are so noobish and subpar compared to today. Wow, just a straight cut and paste job for most of them. lol.

Edit, thanks to Rei for the mirror:

Mirror here:

All the pics seem to be broken

Bandwidth successfully raped.

Mirror here:

Haha alot of you came a very long way.

Plug in the other #s

I showed up in part 4

I have an idea for an avatar contest:

EMULATION av showdown. Just to see how good a person’s skills are emulating other people’s avatar skills. SO basically I’ll make an av, or someone makes an av…then other people join in to make the same av on their own. Then people guess who’s av is who in the end.

Plus I just want to see what other people would create if we all were going for the same idea. I’d host the contest and give a month of premium to those who join, and give a year of premium for whichever tagger guesses correct who’s is whose.

Does that sound like a good idea? Dunno if I’ll ever do it. But hey…it’s good for horses.


That sounds awesome, but someone’s got to be behind the ‘emulating’ so we don’t have four people copying the same guy.

That, and not many folks left with styles left to emulate.


i don’t understand what you said, oc. reinterate.

Quick version:

You smell like carrots.

Long version:

I (or anyone) called the prime tagger makes an avatar. I give specifications of how the avatar looks like, content, and what action is happening within the avatar for other taggers to try and try to produce a similar avatar to mine. This without showing my actual avatar to the other taggers.

Basically just seeing how close other taggers can emulate the prime tagger’s style. Or even to see what style he/she comes up trying to just make the idea.

For their trouble, the taggers invovled in making the av get’s a month’s free prem. And the person who guesses correctly who’s is the prime tagger’s first (or perhaps guesses correctly of ALL whose is who) can win 2 free months of prem (just figuring that one year might be too great a prize for just guessing right :P).


Sound complicated.

I will donate webspace for avatar uploading/displaying, because I’m unsure of what the hell you are talking about, and would like to see such a brilliant idea either go over really well, or fall flat on its face.

When has any of my ideas ever fell flat on my face? Oh wait. LOLLYPOPS


I miss Stryc.

Also on the emulating, Right Click > Save as…

Same here.

happy bday, TG. you still haven’t sent me your picture. >:[

OC, well then we need a council. 1)alpha tagger 2) to advise the aplha tagger 3)judges.

Speaking of which, should I unsticky that wallpaper thread?

Oh shit…

How can I set it up like that? That looks so much nicer than mine :sad:


necromancing the thread.

wow. look at that.

Awesome. [continues looking at past AV’s and takes note]

Edit: I take it its still early and SRK is kind of in the ‘empty’ zone right now, which inspired you to bring this back from the darkness?

In any case…nothin’ but :tup:'s from me yo.

I only recognize like…2 names. :sweat:



you could say that…

LoL. Nice. That was fun. :tup:

Alot of styles that you don’t see too much anymore.

Perhaps these wars should be hosted again…? :wonder: