Nostalgia: The joy of play inferior Ports

I know that this is gonna sound crazy but… has anyone still play ports of fighting game that are “inferior”?

Some weeks ago i play SFII Turbo on SNES with two friends and it was pure nostalgic fun. Of course SFIIT on SNES is a very inferior experience comparing to the Arcade original, but get that “nostalgic” feeling sometimes doesnt hurt… and, also, im almost very sure that im not the only one who thinks that some specific songs sounds better on SNES (like Dhalsim stage song).

In the case of Killer Instinct it seems that playing the SNES version is the only way… and is still a very, very fun game (and yeah, i already know all the glitches, infinites and stuff). I know some people who still prefers to play it on SNES instead of the Arcade version mostly because they hate the very-easy-to-do Cinder infinite.

Also, i dont know if i can call this an “inferior port” but Battle Arena Toshinden on GB > any BAT.

So, do you have this “guilty pleasure”?




Great thread man and me, like you, love obscure games and game ports (while they at leas have the essence of their original counterpart). Snes SF ports, overall IMO SSF2 was great. All MKs on snes, KI IMO snes > arc by the reasons you posted.

Again great thread, lets wait for contributions hehe

I played SF II on Amiga 500 as a kid… [media=youtube]O8biwhjXvjo"[/media]

This! I randomly bought that GB game way back, and I loved it so much.

Toshinden is the only one of the two I play every now and then though.

KOF96 GBC was horrible compared to the arcade, but for some reason I have mad nostalgia for it.

MK2 on SNES or bust.

I’d like to add, that Toshinden GB engine was used to port a ton of other fighters to GB (like [media=youtube]eDTstipQRvY"[/media] for example, look at how similar everything is). I’m not sure which game used it first, but I’d guess BAT.

Edit: Scratch that, WH was released a year earlier.

Art of Fighting for SNES, with all the added DMs.

MK2 on SNES was actually good for the era. We used to play the hell out of it. But yeah, but today’s standards, not a great port. It beat the hell out of MK1 though. /shudder

Lets see…

SF2:WW. I played this so much the D Pads on my SNES controllers were all mooshy. Tons of missing animation frames, some moves (notably a throw or two from Gief) removed, and a bonus stage taken out/replaced (who cares). The thing that always weirded me out about the SNES ports–they took the time and cart memory to save all the different sounds effects/voices in 3 different pitches. Why? I don’t notice that when I play SF on emulator, but maybe I’m crazy.

SFA2 on Saturn. This port ruled back in the day. Now considered inferior to the Alpha Collection on PS2. Missing animation frames mostly. Considering how rare arcade sticks at home were then, plus how awesome the Saturn pads were, not a lot of people cared much. It pretty much played the same, I think. Anyone know of any Saturn only glitches/combos?

After this generation, into the alpha 3 MvC1 ports, you start getting the emergence of the SF online community, which would shit all over any inferior port. So often-played bad ports get rarer.

Sango Fighter on DOS.

That shit was hot. I just wish they gave you the ability to play through the whole game with anyone instead of just in vs mode…unlike aof2, which I never had the chance to play on snes. Just the infuriatingly cheap neo/arcade version.

It was better than arcade, trust me

I just played KI yesterday, for the first time in years. Its a lot stupider than I remember, but it’s still a lot of fun. Stupid easy to crossup in the game.


someone had to

I still enjoy certain select ports of KoF for the PSX, 95 and 98 mostly, simply because they were my first taste of KoF ever.

I had a lot of fun with World Heroes on the Genesis, the sound was crappy and it was kind of buggy but it was fun as hell, and I thought the PS2 port of KOF 2K1 was pretty crappy but I still have my fun, SFA on Saturn was GDLK but since my copy got stolen I had to settle for the PSone version instead… the controls were meh compared to the former (love that Saturn d-pad) and the extra load times were a ruckus but altogether still a good game in my book, KOF 99 on PSone was the first KOF I played (bad port because it’s riddled with loading times) so yeah it was coo, Battle Arena Toshiden 2 on PSone while once again not as good as BAT Remix on Saturn was still a great game because it had extra characters and stuff, MK3 on PSone was still good despite being a tad behind compared to the Genesis or Arcade version, MVC on PSone for obvious (loading, loading, loading) reasons, Guilty Gear on GBA was fun… that is all

I play Guilty Gear Petit 2 on wonderswan… (and totally love it!)

Does that count?

I was a big fan of Eurocom/Gametek’s PC port of Super Street Fighter II Turbo on the PC. I received a copy in 1995 and was amazed at the smoothness, silky controls (previous PC ports were sorely lacking in these departments), and jumbo-sized sprites. It even had the old characters that were missing from the hyped 3DO version. I hadn’t played the arcade version enough at the time so I wasn’t aware of the major (competitively speaking) discrepancies.

The AI was actually easy in the PC version so I never tired of going through 1 player or sharing the keyboard with another player (not to mention that this was an early game with a default WASD control scheme). But the most amazing part was the music by George Dragon, which is why I still play my PC copy every now and then. Now, the music is just MIDI and all, but the instrumentation is really impressive. It’s still my favorite of all the remixes even though the accuracy of game mechanics has long since been superseded by better ST ports.

Yo I get mad nostalgic for PS2 AH2.

The GBC version was AWESOME, you don’t know what you’re talking about

It had Riot Iori, Riot Leona, tons of infinites, Mr Karate, and some characters had Hyper SDMs (Terry’s 15 hit power geyser, Athena’s Shining Crystal Bit that was 1/4 the size of the screen, Iori’s ? Maiden Masher, etc)

Imagine if Backbone was around back then. Imagine all the unplayable ports and constant crashes mid-match.

SFII Turbo on SNES. I still play it sometimes, just because I feel happy and nostalgic at the same time. A combination from the game itself and god tier SNES pad.

Alpha 2 on SNES. From playing that version for a long time and emulating A2 on GGPO or playing the Alpha Anthology, it seems that pretty much all combos and custom combos are intact. It just looks ugly and has missing frames. It runs slower, but I think you can change the speed settings. Don’t forget the load times between fights and rounds. I love A2 on SNES though, that game taught me how to do all the supers and specials. I love the book that came with the game.